Clearview Shields fastener
With the start of every new Clearview Shields project, the first item we look over with a fine tooth comb is any possible flaw the OEM windshield may be exposed to. When designing new products, we not only look at road performance but also how the windshield mounts to the bike. Why would you consider replacing the windshield if it worked perfectly straight from Harley Davidson, right? Some flaws take time to discover but having over 30 years of experience, from many different makes and models across our product line, flaws become easy targets from the start. With the large manufacturing companies involved in the many pieces and parts that make up one motorcycle, small problems in each specific area may be overlooked. At Clearview Shields our only focus is Motorcycle Windshields and their fit, finish, and performance. The 2015-Present Harley Davidson Road Glide Windshields, have some flaws with the mounting hardware that the Designers at Clearview Shields have identified and corrected. The new upgrade is included with every 2015-2106 Road Glide Windshield Clearview Shields produces, at no extra charge to the customer. We have listed the possible problems below with a detailed description of how our upgrade has improved them.
The FLTR and FLTRX windshields are tricky to mount with the screws’ washers always sliding down before I can get the screen slipped in.
This problem is almost immediately noticed when trying to replace the Stock FLTR & FLTRX windshields. The new slotted design is pretty slick but is negated with the washers wanting to slide down the screw before you can get the screen in place. You may get one side while the other side stops the progress. Clearview Shields Solution is our Torque Sleeves. They fit between the washer and the fairing, trapping the washer close to the screw head, allowing you to easily slide the screen into place.
Will the threads on the screws damage the plastic screen when installing or through contact over time?
Clearview Shields hardwareOver the 30 years we have been installing windshields on customer’s bike, we have seen our fair share of damage caused by bolt threads to windshield mount holes. On many occasions they have been the start of stress fracturing, which grows into long cracks over time due to vibration from the bike. With Clearview Shields Torque sleeves in place you can be assured that the bolt threads will be isolated and will never come into contact with the plastic windshield. Sliding the screen in each mount is a smooth operation.
How tightly should I screw down the windshield mounts? I can get torque Specifications, how can I apply them if I do not have the needed tool to measure torque?
Some riders have a full repair shop in their garage, stocking every tool needed for just about every job, but the majority of riders do not. When it comes to the windshield install, Clearview Shields’ Torque sleeve will provide the needed barrier that will keep you from overtightening each mount point. The Torque sleeve works for either the basic screw washer mounting application or the Chrome accent, found as stock equipment on the CVO FLTRUSE.
Threaded fairing inserts have pulled away and stripped from my fairing on my earlier model Electra Glide. Will this eventually do the same thing on my New Road Glide?
fairingDuring the many rallies and motorcycle shows we have attended, one problem is almost always guaranteed to show up: Stripped threaded fairing fasteners. We have found it on many different makes and models of motorcycles but the most common is the 1996-2013 Harley Davidson Electra Glide. When quickly mounting a windshield not using a torque tool, the fairing fastener overtightens. This creates consistent pressure and an outward pull of the embedded threaded insert which, over time, literally rips it out of the fairing body it was cast in. Clearview Shields Torque sleeve stops the outward pressure by not giving the threaded insert a place to go. Even though the 2015 / 2016 Road Glides are still very new, the threaded insert design can still be a possible problem over time. We have taken the necessary precautions to provide a long life for your Clearview Windshield and the associated fairing mounts. Clearview Shields replacement windshields are all manufactured with the same thickness of Plastic: 30% thicker than the stock FLTR & FLTRX windshields and 10% thicker than the stock CVO/FLTRUSE windshield. The Torque sleeves provided with each Clearview Shield windshield are designed for that thickness only. The use of these sleeves with any stock or aftermarket windshield may not provide the desired results.