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Introducing Clearview Shields Recurve Replacement Windscreens for Your 2014- present Harley Davidson  Street Glide.  Years of testing is now available in 4 fully functional Tour Screens.  Choose your color and height for the best coverage on your New Harley. I have a 1996-2013 model year bike


All of our Harley Davidson replacement windshields have been designed with the top edge ever so slightly bent upward to provide 1.5 to 2″ of lift to the air stream without creating large amounts of turbulence and distortion that can be found in competing replacements. learn more

Height: Due to the unique sloped back shape of our screens measuring must refer to a vertical height as opposed to a screen length. Measured from the “OFF” designation on the ignition switch to the top of the screen

Measured both Vertically…from the on/off switch  and  Linearly… length of exposed plastic top of fairing to top of screen.

  • Super Sport    Vertical Height 13″          Length 5.5″  Stock Street Glide Vertically Measures 12.5″
  • Sport                 Vertical Height  14″         Length 6.75″
  • Small                  Vertical Height 15.5″      Length 8.5″
  • Medium            Vertical Height 17″          Length 9.75″  Stock  Electra Glide, Limited and Tri-Glide Vertically Measures 16.75
  • Large                  Vertical Height 18″         Length 11.5″
  • X-Large             Vertical Height 19″         Length 12.75″
  • XX-Large            Vertical Height 20″         Length 13.5



Clearview Offers a wide selection of Tints to enhance the look of your New Windshield. Learn More

  • Dark Gray is only available in the Sport, Small & Medium Heights


All screens have the option for both stock width or our GT width which adds 2.5″ each side (5″ total).  Gt series width options are an excellent addition to enhance passenger comfort.  Contact our customer service department for more information.




Uv Inhibitors Extend Shield Life & Provide Protection for the Dash

.157 Thick Material is More Rigid then the OEM Stock Windshield

Pre Formed & Ready to Mount for Fast & Easy Installation

Shipped with a Protective Film that allows Installation and Testing


Looking for a Different year Street Glide Windshield?


best street glide windshield

The Best Street Glide Windshield for your Ride

We engineered our Harley-Davidson Street Glide windshield to exceed your expectations through rigorous testing. During the final stages of product development, we send out samples of our design to different riders for review and feedback to refine the finished product.  These individuals are asked for their body height, inseam and Bike mods which gives us valuable data when determining Best motorcycle windshield size for each rider. This data is available to you to use for comparison for your own body size and riding needs. If you have questions about how to measure for your Street Glide windshield check out our Street Glide Windshield Measuring Guide.

Street Glide Windshield Design

We have made numerous improvements to our Street Glide Windshield over the years. We are always looking for the best rider experience. Check out our Street Glide Design Guide.


Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 14 × 6 in

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Vent Options


42 reviews for Street Glide Windshield 2014-Present | Harley-Davidson® Windshields

  1. Dan H

    Nice Shield

    This windshield is exactly the right height and tint shade. I had the original short factory shield on my Street Glide. I was constantly getting hit in the face by bugs and other road stuff. This shield is only about an inch taller but with that extra height and the recurved edge…no more face shots!

  2. gary

    Worked just like it said it would. Sizing guide was right on target, Windshield shape deflects the wind better than the two previous competitor products I tried.
    Just right.

  3. Shawn

    Nice Windshield

    Love the windshield the color was different then I figured but it is really good quality!

  4. Doc

    Awesome in every way

    2021 street glide wtf was Harley thinking with that 3” plastic strip they call a windshield. I guess if you ride a few hundred miles a year it looks good. I put the ClearView shield on road from Niagara Falls area to Orlando and back… totally awesome! Wasn’t sure it would come before my trip, made a call and it was here in plenty of time. Awesome customer care Awesome product! Worth every penny!

  5. Charles

    Great windshield.

    This windshield is just as advertised, I was very impressed with the quality and fit way better than the Harley windshield I had . The fit was perfect and the tint was exactly as advertised , 5 stars.

  6. Bob FLHX

    Sweet spot!

    After months of shopping around I pulled the trigger on the Clearview Sport in dark gray for my Tahitian Teal 20 FLHX. As a long waisted 6ft living in WI I was looking to add protection from bugs and weather while not destroying the look. Score! The recurve works without looking weird, the tint is pretty dark and the height puts the wind, and look at bugs, right at the crown of my helmet instead of my forehead! With about 2″ of increased height, it doesn’t detract from the looks either. As a bonus, I can hear the stock radio a lot better and the price of Clearview was better than other options! Just plan on a bit of a lead time as the shields are made to order

  7. Michael

    My Street Glide windshield replacement works well stopping the wind hitting directly at my nose. That was a bit annoying requiring me to wear a mask of some sort at highway speeds. The windshield was a perfect and installed in minutes. The smoked windshield looks great and rides well. Excellent product and service.

  8. Warren

    Harley Streetglide Windshield Medium height Medium Gray Tint

    ” Really happy, can’t believe the difference”

    Thanks again,


    Street Glide Windshield 2014-Present | Harley-Davidson® Windshields
    Street Glide Windshield 2014-Present | Harley-Davidson® Windshields
    Street Glide Windshield 2014-Present | Harley-Davidson® Windshields
  9. Craig Stenger

    Hey Max,

    Curious on what you use to clean your windshields. If you went taller (one size up) would you still be able to look over the top?

  10. Pamela

    Streetglide windshield

    I love my new windshield. It is perfect.
    Thank you, Pam

  11. Carlos

    Excellent Product

    I ordered the Super Sport recurve with a light gray. Even though it was 1 inch longer in measurement than what was stated, it wasn’t enough to be in my line of sight. The clarity through the windshield was unbelievable. There is no distortion whatsoever. I showed it to a friend and he was amazed. He was also shocked at the price. I highly recommend this product.

  12. TERRY

    ultra limited - xl

    excellent product; I purchased with a light grey tint. Night driving was excellent for knocking the ‘blue light’ glare out, made for a very comfortable 150 mile ride. The screen is higher than my line of sight providing a calmer quieter ride…. look forward to some very long comfortable rides

  13. Kevin


    Good product fairly priced

  14. George

    Thanks for the quick service, the shield arrived packed great as usual, fit on the bike perfect, really pleased with it. Thanks again
    G Staring

  15. VERNON

    I LOVE LOVE my new XXLarge Road Glide Shield…Exactly what I was looking for! Thanks Clearview for making me exactly what I wanted. Not what other people want but what I wanted!

    Street Glide Windshield 2014-Present | Harley-Davidson® Windshields
  16. Larry

    Fitment was good and was just the right height. It blocked the wind as well as allowed me to view over the windshield. Excellent product. Have been ordered fromClearview for a number of years.

  17. Robert

    Well made, fit perfectly, looks great, enhanced riding experience

  18. Wendee


  19. Marv

    I needed 1″ higher windshield over stock on my CVO Limited to minimize head buffeting at speed. The LARGE size accomplished this perfectly. Looks factory stock; quality is amazing. Meticulously packed and shipped as noted considering COVID-19 delays. Very happy with my choice. And they’re a local Colorado company. Great experience. Thanks.

  20. David

    It is great

  21. Matt

    Good improvement over the stock shield. Wind still buffs your head a little bit at 65-70 but it isn’t bad. 2014 HD Street Glide.

  22. Charles

    Clearview was exactly what I wanted their Directions on measuring made it simple as you can see perfect for the bike

  23. Charles

    It is exactly what I wanted and hoped for so much better then original I I ever need another one It will be a clearview. it was easy to figure out the shield I wanted just by following their directions.

    Street Glide Windshield 2014-Present | Harley-Davidson® Windshields
    Street Glide Windshield 2014-Present | Harley-Davidson® Windshields
  24. Lee

    Excellent windshield. Love it. Only issue I have (my Fault) is, I should have had the shield sent USPS to Canada. I got dinged for duties and brokerage fees by sending it FedEx. Heads up to any other Canadians.

  25. Bruce

    Very good product
    Been using this windshield for 15 years not one scratch,stays clear as new

  26. Den

    Great product and great price! The company does top notch work. The windscreen is high quality, does its job perfectly and Looks really good on the bike. I Highly recommend this company and their products! Thanks 🤘😎👍

    Street Glide Windshield 2014-Present | Harley-Davidson® Windshields
    Street Glide Windshield 2014-Present | Harley-Davidson® Windshields
    Street Glide Windshield 2014-Present | Harley-Davidson® Windshields
    Street Glide Windshield 2014-Present | Harley-Davidson® Windshields
  27. James

    I found the Clearview site looking for aftermarket replacement windshield for my Ultra limited. I debated on ordering a 4 inch or 6.5 inch windshield so I ordered both. I mounted each shield and rode around the block a few time to check the top of the windshield in my line of sign and both were out of my line of sight. I kept the 4″ shield on for a weekend trip and was very please with the recurve flowing the air just over the top of my helmet, (I’m 5′ 10″) and the short shield worked very well. We rode thru some heavy rain (read monsoon type rain) and the shorter shield preformed well. Next trip going with the 6.5″ shield which I expect will perform equally as well and offer a little more rain protection.

    Both shields are excellent in quality and optical clarity: no distortion whatsoever looking thru shield compared to not looking thru the shield.

    Very happy with Clearview and w recommend to all looking fa new windshield.

  28. Randall

    Nice material and craftsmanship. Well packed and good instructions. Looks great on bike. Only one short ride so far. Thanks.

  29. Mike

    It’s great. This is the 6th windshield I’ve purchased from Clearview and I have always been very satisfied. I’ve tried a couple of other brands and have always gone back to Clearview.

  30. Merv

    Great product this is my third Clearview Shield and like the rest it did not disappoint!

  31. James

    Fit and look awesome as always . Have used these windshields for over 10 years

  32. Mark

    Awesome. Great quality

  33. Chad

    Enough cannot be said about this product. Great company that did an amazing job. Got it faster than expected. Came well protected. I love riding with the new windshield! Thanks guys!!!

  34. Benjamin

    I have had this this shield for about a month now. Quality product! I am forcing my dad to order one as well. I ordered a Long Ride Shield that was the wrong size (my fault), but was some distortion. With the correct size on my clearview, when I need to look through the shield, I have not noticed any distortion.. For less than half the price!!

  35. Paul Ryals

    Fit and Finish is great on My Street Glide, as for wind protection, I knew this was the shield before I ever hit 5th gear..

  36. Ben

    I have to say, it was packed really well and mounted right up. This thing is beautiful and works perfectly.


    Street Glide Windshield 2014-Present | Harley-Davidson® Windshields
    Street Glide Windshield 2014-Present | Harley-Davidson® Windshields
    Street Glide Windshield 2014-Present | Harley-Davidson® Windshields
  37. Guy

    Just received this windshield to replace the stock one on my 2014 ultra limited. It is superior in every way. Flawless and sturdier than stock and less wind buffeting.

  38. Donald

    Good quality and clearity.

  39. Bob, San Jose

    Clearview Shields gets it and does it right.

    Their site has common sense guides (and screen measurements) to pick the all-important height accurately the first time. Tint is personal preference and style, but wondering about GT width, vents, recurve? They explain what each does. If the benefit is of interest to you and/or your passenger, get it – each feature performs exactly as described (from experience with an earlier Road Glide windscreen from CVS).

    It takes 2 or 3 weeks, but they make precisely what you ordered, perfectly. Completely symmetrical left to right, no weird warp anywhere in the screen, excellent optical clarity throughout the entire screen, even though I look over mine 99% of the time.

    Cost I consider reasonable. A windscreen customized to me that functions and looks exactly as I want adds to the pleasure of every ride -> money well spent in my case.

    6’3″ guy on a 2019 Street Glide Special — medium height, medium gray, stock width, no vent, recurve – perfect this time around. Thanks, very nice work by the whole Clearview crew, again.

  40. Rob

    Just got it in the mail. Heading to Morro Bay today and I’ll see how she does! Looks Bad Ass!

  41. Doug

    Recently purchased the 6.5” “Sport” for my wife’s ’19 Street Glide. Very happy with this purchase. I’ve owned windshields from two other popular competitors and I believe this one is the best quality. The windshield is not too thick like others that create a gap at each end after installation and there’s no ugly manufacturer’s emblem stuck on the front of it. The Clearview Shields logo with shield and wings is lightly etched into the surface on one end and actually looks rather nice. What I liked most is the way it was packaged. I’ve had competitors ship theirs in a bag believe it or not – this one was shipped in a cardboard box with plenty of foam packing material. It was also wrapped nicely with protective film in such a way to allow me to accurately test ride it before accepting. I’ve had others wrapped in so much film it was impossible to test. The fit and finish is perfect – I will most definitely recommend Clearview Shields over all others.

  42. Brian L

    Works great! Does exactly as described and redirected the air over my helmet. The height I chose was right at my site line, which works, but with a passenger it’s a little tall. I still like it and will order another when it’s time.

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