Choosing The Correct Motorcycle Shield Height

50ft View 1
Harley Davidson Ultra Windshield sightline measurement

How can Clearview Shields help me choose the correct height?
Clearview Shields offers a variety of height options to customize the windshield to the rider. Our goal for every rider is to tailor fit the best windscreen to your personal Body Size, Motorcycle Modifications, Riding style, and Expectations.

A rider’s body size is the most influential part of determining the correct windshield height.  In addition to how tall you are, your sitting height and seat compression will alter the height of windshield you need.
Another factor is the rider’s screen view. Much of what Clearview Shields is about is to establish a Clearview of the road ahead whether it’s through or over the windshield.

Below you will find our method to measuring screen height.  It is best performed with a friend who can hold the measuring device while the rider assumes a comfortable riding posture on the bike.  Remember your eyes will be intersecting the top edge at the 50′ reference point placed out in front of the bike. DO NOT SUBTRACT FROM THIS HEIGHT.  You will be looking well past 50′ when you are riding down the road.

50ft rope
Measure 50ft of string or rope attahced to wood or something else on the end.
Place the 50ft rope at the base of the front wheel of your motorcycle and stretch the string out to the full 50ft. Make sure the 50′ object is aligned with the front of the bike
50ft View
While seated on your bike, look either through or over your windshield (depending on your screen view preference) at the wood or item attached to the end of the 50ft rope.
Screen View Over Screen View Through

Looking Over the Shield:

With the Correct Height Shield using this method for everyday riding you will be able to look over the shield by 1”-2” so you have a Clearview of the road ahead.

Checking the height:

  1. On a level surface, place an object on the ground 50 feet in front of your bike.
  2. Sit on your bike in your normal riding position.
  3. Your line of sight should go just over the top edge of the shield while looking at the object

Looking Through the Shield:

With the correct height shield, the top edge of the shield will be 2”-3” above your line of sight.

Checking the height:

  1. On a level surface, sit on your bike in your normal riding position.
  2. While looking straight ahead, measure the height that will be 2”-3” up from your line of sight.
  3. With this height, you will not have the top edge of the shield directly in your view

Tip to remember:

When sizing to look over, if the size your finding falls in between the height options we list for that screen then choose the lower size. Do not choose the taller option.

Regardless of your screen view, there are 2 ways we measure the height:

  1. Length – Measuring from the top of the shield to the bottom along the shield surface. On some of our shields where we have changed the angle of the shield for improved performance, the length may not be the recommended measurement because the length may actually be longer and the top edge of the shield may be lower due to the angle.
  2. Vertical Height – Measuring at a 90 Degree Angle Straight up from a common point referenced on our website for your model of motorcycle. This is the recommended method where vertical height measurements are listed. We suggest having someone hold a tape measure or ruler so you can sit comfortably on your bike.

No matter what height you choose for your windshield, make sure you are riding with a ClearView. Feel free to Contact Us with any other questions, comments, or concerns.

Thank you,
Elizabeth Stenger, Social Media Coordinator