How to Clean a Motorcycle windshield Step by step Guide

Clearview Shields are made with a Premium High Impact Strength Material Exceeding Industry and DOT Standards. They are Easy to Maintain and are Pre-Cleaned with Novus #1 and Ready for Pre-Treatment.


Always presoak the shield with a large towel or soft cotton cloth. The towel must be soaked with water and laid on the shield for at least 5 minutes to soften things up.  Remove the towel and squeeze out the water over the shield as you lightly move the debris down and off with your hand.  Keep the pressure light to avoid scratching the surface.  It is best to keep this towel for presoaking only. It should not be used on any other stage of windshield maintenance due to the contamination of dirt and debris.  Wash the soaking towel regularly.

Final Clean and Treatment

Once the screen is free of all bug guts and dirt, it is time do your final clean & treatment. This final treatment normally involves starting with a light wax or film coating on a clean screen to disperse the water and make the removal of bugs, dirt and debris easier for future cleanings. We recommend Novus #1 Polish available through Clearview Shields, Rain-X Original Auto Glass Treatment (clear appearance), Honda Line Spray Cleaner or even Pledge Furniture Polish.  Any pre-treatment must be applied in moderation to avoid excess build up.

Scratch Removal

Light abrasions can be removed with Novus #2 scratch remover polish followed with Novus #1 for the final cleaning.

Deeper scratches may need Novus #3 to be used first followed with Novus #1 to clean the residue off the shield. Then use Novus # 2 followed with Novus #1 for the final cleaning. These polishes will work well when used on a rag, but works even better with the help of heat created from the friction of your fingers or hands (remember to remove any jewelry to avoid scratching the screen).  Also remember that most of these creams will absorb into the skin. Revert to the rag method if any irritation occurs.

It is very important that the residue from the prior polishing step be removed before the next level of polishing.  The Novus #1 polish works great for removing the debris from each polishing step due to its anti-static formula.  Use Novus #1 for this purpose when using both the basic and power methods of polishing.

Scratches that can be felt with the fingernail may need the added use of a power buffer along with Novus #3, followed by the hand scratch removal method above. The key when using high speed equipment on plastic surfaces is to watch the heat and keep the tool moving in a slightly larger area than the scratch. Too much heat focused on a small area can cause the plastic to distort, and that is not reversible.  Always keep the polishing compounds light.  This may seem obvious but if one feels that the damaged area is too severe and wishes to save time, they can cause damage that may not be reversible.

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