Why A Recurve?

As I sit here thinking back some 31 years ago (close to the time Tonya and I started Clearview Shields), I remember the design concepts we established that encompassed all of what Clearview Shields was about,  creating an enhanced riding environment for the motorcycle rider while providing a Clearview of the road ahead.  That meant designing improved windshield shapes that moved air more effectively and then offering several heights of that shape that fit the different body sizes and riding styles of the motorcyclist.

The importance of the distance that a rider was to the windshield became more crucial when designing screens and height options for different sized riders. Too much Recurve and the airstream turned turbulent around 50mph and above Collapsing violently behind the rider (for two up riding , in front of the passenger).   Too less of a Recurve While looking over the screen then the air flow would collapse in front of the rider,  compromising quiet comfort.

A perfect Balance of Comfort & Coverage with a Clear View

The concept is a proven success helping us fine tune heights for riders so they may look over the screen and nudging the air flow slightly upward to avoid having it dump in their face or turbulently rumble between them and their passenger.

late 2005 we looked at offering it on the Electra Glides both earlier 1995 and older models to the newer 1996 to 2013 models. Back then no one else offered a Recurved Electra glide or Ultra Classic or Road Glide or Road King. Now we offer it on 99% of our product line. If I thought about it, I should have copyrighted the word Recurve to this design. At that time no one else was using that term, at least when talking about motorcycle windshields, and spell check hates it.  

Now, the term is more than common place in the aftermarket windshield arena.  Many companies are  selling the Recurve with an idea that  “More is Better”. For those of you who like turbulence and distortion, then I guess more is better.