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The Clearview Shields Experience

For the past 32 years, we have been the premier designer and manufacturer of motorcycle windshields worldwide. Let our customer service department help you choose the perfect windscreen for you and, more importantly, your personal riding style!

  • Windscreens in tailored sizes to fit your height
  • Designed for the most comfortable and quiet ride
  • Best optical clarity in the industry.
Clearview Shields are made in the USA

All Clearview Shields are proudly made in the USA

Crafting a Clearview

How is it made? and Where was it made? These are questions many of us occasionally ponder for virtually any item that occupies our lives. At Clearview Shields, the motorcycle windshield that redirects the wind, rocks and bugs from hitting you while you ride is our first and only priority. It’s been our only priority for over 32 years. Designing,manufacturing and distributing everything we do in house in full control over every step of the production process. All here in Colorado.

Clearview Shields News

Clearview Shields’ Recurve Windshields

Clearview Shields offers a recurve option for almost every model of windshield they design. A Recurve windshield replaces the stock shield and reduces buffeting from wind by enlarging the coverage around the rider.

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