How to Clean your Motorcycle Windshield

Keeping your Clearview Shield clean
Welcome to FAQ Fridays.  Our weekly blog designed to answer your everyday questions regarding everything about windshields and how to order them.  Review our latest post! Our Goal is to help our riders as much as we can with any questions they may have. How do I keep my Clearview Shield Windshield Clean?   Cruising along, wind in your face, and breathtaking scenery flying by all contribute to the thrilling experience of riding a motorcycle. One not so thrilling aspect is the bugs and dirt that splatter across your motorcycle windshield. Knowing how to properly clean your windshield will help guarantee your ride with a ClearView ahead for years to come. Begin by loosening up the dried on, splattered bugs. Soak a soft cloth in warm water and then lay it over the windshield. After several minutes, wipe the bugs away. Rinse and repeat as necessary. To get your windshield clean, use a soft micro fiber cloth with a solution of warm water and a small amount of dish soap. Wipe away any mess. Rinse your windshield with clean, warm water. Air dry your windshield or wipe clean with a soft micro fiber cloth. If your windshield has any scratches, use a clean, soft micro fiber cloth with Novus Scratch Remover (available for both Fine and Heavy Scratches) or another high quality buffing compound that is safe for plastics. Buff the windshield by hand, using a fingertip in small circular motions until the compound beads off. Add the final touch of polishing your windshield for a clean, shining ClearView of the road. Use a clean, soft micro fiber cloth and apply Novus Plastic Polish or a small amount of Pledge. The polish will fill any small scratches and help remove any leftover, dried-on bugs. Purchase the entire cleaning package off our website. The Novus Cleaning Kit includes Plastic Polish, Fine Scratch Remover, Heavy Scratch Remover, and Polish Mate Cloths. Additional Tips:
  • Do not clean a plastic motorcycle windshield with gas station squeegees or use anything rough, such as paper towels, that can damage and scratch the surface. This can cause the windshield to become hazy, making it difficult to see in the sun or at night with oncoming headlights. You can purchase a Novus Travel Cleaning Kit off our website.
  • Do not use glass cleaners or Armor All products. The solvents can damage some motorcycle windshields.
No matter how you clean your windshield, make sure you are riding with a ClearView. Feel free to contact us with any other questions, comments, or concerns. Thank you, Elizabeth Stenger, Social Media Coordinator Clearview Shields