Honda Valkyrie STD/ and Tourer Replacement Windshields 1996-2003

Clearview Motorcycle Windshields (2)

Valkyrie Std/ Tourer windshields 1996-2003 Model Years ready to mount to your OEM Honda Brackets. Clearview shields are replacement windshields – we do not offer any brackets.

  • 6 different heights available to tailor the shield height to your height
  • 1″ added width on taller than stock models for increased protection
  • Designed with the same shape and contour as the stock Honda shield
  • 5 Position Adjustable Vent Allows the Rider controlled airflow to enhance comfort in warmer climates, and helps relieve back pressure
  • 22.5″, 24″ and 25.5″ Height options can not ship internationally due to the size of the container
  • Contact us for Dark Gray options

Height: measured in the center of the shield from the top of the headlight cutout to the top of the shield

Width: 1″ additional width is available in 21″L, 22.5″L, 24″L and 25.5″L


  • Clearview Shields has been Handcrafting Motorcycle windshields such as the Honda Valkyrie STD/Tourer in the USA for Over 33 Years
  • Top Rated by Riders Around the World in Performance, Quality, Fit and Finish
  • Premium High Impact Acrylic Blend Material Exceeds Industry & DOT Standards
  • UV Inhibitors Extend Shield Life & Provide Protection for the Dash & Acc
  • .177 Thick Material is More Rigid than the Stock Shield
  • Ready to Mount for Fast & Easy Installation
  • Shipped with a Protective Film that allows Installation and Testing
  • Can be Polished, Buffed and is Safe to use Rain-X Original Clear Formula
  • Clearview Shields are designed as “replacement” windshields – we do not offer any brackets/braces/framing or any other hardware
valkyrie windshield review

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Honda Valkyrie STD/ and Tourer Replacement Motorcycle Windshields

We engineer our Honda Valkyrie STD & Tourer Windshields and all our Motorcycle Windscreens to exceed your expectations through rigorous testing. During the final stages of product development, we send out samples of our designs to different riders for review and feedback to refine the finished product. These individuals are asked for their body height, inseam, and any existing Bike mods/modifications. This information gives us valuable data when determining best windshield size for each individual rider. This data is available to you to use for comparison for your own body size and riding needs. Click the link below for our focus group rider profiles to help you pick the best height.

Rider Windshield Profiles

Weight 13 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 30 × 8 in

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Vent Options


108 reviews for Honda Valkyrie STD/ and Tourer Replacement Windshields 1996-2003

  1. Alan

    Windshield is nice, easy to install and came in quickly. My Valkyrie was basically a barn find and everything polished up like new except the windshield. New one is Crystal clear and the proper height for me. The stock one was way to tall.

  2. Dennis

    98 Valkyrie

    Great product, packaged with foam and bubble wrap, excellent clarity, good Prices, staff seem to be very helpful

  3. Kenneth

    1998 Valkyrie Replacement / Upgrade windshield

    This is great. I spent more money and far more time trying to polish the original shield. Now for less money I have a new better than original shield. Great quality, more coverage and an air vent!
    Clean and clear without ripples or imperfections!

  4. Mike

    Exact fit. I could not be happier.

  5. Henry

    Honda Valkyrie Tourer Windshield

    It is a very high quality windshield, thicker material than the original. It is so clear that you can hardly see it in the picture.

    Honda Valkyrie STD/ and Tourer Replacement Windshields 1996-2003
  6. robert

    great windshield. Thicker than stock windshield. I did have to flex bottom leg of shield slightly to attach to bracket.

  7. Yuri

    Updated review after a season of riding (New Valkyrie Windshield)

    Just wanted to give a follow up update to the windshield. When I first tested the windshield it was still pretty cold and I was not doing much riding. After 8000 miles this season I can truly say that the Clearview exceeds the OEM windshield, it has less buffeting, more wind protection and the vents are a lifesaver when the temps reach over 100* here, yeah its still warm air but you have a lot more airflow that makes it way more comfortable.
    I can only recommend, if you need a windshield whether as a replacement or just want a shield get a Clearview, its an awesome product.
    Thanks again to the entire Clearview team, great customer support and awesome product.

  8. Piotr


    Perfect fit, bolts right on without a problem, very quick notifications about any changes in the order or shipment tracking, would most definetely recommend and order again.

  9. Tim


    The windshield was top quality and a perfect fit. It was exactly what I wanted.

    Honda Valkyrie STD/ and Tourer Replacement Windshields 1996-2003
  10. Hannu

    Honda Valkyrie STD Replacement windshield Clear tint with 5 position vent

    I can’t know because I haven’t received the product yet.

  11. Doug

    97 Valkyrie

    Was going to Sturgis last year and needed a windshield right away. When I contacted them they only had a couple of blemished windshields in stock. I purchased one of them. Seriously, don’t be afraid of buying one of these as I had to hunt for the defect.

  12. Stephen

    Replacement Windshield 98 Valk Tourer

    Fit was perfect, quality was excellent

    Honda Valkyrie STD/ and Tourer Replacement Windshields 1996-2003
  13. Ronald

    Valkyrie Windshield

    Excellent product. Very clear and arrived in a timely manner. Drilling a little bit off but was able to make it fit.

  14. Darrell

    98 Valkyrie

    I was contacted before the windshield shipped and notified that there was a small defect in the finished product. I was asked if I wanted Clearview to remake the shield. I said no and was given a discount.
    When the shield arrived, I couldn’t even find the defect, though its location was described to me. GOOD JOB on the customer service and the great product.

  15. Martin

    Shield for F6C 1999

    First of all sorry for my english. Shield for my Vakyrie was delivered with 100% both sides protect foil. It fits perfectly to original holders. As you can see, look reaaly good on this bike. Firts short ride was without troubles. Seeing through clear (not colorized) shield is really great. Only one diference with original piece is missing mass under headlight, but it is not very important for me. Shield was delivered to europe very quickly. Great job. Thank you.

  16. Yuri

    New Valkyrie windshield

    After 22 years of riding my OEM shield it was time to replace it. Contacted Clearview and they were on it promptly, received a message that the shield would need to be made and that take approximately 18 days.
    The windshield arrived in time and was well packaged. Unboxed it and followed the instructions. Installation was easy, just pay attention that if you have any extra’s like windshield pouch etc. you may need longer bolts in some areas. I needed two slightly longer mid bolts.
    Took a short ride (20 miles or so due to winter still being here) and did not notice that the new shield had any difference in buffeting or other affects. So far very impressed. I did not get to truly test the new vents as it was cold out and did not ride far, however I believe they will be lifesavers in the summer months in Idaho.
    The clarity is amazing and the quality of the windshield is also top notch. Much thicker and sturdier than the OEM.

  17. Byron

    17" with dark tint and adjustable vent

    Got the 17″ with dark tint and adjustable vent for a ’98 Valkyrie. Functions and looks great.

    Honda Valkyrie STD/ and Tourer Replacement Windshields 1996-2003
    Honda Valkyrie STD/ and Tourer Replacement Windshields 1996-2003
  18. Mike

    Upgrade for my new to me 23 year old bike

    The accuracy of the windshield fitment is second to none. Well thought out. Better than the original. I got the vent in mine. It is a great add to the Shield. I am very satisfied. I am so glad that Clearview still makes the shield for this bike.


    1997 Valkyrie windshield

    This is a replacement for the original windshield I purchased for the bike in 1997. The windshield is sturdy and well constructed. It fit perfectly into the frame.

  20. Ray

    Perfect fit

    I received my new windshield I was impressed at the weight and material. All the old hardware fit it perfectly. It was a breeze to install and looks great. It is so clear I can’t even tell I have it installed. There wasn’t a blemish of any type on the shield. These people do great work they are fast but most important they are detailed in the production of the windshield. Hope I never need another but if I do they will make it for me.

  21. steven

    Thanks so much for the great service. It fi
    t perfectly. I have recommended you to several people in my ride groups.

  22. Craig


    Ordered a windshield for my 2000 Valkyrie and it was a perfect fit with the original hardware. Additionally, I had purchased a blemished windshield but for the life of me I can’t find the blemish. Everything delivered quickly and without incident, I would recommend Clearview to anybody that needs a replacement windscreen. For that matter anybody who needs one replacement or otherwise.

  23. Kevin

    Very nice windshield. I would recommend Clearview to anyone. Customer service is great also. I talked to the owner and he was very nice to do business with.

  24. Freddie

    didnt like . thought it came with all the hardware to install it

    • Craig Stenger

      We can certainly take the screen back if you do not have hardware. let us know

  25. George

    Exellent Product

    I bought my first Clearview windshield several years ago and it withstood the through test of time. Firstly this windshield beats the stock Honda one hands down. It’s thicker, does not de-laminate, and keeps it’s clarity through years of use. Unfortunately through a tip over it was broken, so I ordered a new one, and it is 100% quality, and I know it will last a very long time.

  26. Joop

    shield honda valkyrie 1998

    its a quality product, better than the Original, it is easy to replace and fits perfect! I live in the Netherlands, the price is good when you collect it by yourself and take it home, but when you shipped it from America to the Netherlands the Price is nearly double

  27. Leslie

    Excellent Product

    Your windshield is a superior product when compared to OEM. It is stronger and absolutely crystal clear. Your windscreen mounted perfectly! I had no problems whatsoever. The Clearview Shield arrived well packaged, protected and on time. Customer service was exceptional and kept me informed on my order.
    I’m glad I did my research to find “the best” Windshield made! Thank you Clearview Shields!

  28. James

    Valkyrie windshield

    This windshield wasn’t to good! Took me a little bit to figure it out! It took me a little to figure out what was wrong! The bend on the left side is way off front the right side! The box had done been thrown away which is my fault so I’m gonna have to stick it out! The windshield I got last time for my 99 was great! If your looking for a windshield still get a clearview! I just happened to get a dud! My next windshield will come from clearview!

    • Craig Stenger

      Hey James, We can make it right if needed. Please call us when you get a chance and we can discuss your options.

  29. Bill

    Excellent 👍

    Quick shipping. Packed very well. Great product ! Nice to be able to see through shield again.

  30. Peter

    Great windshield

    Great guality,good service. Recommend Clearshield.

  31. Michael

    Very satisfied with the clarity and thickness of this shield. Hoping for many years of seeing the road clearly

  32. Jeff

    Best effective motorcycle windshield!

    I purchased a Clearview Windshield for my 1999 Honda Valkyrie because the stock windshield was too tall requiring looking through it. Proper windshield positioning for anyone and any motorcycle is the top edge should be at nose level. This is my second Clearview Shield bought as I was impressed with the one for my 2003 Harley Davidson Road King. Both screens are thicker than stock or competitor windshield, mount using factory hardware and detect face wind very effectively. I highly recommend Clearview Shields.

  33. James

    '99 Valkyrie Windscreen

    Nice fit and finish… I really like the light grey tint… Much heavier than factory windscreen. Looks great, works great! Fast shipping, well packaged, arrived in perfect condition! Did I mention the great price! Big thumbs up! Thanks!

  34. Stephen

    Windshield for 03 valkyrie

    I received my. Windshield a lot sooner than I expected. It was well packed, no damage. It fit my bike frame perfect. Very pleased with Clearview . 👍

  35. Mark

    Good product

    Excellent clarity, good fit for the most part. In one mounting hole I couldn’t fit the original screw in and had to go longer. Got a $20 discount due to a minor blemish bit it’s hardly noticeable.

  36. Rich

    Nice windscreen

    Exact fitment for my 97 valkyrie. I can see through it now.

  37. Kevin


    The Clearview with vent was just what I needed for a 2000 Honda Valkyrie. The vent is really nice on hot days. Screen quality is excellent and it looks great!

  38. Richard

    nice clear shield

    product is good, fit perfect looks like original, think its a little over priced but good over all

  39. ROSS

    Great product and will definitely be purchasing again.

  40. Michael Ludwig

    My Honda F6C in Germany

    The quality of the Windshields is very good as is the accuracy of fit. I’m very satisfied.

    Honda Valkyrie STD/ and Tourer Replacement Windshields 1996-2003
  41. corey

    Honda Valkyrie windshield 21" clear Waddoups

    Arrived and installed, perfect fit and excellent quality! Thank you!

    Honda Valkyrie STD/ and Tourer Replacement Windshields 1996-2003
  42. William

    Honda Valkyrie 24 inch windshield w/vent

    everything from ordering, including answers to all of my question, to installation was great. I am very happy with my purchase.
    Thank you, and KUDOS to the people at Clearview Shields

  43. richard

    Honda Valkyrie Windshield Stock height clear

    Received my new Valkryie shield. Arrived Friday 6/4 in perfect shape. All hardware from old shield fit perfect. It was worth the wait for the fabrication. Thanks for the top notch service. I will be advertising for you guys and gals here in South Carolina going forward. Please pass along my thanks to all involved in the mfg. process.🛠
    PS- I am a happy 70 yr. Old southern rider.

  44. Curtis Baskett

    Windshield looks great love the size I’m getting the extra tall and a couple of inches wider only problem I have is I haven’t been able to install it on the bike yet the bike was sent off the motor trike the day it came in the mail wish it could have gotten here a day earlier I see that the warranty says I have 30 days I hope that it fits because it was over $200 I’m sure it will because it looks like a very quality product but really wish I would have gotten it in time to put it on before I had to send it off to Motor Trike. Going to be beautiful when I get it back

    Honda Valkyrie STD/ and Tourer Replacement Windshields 1996-2003
    • Craig Stenger

      Hey Curtis, send us a few pics when you get it installed and we will add it to your review

  45. Mike

    Honda Valkyrie Tourer Windshield 25" light Gray with vent

    Thanks again, the windshield fits perfect , looks awesome.

    Honda Valkyrie STD/ and Tourer Replacement Windshields 1996-2003
  46. Derrick

    Very nice product ….. nice replacement 👍🏽

  47. Michael

    Honda Valkyrie Windshield 19"

    I had cut 4″ off of my original and that was just too short so I bought the 19″ height and that is just right for me. I can see over the top while getting plenty of wind protection. I’m 5-10″ and my opinion is anyone under 6′ will like the 19″ high if you want to look over instead of through the windshield.

  48. Sean

    Honda Valkyrie Windshield 22" GT width in Light Gray with Vent

    I finally received my windshield. Thank you. It fits perfectly.
    Attached are a few pictures with it on my 2003 Honda Valkyrie.

    Honda Valkyrie STD/ and Tourer Replacement Windshields 1996-2003
    Honda Valkyrie STD/ and Tourer Replacement Windshields 1996-2003
  49. Ramiro

    Honda Valkyrie Windshield

    I just wanted to express my thanks to Clearview Shields for manufacturing a great replacement windshield. I received my replacement windshield and the fit was just perfect. I did not know what to expect for my first Clearview Shield however, I was very very pleased with the fit, tint, the pre drilled holes and the additional vent I requested. It seemed like had ordered an actual OEM replacement windshield but better in quality. This is a great product and I will gladly purchase another one and recommend this product to all my cycle rider buddies. I recommend that you if you need to replace your motorcycle windshield, purchase a Clearview Shield. You will defineity be pleased at the quality and precise fit.
    R. Rodriguez/San Antonio, TX

  50. RJ

    The product fit perfectly and the quality I believe was better than the original equipment. I would recommend to other Honda Valkyrie riders.

  51. Jeff

    Great product, exactly the upgrade I was expecting for my Valkyrie.

  52. Christian

    valkyrie sheild

    Very well made, everything lined up perfectly with original parts.

    Honda Valkyrie STD/ and Tourer Replacement Windshields 1996-2003
  53. Henry

    ‘98 Honda Valkyrie Tourer

    Perfect fit using OEM hardware. Better quality than original. Really good communication with Mfg. 5 Star all the way.

  54. Ryan

    Honda Valkyrie Windshield

    Excellent quality. Fitment was perfect, no modifications needed as it was the same exact as oem. The time to make it and have it shipped was spot on with what the company figured. Made a great gift for my father and so much nicer than his old scratched shield. Would definitely recommend this company and their products to anyone.

  55. Art

    Great looking shield

    I am very pleased with the windshield. It was easy to install and looks great.

  56. John

    Very happy!
    Fits perfect. Great quality and workmanship….I was even impressed with the packing materials!
    A great windshield a a great price!

    Honda Valkyrie STD/ and Tourer Replacement Windshields 1996-2003
  57. Ron

    slow on the e-mail and Facebook response but the product was spot on……Perfect fit. After I put it on I had to keep looking to see if it was there it was so clear. I guess after 20 years with the same windshield, I can actually see the road…….Thank You, it was easy to replace……worth every cent. Even the people on Trike-Talk said to go through you guys……..glad I did…….will have to send picture later…..

  58. Michael

    Perfect fit with original honda hardware

  59. Edmund G

    Love the vent!!! Bolted right into place, great fit! You might have to replace your mounting hardware though, as the Clearview Shield is a touch thicker than the original. This was not a problem for me.

  60. Dewey

    Great product. Very satisfied.

  61. Alex

    We are incredibly pleased with the windshield. The bike looks brand new. Also, the vent is a great feature, so appreciated on the hot days and also to preventing fogging. Thank you for your great work!

    Honda Valkyrie STD/ and Tourer Replacement Windshields 1996-2003
  62. LEVI

    Better than the OEM accessory part!! Great fit & finish!!

  63. Randy

    The light gray is a perfect tint for me. The fit and finish are concourse quaility. The crew at clearview are family now. Buy one for all your bikes.

  64. William

    I was very impressed with the quality and fit of my new windshield. I extremely happy with my purchase

  65. Jon

    I am very happy with how it worked out

  66. Clint

    I ordered the standard sized windshield with a vent. The fit was perfect and it looks great. It was easy to install. Besides the vent, the only way to tell this is not an original Honda windshield is the original Honda wind shield extends across below the headlight. The new windshield does not. It is just something to be aware of aesthetically. Performance is just as good. the new one makes for easier cleaning behind the windshield without having to remove it. This is the third windshield (for different bikes) that I have ordered over the years through Clearview Shields. Quality has always been top notch and I would not hesitate to order another one from them if I needed it. Both their service and quality have been great for me.

  67. John

    Super nice product. High quality craftsmanship and material. I’m real happy with this windshield. Perfect fit.

  68. Lowell

    Great deal!

  69. gareth

    Very happy with the screen. It arrived in UK today robustly packaged and was a perfect fit to my 2000 valkerie tourer.


    It’s great almost like the original one honda had on it.

  71. Eric

    MUCH thicker than stock, very clear and sturdy. I can use original Rain X on it for clarity in rain storms. This makes a tremendous difference in safety.

  72. FRED

    Love it! Fits like a glove and well constructed

  73. Marcus

    New Windshield is Great. Fits perfect in the stock Honda mounts. Looks great on my 1997 Valkyrie. Thanks Again

  74. RON

    Great windshield. Very happy with the purchase, the windshield is exactly what I wanted. I have a 2003 Valkyrie with the OEM Honda windshield that has seen better days. It was scratched to the point that I had to shield my eyes from the reflective glare that bounced from the many fine scratches. I ordered the replacement Windshield from Clearview and it was supposed to be a direct copy of the Honda OEM shield. When it arrived it was packaged with so much foam packing it almost filled my garbage can when I pulled it all out of the box. The shield was covered in a protective film so you can mount it and then try it without worrying about scratching. It fit my hardware perfect and I noticed it was also a bit thicker than stock which makes for a nice ridged screen. I opted for the adjustable vent and I am glad I did. While on the highway I opened the vent to the first preset and it directed the wind up on the inside and there was no helmet buffeting even above highway speeds. It started to rain and closing the vent kept my phone dry behind the screen, NICE. I can’t wait for summer to open the vent the entire way so the wind will hit me about chest level. Great purchase, Excellent shield, and a Very Happy Customer. Thanks Clearview.

  75. Mark

    The windshield is of high quality, fits perfectly to original oem hardware, and is optically perfect, also the extra thickness is really nice. It’s a lot more ridged than the original shield.

  76. Jeffery

    I really appreciated the attention to customer service. I was contacted to confirm and verify order specifications. I was again contacted when Clearview inspected the windshield and let me know about a small imperfection. I was given the choice to have the windshield remade or accept a discount. I have never had a company provide this level of customer service. I recommend Clearview Shields to everyone.

  77. phil piazza

    I have a Valkyrie Tourer 1998.Quality and tint of windshield is excellent, but the problem I am having is helmet buffeting over 55 mph.It is dizzying when I ride. Shield is stock height but comes back a few inches more. Tried installing Goldwing vent but no help.Perhaps a taller shield would help, but how would I know that ahead of time.

  78. Dennis Goodman

    Got the new shield the other day and it looks great. Can’t wait to get it transferred and put on the bike.

  79. Hans-Joerg

    The shield arrived faster than expected here in Germany (safe & sound).

  80. Hans-Joerg

    The shield arrived faster than expected here in Germany (safe & sound).

  81. Dennis Goodman

    Got the new shield the other day and it looks great. Can’t wait to get it transferred and put on the bike.

  82. phil piazza

    I have a Valkyrie Tourer 1998.Quality and tint of windshield is excellent, but the problem I am having is helmet buffeting over 55 mph.It is dizzying when I ride. Shield is stock height but comes back a few inches more. Tried installing Goldwing vent but no help.Perhaps a taller shield would help, but how would I know that ahead of time.

  83. Patrice Fleurant

    Very good product. I have shared your adress with a lot of people.

  84. James Fite, Jr.

    Bought my windshield for my 1999 Valkyrie! Love it,love it,love it! Best in the market!

  85. Harold Tomlinson

    This screen is AWESOME. I’ve owned it for about 1 1/2 years. It transformed my Valkyrie Tourer. The oversized wind protection gives me a bubble that makes riding so much more comfortable. I love that thing, and it’s holding up great!

  86. Rick / K5TIA

    Add me to the list of happy Clearview customers. All the comments made on these reviews are true and correct. Bought a 19″ with vent window, light gray for a 99 Valkyrie. Shipped fast and well packed. Went on easy. About 2 inches below horizon, solid, butter smooth at 70 mph. Much better that the original which is too thin and flexy at speed. Pricy but worth it.

  87. Joe

    I have been wanting a Honda Valkyrie 1500 for about 10 years or so. I bought one last winter and the original Honda windshield was showing it’s age and miles (just like me). After looking around, and reading some reviews, I called these guys. I got an instant good vibe on the phone. These guys get it. After I placed my order, I was kept informed of the status via e-mail. When my shield arrived, the packaging simply couldn’t have been better. During installation, no drama. The windshield is stout, fits the stock bracketry perfectly, and is optically correct. I am taking the time to write this for the next guy ( if your reading this, then that’s you! ). If your doing what I did and doing some research, then good. Smart move. And you can stop looking now. You have found what your looking for. When people get treated badly, they tell everyone, but most people don’t talk about being treated well. Well I am. I got exactly what I paid for, start to finish, and I will be back. Thank you.

  88. Scott Boyer

    I bought a “Blemished” windshield 3 years ago…I’m still looking for that “Blemish” that’s supposed to be there.

  89. Albert

    Valkyrie Rider with our 19″ Clear…

  90. Jack

    22.5″ Clear w/adj vent

  91. Chuck

    Stock Height, clear, with vent.

  92. Rene’

    Clear Stock height with addt’l width

  93. Herman

    Small Clear

  94. S. Nelson

    Clear, small

  95. Dennis

    Your Clearview replacement of my OEM shield is outstanding. Kudos! Above and beyond what I’ve spent many miles behind.

  96. John

    Just a line to comment on my recent purchase, a valkyrie tourer replacement wind shield. It fit the bracket perfectly, did not have the troublesome headlight hole that prevents the instalation of an accessory light bar, and is the most optically correct windshield I have ever owned. I have owned many windshields and motorcycles in my 40 years of riding, and I now feel I have the best in bikes and in windshields, and do not anticipate any changes in the future.

  97. Jim

    The shield arrived yesterday in perfect condition. I installed it today and went for a short ride. Very very nice. The thickness gives it great stability. I am sure I will have many miles of enjoyment from your product.

  98. Rick

    Here are a couple photos of my ’98 Honda Valkyrie with Voyager Conversion Kit and new Clearview replacement shield. The shield was a perfect fit for the OEM Honda shield and installed in about 15 minutes. I got the 3″ extra tall shield, and it’s much better to look through the shield than over the top edge.

  99. Tony

    I really like the slightly increased thickness of you shield, it helps cut down on some of the high speed buffeting. Plus, it took a pretty good bird-strike the other day without a problem… other than the bird not making it. So far, it seems to even clean easier than the stock windshield. Thanks again,

  100. Curt

    Hey Craig, my new shield is on and man is it great. I didn’t have a good idea of just how bad my old windshield was scratched, pitted and discolored until I took yours out of the box. Funny how you can look through it and not notice just how hard it is to see through. It mounted very easily, a perfect fit.

  101. Lane

    Clear GT Stock

  102. Lothair

    24″ Clear with adjustable vent

  103. Gary

    24″ Light Grey w/Adjustable Vent

  104. Craig

    Clear stock height, GT width

  105. Jerry

    Clear stock height w/5 way adjustable vent

  106. Richard

    I just wanted to write and state how impressed I am with the fit, finish, and overall quality of my new windshield for my Honda Valkyrie. It certainly exceeded all of my already very high expectations. In addition, customer service answered all questions with haste and precision. Thanks for making me a happy customer!

  107. Dan

    I purchased one of your Clearview shields with vent and grey tint for my 1999 Honda Valkyrie. Your service was excellent and the product is also great.

  108. Jim

    Shield arrived safe and sound today. I have mounted it and am EXTREMELY pleased with your craftsmanship!

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