Clearance Items

What is A Clearance windshield?

Clearview Shields manufactures our quality windshields here in the USA. Each literally hand created to meet the riders desired specifications. Occasionally minor infractions are found at the time of construction and are brought to the customers attention, offered a discount or inventoried at a reduced price.

Before now the only way to find out about these windshields is inquire directly with Clearview’s customer service department.

Now they can be ordered directly off our website for a discounted price

What is the benefit purchasing this type of Windshield?

Our Clearance items are some of the best deals you can find anywhere.  The imperfections will not structurally compromise the screen in any way, and are generally too small to capture on film.  They come with our full warranty and can be returned if you are not happy with the product.

It is the best way to get New Clearview at a great price and no risk.

“The windshield worked out great, it’s mounted and we’ll not be returning. Thanks for a great product and great price! Had a hard time even seeing that blemish.Stay safe.     Jim  M”

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