Clearance Items

New screens are added across the spectrum of Clearview’s product line

Check back every Friday for new additions.

Clearview Shields manufactures our quality windshields here in the USA. Each literally hand created to meet the riders desired specifications.  The minor infractions are brought to the customers attention or inventoried at a reduced price. Before now the only way to find out about these windshields is inquire directly with clearview’s customer service department.

Now they can be purchased directly online.

here is how it works

click through

Step 1.  Shop for the screen

Click through to the product page that matches your ride.

step 2.

Select your windshields attributes

Once all choices are made a SKU# will appear just below your selections

If we have an item in stock that matches that exact SKU # then a pop up window will appear showing the option.


Step 3.  change an attribute

If no window pops up then try changing an attribute.

For this example we changed the color attribute from clear to light gray tint.

The pop up window will show a picture of the screen with a blue masked area which identifies the location of the imperfection.

You can buy this item, go back and buy an unblemished screen (Order New) or learn more.

step 4.

Learn more and then make your choice

Clicking the “Learn More” button will bring up a detailed description of the imperfection.  Even though the area identified may seem large the imperfection is almost always very small.

Choose the Blemished unit for the reduced price or continue to cart and order new unblemished.  Its your choice.


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