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Our Valkyrie Interstate Replacement Windshield is ready to mount for fast and easy Installation!

  • 8 different heights available to tailor the shield height to your height
  • 1.5″ Additional width available on 19″ L 5″ Additional width available on 16.5″l, 18″L, 19.5″L and 21″L for increased side protection
  • 5 Position Adjustable Vent Allows the Rider controlled airflow to enhance comfort in warmer climates, and helps relieve back pressure
  • Dark Gray tint designed for the Sport Model adds a nice appearance to your bike

Height (measured in the center of the shield from top to bottom including the portion of the shield below the fairing):

  • Sport 10.5″L –  5″ shorter than stock
  • 13″L  –  2.5″ shorter than stock
  • Stock 15.5″L
  • 19″L –  3.5″L longer than stock
  • Small 16.5″L –  1″ longer than stock
  • Medium 18″L –  2.5″ longer than stock
  • Large 19.5″L –  4″ longer than stock
  • X-Large 21″L –  5.5″ longer than stock


  • 19″L – 1.5″ wider than stock
  • Small (16.5″L) – 5″ wider than stock
  • Medium (18″ L) – 5″ wider than stock
  • Large (19.5″L) – 5″ wider than stock
  • X-large (21″L) – 5″ wider than stock


  • Clearview Shields has been Handcrafting Motorcycle Windshields such as the Honda Valkyrie interstate in the USA for Over 33 Years
  • Top Rated by Riders Around the World in Performance, Quality, Fit and Finish
  • Premium High Impact Acrylic Blend Material Exceeds Industry & DOT Standards
  • UV Inhibitors Extend Shield Life & Provide Protection for the Dash & Acc
  • .177 Thick Material is More Rigid than the Stock Shield
  • Ready to Mount for Fast & Easy Installation
  • Shipped with a Protective Film that allows Installation and Testing
  • Can be Polished, Buffed and is Safe to use Rain-X Original Clear Formula

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The Best Valkyrie Interstate Windshield for your Ride

We engineered our Honda Valkyrie Interstate windshield to exceed your expectations through rigorous testing. During the final stages of product development, we send out samples of our design to different riders for review and feedback to refine the finished product.  These individuals are asked for their body height, inseam and Bike mods which gives us valuable data when determining Best motorcycle windshield size for each rider. This data is available to you to use for comparison for your own body size and riding needs. If you have questions about how to measure for your Honda Valkyrie Interstate windshield check out our Windshield Measuring Guide.

Street Glide Windshield Design

We have made numerous improvements to our Electra Glide Windshield over the years. We are always looking for the best rider experience. Check out our Motorcycle Windshield Design Guide.

Weight 13 lbs
Dimensions 32 × 8 × 28 in

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Vent Options


37 reviews for Honda Valkyrie Interstate Shields | #1 Windshield Replacement | Clearview

  1. Steve

    2001 Valkyrie Interstate

    What can I say? Fits perfectly, not a scratch on it, arrived when they said it would. First rate quality on everything. I see no reason to buy anywhere else.

  2. Mark

    Excellent quality and customer service.

  3. Szymon

    Very good quality
    It is my second windshield for my Valkyrie
    Fits perfectly it looks like original

  4. Rolando

    Perfect fit looks amazing
    My Valkyrie looks like new

  5. Rolando

    Perfect fit looks amazing

  6. Travis

    Stock Replacement with Recurve

    I ordered a stock windshield replacement but with the light gray tint and messaged them about adding a recurve to the top. They did and it is exactly what I needed to help reduce the dreaded head shaking at speeds. Looks great and works great! I can see at night again!

  7. Allan


    My windshield came right on time, was exactly what I ordered, fit perfectly, and looks GREAT! What more can you ask for?

    Honda Valkyrie Interstate Shields | #1 Windshield Replacement | Clearview
    Honda Valkyrie Interstate Shields | #1 Windshield Replacement | Clearview
  8. Mark

    Clearview Shield on Valkyrie Interstate

    Bought the largest one for my Valkyrie Interstate. Problem solved regarding wind buffeting. The stock shield was absolutely terrible for buffeting. The 5 inches I trimmed did nothing to solve this issue. I am 6ft tall, 32″ inseam. When I removed the stock windshield, the buffeting was completely gone. In my opinion, based on what I tried, the buffeting on this bike is due to the stock shield. I tried a full face and open face helmet to deal with the buffeting, either made any difference. The Clearview came highly rated, and did not disappoint. The vent is a must, which is a option I did get. Only issue, and I as aware before I placed my order, was the wait time…..nearly 7 weeks….shields are reportedly made to order. If you order one, do so over the winter months. Well designed product, easy to install. Highly recommend!

  9. Cid

    Nice, I like my Windshield

  10. Justin

    Happy Customer. Good Product.

    The 13″ windshield fit perfectly on my 2000 Honda Interstate. I’m 5′ 11″ and I only feel slight buffeting as I near 80 mph. I appreciated the ability to test it with the wrapping on first, just in case I needed to send it back, but I didn’t. Perfect fit. Happy customer.
    Thank you!

  11. James

    Honda Valkyrie Interstate Sport Clear

    Super nice replacement windshield

  12. Marie-Line B

    Sport with added recurve

    I was struggling with a tall windshield that was not the right height but I didn’t want to lose the wind protection that it provided. The sport size offered was 5 inches lower than my stock adding a recurve made up for the difference in height, the charcoal tint looks great and a solid quality product.

    Very happy customer

    Honda Valkyrie Interstate Shields | #1 Windshield Replacement | Clearview
  13. Geoffrey

    Honda Valkyrie Interstate Shields | #1 Windshield Replacement | Clearview

    I am very happy with the wind shield, its packaging was sufficient to prevent item from getting damaged.

  14. Andrew

    The quality of the shield is clearly excellent. High quality material, flawless finish. Fitment has left a lot to be desired. Bolt holes are slightly too close together, and the last of 4 bolts can BARELY fit.

    Also, the bottom of the shield is not cut the same as stock. It is roughly 1/4″ wider on either side. As is, my plastic trim panels do not fit together correctly due to interference with the shield. I will have to modify the shield to make it fit correctly.

    An outstanding windshield. Disappointing fitment.

    • Craig Stenger

      Hey Andrew,

      I will reach out today to discuss the issues. We have not had complaints regarding your findings so i am very interested in finding out what happened.

  15. Keven

    Looks great. Going to be great riding again with this for a wind shield!

  16. Hugh

    ordered it on March 21 2022, have not seen a wind shield yet May 8 2022
    i have heard the quality and service is amazing … my problem isn’t with clearview its fedex

  17. Robert

    Stock Windshield

    Exactly what I wanted. Perfect fit. Quick delivery. 2000 Honda Valkyrie IS

  18. Michael

    Valkyrie Interstate

    This a perfect fit, high quality replacement windshield!

  19. Anthony

    great option!

    Fit my 99 Valkyrie Interstate great, and looks great. Good company.

  20. Danny

    Valkyrie Interstate windshield

    Great product and quality ! I love the over size dimensions. It really buffers the wind away from the passengers. The “blemish” is hardly noticeable. A++

  21. ROSS

    Great product and hard to find. Thanks for making it easy to obtain

  22. Steve

    Impeccable customer service--highly recommend!

    Even now my Valkyrie Interstate ‘sport’ windshield is back in Craig’s capable hands for some custom modifications. The time & attention he has taken with me speaks volumes to how much Clearview wants their customers to be happy. I even got to pull my bike INTO his shop, and get a peek behind the scenes (I’m lucky enough to be local). Every person in there was welcoming and gracious. Amazing company running an amazing business. Can’t recommend highly enough. Give them a call!

  23. Russell

    2nd Clearview I have owned. Excellent quality and customer service.

  24. Darwin Grenwich

    Works great. No more wind buffeting on the highway!

    Worked well and fit perfectly. Took a little longer as they had to fabricate it for my Valkyrie. Overall I’m happy with it.

  25. Abel

    Valkyrie interstate windshield

    Product is very good but not happy with website measurement instructions not clear and even worse could never could get a hold of customer service to order on phone to make sure measurements were correct. So took gamble and ordered from website. Sure enough was not correct I basically bought the same size shield ment to replace showchrome shield. And of course there is a no refunds sticker on shield. Was trying get a shorter shield out of my eye line but did get this review email weeks later .so work on your measurements or how about a picture of exactly where to measure from for the exact bike. Your making them anyway so ta pic. pic. And real improvement would be to have someone actually answer the phone. I am very frustrated with your company.

    • Craig Stenger

      Hey Abel

      Our apologies for the tricky website info i will bring that up with our owners and see if we can make some changes. We are working to answer all messages within 24hours. I do not recall your voice mail but would be more than happy to get your order fixed. I will call today.

  26. Michael

    Great Honda windshield

    Have a 2001 Honda Valkeryie wind shield was fading so needed a new one found this good price so ordered it is perfect.We purchased this bike off the show room floor in 2002 last fully dress Honda Valkeryie .We were told they don’t make this model so was glad when we found that Clear Shields had the windshield.Bike looks new

  27. Mark

    Great product, great fit and well priced!
    Took a little longer to get up here in Canada but considering our messed up world right now, I’m not complaing!

  28. Mike

    Terrific windshield. It’s great to be able to buy a top notch windshield for my 20 year old bike!

  29. Patrick

    The box arrived and right from the jump I could see that you folks are serious about a quality product. It was packaged to ensure I got it in the same condition you sent it.
    Installing is bike specific so I’ll leave that.
    Riding behind it it where it truly performs.
    It completely changed the character of my Valky which I purchased with a tinted shorty screen. ( it looked real cool, but was creating terrible turbulance and buffetting).
    So far we are thrilled with all aspects of your company and product.

  30. Michael

    I have only been able to ride about 35 miles since I installed the new windshield, but so far I really like it. My Honda Valkyrie has been converted into a trike, so my experience with this windshield will vary from some one on two wheels. I think that I will be very pleased with it.

  31. Ian

    I purchased the sport tinted shield for my Valkyrie Interstate. It arrived quickly and fit perfectly. It causes much less buffeting than the stock shield. And it makes my bike look way better and updated. Lots of compliments. A Great Product.

  32. Josh

    This product nailed it. Everything thing i was looking for and no fitment issues. Would buy it again most definitely

  33. Salvatore

    Well made and packaged. Easy to find by model on your site.


  34. Rosemarie and Richard

    Short 13″ Clear w/Adjustable vent

  35. John

    Shield Worked Great…………..

  36. Jeff

    Clear, custom 13″ height

  37. Adam

    With regards to the shield, I LOVE it. Did the first ride with it this morning – 31 degrees thru river bottoms and into hills. CLEAR view and no fogging whatsoever.

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