2018-Present Honda Gold Wing Touring Windshield Replacement

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Our New Honda Gold Wing Windshield Design

Clearview Shields new Honda Gold Wing windshield design insures a quiet comfortable ride over the stock screen. With improved design ques to insure optimal wind management. Increased width and recurve design help to move the air around the passenger creating a clear view of the road, and an improved comfortability.


Selecting Height:

Note: The height is measured from the top of the dash to the top edge of screen with the windshield in lowest position. This is a vertical measurement


SPORT- 4.5″


Medium- 7.5″



The new Clearview Shields Gold Wing windshield is wider than the stock screen to improve wind management.

By increasing the width of the screen you in turn create a bigger pocket of air for the rider and passenger to ride comfortably in. Along with the increased width, the screen is contoured in the wider areas to control air flow both around the front surface of the screen and behind the windshield in the low pressure zone.

These changes will dramatically decrease wind buffeting at high speed for your Honda Gold Wing.


23.5″ wide at the bottom ( 2.5″ wider than stock Honda tour screen)

20″ wide at top of screen ( 5″ wider than stock Honda tour screen)


With over 35 years of experience, Clearview Shields new Gold Wing design creates a quiet and comfortable ride for both the rider and passenger. There are a few ways Clearview Shields has achieved this improved design.


Our recurve option moves the air flow 1.5-2″ higher off the top edge. This allows the rider to have a Clearview of the road ahead while maintaining optimal wind coverage. This recurve design is distortion free and will increase the rigidity of the windshield.

Wider Profile:

With the increased width of our windshield, both the rider and passenger will have a bigger pocket of air to sit in. With this bigger pocket of air will come a quieter ride, allowing you to clearly hear what’s going on around you, or enjoy your favorite music offered by the motorcycle sound system.

This wider screen is also contoured in all the right areas to manipulate airflow with the rider in mind.

Headlight Opening:

One of the common problems with a windshield is head buffeting. To help solve this issue Clearview Shields has designed a larger headlight opening allowing some airflow up behind the windshield in the low pressure zone. This will help balance out the airflow on the front and back of the screen dramatically reducing head buffeting at high speeds.



  • Clearview Shields has been Handcrafting Shields in the USA for Over 33 Years
  • We Hand-Craft the Finest Windshields for the Honda Gold Wing
  • Top Rated by Riders Around the World in Performance, Quality, Fit and Finish
  • Premium High Impact Acrylic Blend Material Exceeds Industry & DOT Standards
  • UV Inhibitors Extend Shield Life & Provide Protection for the Dash & Acc
  • .177 Thick Material is More Rigid than the Stock Shield
  • Ready to Mount for Fast & Easy Installation
  • Shipped with a Protective Film that allows Installation and Testing
  • Can be Polished, Buffed and is Safe to use Rain-X Original Clear Formula
Best Honda Gold Wing Windshield - Review

A Hand-Crafted Windshield for a Great Touring Bike, the Honda Gold Wing

Honda’s Gold Wing has always been an unbelievable touring bike, since the first model GL1000 in 1975 to the GL 1800. Over the years, engineers have always stayed true to this vision and tried to make the bike better and better, and the 2021 model is a perfect example.

The front passenger seat of the touring model has been improved, the trunk is larger this year and offers more storage space for the road. The speakers have a higher 55 watts output, the style has been refreshed, but the best parts remain the same. There are still plenty of finer details, of course, because the passenger seat has been modified for a more comfortable ride. In addition, the Gold Wings now offers Apple CarPlay to improve your riding experience.

With everything you need to create memories that last a lifetime, you can have your dream ride with the Gold Wing. This is a really great motorcycle that gets even better every year, and the new Gold Wing demonstrates the latest and best technology in the Honda Motor Company product lineup.

Looking for a Different Honda Gold Wing Windshield?

GL 1800 2001-2017 GL 1500
Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 24 × 7 in

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5 reviews for 2018-Present Honda Gold Wing Touring Windshield Replacement

  1. Mitchell

    2021 Goldwing shield

    I needed a shield that was just a little wider at the top and bit taller the factory shield. Clearview Shields delivered the goods. The finish, as always, is top notch and I love the light grey tinting.

  2. Jim

    Very good product, this is my third Clearview screen and am impressed again. Fitted to non-tour wing 2020 it gives me about 2 ins more height and about the same in width, i picked there small screen!
    I had some questions and needed a little more information, no problems.
    It was easy to fit and the medium tint is easy to see though at any time.

  3. Ron

    Can't beat the quality

    Much better thickness than factory Better optics over the Oem one
    I got the 2″ lower than stock Windscreen has much better aerodynamics

    2018-Present Honda Gold Wing Touring Windshield Replacement
  4. Allenn

    Honda Goldwing Windshield GT Large Clear

    Craig, I just installed my windshield, took it for a short test ride, and love it! Thanks. Awesome workmanship, flawless, and great packaging. You dudes rock !

  5. Robert

    Honda Goldwing windshield GT Large Clear

    I received my Clearview Shield, yesterday for my 2020 Honda Goldwing.
    I had previously ordered and installed a Klockwerks flare windshield due to the fact that Clearview didn’t have the new Goldwing model listed as being available for the 2018 or newer model on their website.
    I was OK with the Klockwerks as it was much better at reducing the wind noise and increasing the comfort of the cockpit for the driver than was the stock Honda OEM shield.
    However, I was not really thrilled with it overall. One of the things I noticed right away was the Klockwerks was thinner than the previous Clearview shields I had installed.
    Also, it was pretty distorted when I was looking through it due to the curvature and it also had a rainbow effect when wearing polarized lens sunglasses in the daylight. It does not have this rainbow effect when it is cloudy, just on nice sunny days.

    I contacted Klockwerks and they said that rainbow effect was normal due to the coating process they use. The Klockwerks flare has a pretty extreme curve at the top and outer edges of the screen. Between the curvature, (flare) and the rainbow effect it was not pleasant to look through the shield. It seemed like I was continually moving my head or raising and lowering the screen trying to get my head in a spot where the view was clear. (No pun intended).
    My bike has an adjustable windscreen and it moves about 4 inches up and down. When it was down, I was still catching quite a bit of wind and when it was up I was looking through the upper portion of the screen. Just below the top there was some distortion and a lot of rainbowing making it pretty stressful looking through it.
    My next issue was when I was carrying a passenger, (primarily my wife), her head was getting buffeted severely with the Klockwerks. She wears a full face helmet. After moving the screen up and down trying numerous positions, she was not having a good ride and she was ready to go back to the house. Sadly we ended our ride early.

    In the meantime, over the weekend I had left an email message on Clearviews website asking about a screen for the newer model of Goldwing to see if they would make a screen for the new Goldwing. They replied and they said they did have the new model Goldwing screen available, it just wasn’t listed on the website as it was new. Craig was very accommodating making sure I was getting the right screen. I ordered the large clear model and received it in just a few days. I received it and installed it in 3 minutes. The install was the same for both Klockwerks and Clearview, very, very simple. In fact, it is the most simple thing I have done mechanically in as far back as I can remember, It is about the same as putting a new switch plate on an electrical socket, there are only four Allen bolts to remove and reinstall.
    After the install we went for our first ride with the Clearview screen and immediately I noticed the CLEARNESS of the material. Zero distortion, zero rainbow effect. It was thicker, heavier material. I had a Clearview on my previous bike. I am not sure about the process used to give it its resiliency but I do know this, I took a rock about the size of a quarter off a passing dump truck going about 70 miles an hour. It hit my Clearview windscreen right at head height. I was waiting for and expecting something horrible to happen but nothing did. It hit my screen, sounded like a bullet hitting it. It left a permanent tiny little white mark on the screen like a small bug had hit it. That was it.

    My new Clearview screen for my Goldwing looks to be the same high quality material. It is perfectly clear, it has no rainbow effect at all when wearing polarized lenses in the sun. My area behind the screen was quiet and calm, no buffeting my wife’s head around.

    She loves it, I love it! I have had several different bikes. None of the stock shields are worth what they charge for them. I really don’t know why motorcycle manufacturers put lousy windscreens on bikes? I can only reason they want to maximize the MPG vs comfort and safety of the rider and passenger, which to me, is what the whole motorcycle experience is about. Comfort, safety and exhilaration. Whatever the reason, there will always be a market for after market windscreens. As far as I am concerned Clearview is the CLEAR choice. They are clearer, heavy duty, no rainbow effect, max comfort windscreen. Different screens and different helmets produce different results for different size of riders and passengers. For us? Clearview is the clear choice.

    R Mugge

    2018-Present Honda Gold Wing Touring Windshield Replacement

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