Honda Gold Wing GL1800 Replacement Windshield 2001-2017

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The Honda Gold Wing GL1800 windshield retains the full adjustability of the stock shield.

Height (measured in the center of the shield from top to bottom including the lower part of shield under the fairing):

  •  23″ L –  1.5″ Shorter than Stock
  • 24.5″ L – Stock (16.5″ from rubber to top in low setting)
  • 26.5″ L  – 2″ Longer than Stock
  • 28″ L  – 4″ Longer than Stock
  • 29.5″ L –  5″ Longer than Stock

Width: Height options 26.5″, 28″ and 29.5″ automatically come with extra width. Please check the 3″ wider option when choosing those heights.

Vent OptionClearview Shields only uses Honda vents for the highest quality and durability. Already have a vent that is in good condition? Choose the “no vent” option and specify “vent hole only” in the notes section at checkout.



Gold Wing GL1800 Windshield

  • Clearview Shields has been Handcrafting Shields in the USA for Over 33 years
  • We Specialize in Handcrafting Honda Gold Wing GL1800 Windshields
  • Top Rated by Riders Around the World in Performance, Quality, Fit and Finish
  • Premium High Impact Blend Material Exceeds Industry & DOT Standards
  • UV Inhibitors Extend Shield Life & Provide Protection for the Dash and Acc.
  • .177 Thick Material is More Rigid than the Stock Shield
  • Pre-drilled and Formed to Fit for Fast & Easy Installation
  • Lower Black Masking Covers Lower Dash Area for a Clean, Finished Look
  • Shipped with a Protective Film that allows Installation and Testing
gold wing gl 1800 review

A Hand-Crafted Windshield for a Great Touring Bike, the Honda Gold Wing 

Honda’s Gold Wing has always been an unbelievable touring bike, since the first model GL1000 in 1975 to the GL 1800. Over the years, engineers have always stayed true to this vision and tried to make the bike better and better, and the 2021 model is a perfect example.

The front passenger seat of the touring model has been improved, the trunk is larger this year and offers more storage space for the road. The speakers have a higher 55 watts output, the style has been refreshed, but the best parts remain the same. There are still plenty of finer details, of course, because the passenger seat has been modified for a more comfortable ride. In addition, the Gold Wings now offers Apple CarPlay to improve your riding experience.

With everything you need to create memories that last a lifetime, you can have your dream ride with the Gold Wing. This is a really great motorcycle that gets even better every year, and the new Gold Wing demonstrates the latest and best technology in the Honda Motor Company product lineup.


Looking for a Different Honda Gold Wing Windshield?

2018-PRESENT GL 1500
Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 30 × 8 in

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Vent Options


53 reviews for Honda Gold Wing GL1800 Replacement Windshield 2001-2017

  1. James

    2003 Golding trike

    Great windshield!!!!!

  2. Jim

    Very satified

    Clarity of the shield is great. I think I got the standard(don’t remember) and it is a little shorter than what I had. Have to run it on the second click up, and I am ok with that. Including a couple of pics to show how clear it is. Tks for the excellent product.

    Honda Gold Wing GL1800 Replacement Windshield 2001-2017
    Honda Gold Wing GL1800 Replacement Windshield 2001-2017
    Honda Gold Wing GL1800 Replacement Windshield 2001-2017
  3. ME

    I’m quite impressed with the service. Allow me to share….road glide days…called up the company and got a got a people person that help me with their products. GL 1800 days same thing. BUT let’s talk about the windshields. They be gooood! Even the blemished shields are great, which is what order. I love the little brand on shield. Talk about the shipping, great to.

  4. Matthew

    GL1800 windshield install

    It is the middle of winter here on the eastcoast although very little snow. My new windshield arrived last week and I upacked it from the box the next day. The windshield was packed very well with a protective film on both sides of the windshield. I dry fitted it to my 2005 GL1800 and it fit perfectly. I did not measure the windshield however I think it is slightly thicker than the stock windshield. Either way it fit perfectly so I removed the film from the bottom of the windshield and mounted it with no issues. It does appear that the windshield locks are much tighter now however I would think there is an adjustment for that. I have not looked yet. Not really a problem even if there is no adjuster just a little tighter when locked. I have not been able to ride it yet but soon I will be back to riding for the season. So far I fully recommend Clearview Shields to anyone looking for a high quality windshield.

  5. Donna

    Great replacement

    I ordered the standard windshield for my 2013 Honda Goldwing and needed a rush due to an impending trip. I used my existing vent insert. Installation was easy and then took a 10 day trip of over 1500 miles and it performed flawlessly. The windshield is very clear and great quality. Making height adjustments was easy. The existing vent fit well but does stick a little when opening and closing. No big deal though. Certainly a product I would recommend and buy again if needed.

  6. Steve

    Very Pleased

    Clearview Shields did a great job of getting me the exact windshield I needed for my Goldwing and worked with me to get it to me on my schedule. Very happy with the product, it’s packing, and the overall experience.

  7. Mark

    I am 6’8″ tall, the stock windshield just as well have not been there, this is my third one on different bikes and I love them. Jo likes it too, her ears were getting beat to death with the stock one.

    Honda Gold Wing GL1800 Replacement Windshield 2001-2017
  8. Robert

    Honda Goldwing 1800 Trike windshield

    Margaret’s very happy….And that’s all that counts

    Honda Gold Wing GL1800 Replacement Windshield 2001-2017
  9. Bill

    Excellent product. I’m very happy with my new windshield. It’s a perfect fit and added the additional protection that I needed. I would recommend Clear View Shields to anyone wanting to improve their windshield.

  10. Mike

    Honda Gold Wing Windshield 26.5" Clear tint with Vent

    Great shield. Stiff yet flexes appropriately.

  11. Eddie

    Great windshield

    Ordered a windshield for my 08 Goldwing. Got a call from their final inspection guy telling me the shield was ready to ship but there was a slight flaw. He told me the size and the location and ask if I wanted it with 20 bucks refunded or did I want a new one cut. I thought that was great customer service. I took the one with the flaw because I needed it before our trip and I can’t find anything wrong. It’s a great shield. It fit great. It looks great. I’m 100 percent satisfied!!

  12. John DuBose

    2012 Gold Wing Windshield

    It was fairly easy to install after a YouTube video. It nice to have apurchase nice clear view. I have adjusted the windshield where I can just see over it. The cleaning products I also purchased will help keep it nice for years.

    I have purchased a couple windshields for 650 Burgmans and were very happy with them.

    John DuBose

    Honda Gold Wing GL1800 Replacement Windshield 2001-2017
  13. Richard

    Night and day difference

    received the windscreen Saturday. The packaging was great and the screen arrived with no damage.

    It took about 45 minutes for the install. The clarity of the screen is fantastic as well as the thickness compared to the stock windscreen.

    I ordered it big enough to be a look through screen instead of a look over set up.

    Took it out for a test drive and was extremely impressed with how it eliminates head buffeting at all legal speeds as well as interstate speeds.

    Thank you for all your personal help and great customer service.

  14. Jerry

    2004 GL 1800 replacement

    I bought a blemished shield for a discount and after receiving it I could not even find the blemish. Super happy with Clearview will continue to do business with them.

  15. Stewart MacDonald

    Windshield for my Goldwing

    Beautiful fit and finish. Weather should be warm enough soon for a test run. Thank you very much for the service you folks provided.

  16. Robert

    Easy to install and it looks great.

  17. Ed


    Windshield looks great!
    Fit was perfect
    Communications was excellent
    Would buy again.

  18. Michael

    GL1800 windshield

    I really like my new windshield. I got the one that is 1.5”. shorter than theOEM. I have a good friend who is about to order one for his bike. The only thing that could have been better is the vent hole was cut a little too big. I have an OEM vent and it had 1/8” of slop all the way around. The old OEM windshield vent hole fit almost perfect. Other than that, I really like it much better than the original.

    Mike Brubaker

    • Craig Stenger

      Hey Michael,

      We appreciate your review. Please note the method of the cut we place on our screen is the best way to allow the Honda vent to fit the thicker material we use. That is why it is different when compared to the OEM screen.

      Enjoy your Clearview

  19. Alan

    Excellent product. Clarity is perfect. I ordered the stock replacement and reused my existing vent. All the mounting holes were perfectly placed and the contours were spot on. Took a while to receive, but within the time estimate on the website.

  20. Jimmy

    I use the new shield on a daily basis. Vast improvement over the stock shield. The increased thickness keeps it steady in high wind, and at highway speeds. I’ve also used the shield in rainy weather; the increased width directed moisture away quite nicely.

  21. Alan

    Clearview Shields

    The shield is great so far. But you could keep your customer or potential customer happier if you, stated on your web site why it takes 15 working days to get the windshield ready. Also have a way that the customer can check the status of the product on line as to how many days left to the product ships and when it ships. Most companies do offer the product status on line.


  22. Larry

    Great Windshield

    This windshield is thicker and more durable than the factory windshield. It is also still fully adjustable even with the 4 inch higher measurement. It was an easy install as the holes were in the same location as the factory holes.

  23. Phillip

    Nice to have a clear windshield

    Clearview makes a great product. This is my second one. It didn’t take long to install it. It fits just like the original.

    Honda Gold Wing GL1800 Replacement Windshield 2001-2017
  24. Bradley

    great product

    I saved some money buying a blem w/ small scratch for my 2006 Goldwing. I can barely see it , just like I was told. Fit great and Real happy.

  25. John

    2005 Honda Goldwing ABS

    My standard replacement windshield was great! Chrystal clear and fit perfect . Easy to install when the windshield is exactly as the original. Perfect fit and great quality.

  26. Gaute


    Good clear. Protection is excellent. Stock height 3 wider

  27. Juan silva

    I made a mistake in ordering my shield without the vent and I really needed the vent here in Texas. I called up and explained what had happened and the customer service I received was the best that I have encountered in a long time I was advised that they would print me a return label and they would send me the windshield with the vent hole as soon as the windshield was returned. Awesome shield and awesome company! Thank you so much! I will promote your company always!! Juan Silva

  28. Brian

    Fit nice.

  29. Allen Dye

    Received the new windshield for my wife’s GL1800 trike two weeks ago. It was packed very well. Mounted perfectly on the Wing. Last week we went on a 225 mile ride, the longest on the new to her trike. She loved the 1 1/2 inch shorter height and how clear it was. Said she could really see where was going. Couple days later she took her daughter for a 75 mile ride. She’s very happy with her Clearview shield and that make’s me happy.

  30. Scott

    Installed with ease. Makes my 2003 look brand new.

  31. Richard

    Honda Goldwing 1800 Windshield

    After this long Covid winter, I was finally able to put some miles on my Clearview Shield. This is my evaluation after a 10 day 3,000 mile trip from NJ to WV, KY, VA,MD,PA.

    About 1,000 highway and 2,000 Backroads, Gravel roads and NO roads.

    I keep the shield at about chin level and always look over it except maybe moving around while parking. Its +3″ wider than stock and does a great job keeping wind off my shoulders and upper arms.

    There is no shake or vibration in the shield and it does not bend or flex.

    The clarity is perfect with no disturbing optical distortion.

    On the gravel roads it took some pretty good hits and not a mark.

    We had very little rain but it slid off as I would expect it to.

    BUGS and there were many were cleaned off using the products below and the shield shined up like just out of the box.

    So far so good. VERY PLEASED
    Photos attached on the forum web page

    R Steinel

  32. Moises

    Not 100%

    I did know your windshield came with a big black board at the bottom, this is usually transparent.

  33. DENNIS

    Clearview comes through again!

    This is my second windshield from Clearview, and have nothing but good to say. They ship the finished windshield in a timely manner, and the packing is amazing. I think a truck could run over the shipping box and leave the windshield scratch free. This company is serious about producing and shipping a wonderful product. No complaints from me. Thank you.

  34. Tj

    Excellent fit and awesome product. They even took the extra time to ensure it would be shipped before an upcoming month-long tour from phoenix to Iowa, ND, Sturgis, Montana, Colorado and home. Outstanding service and excellent product. I will definitely be ordering again from this vendor.

  35. Dale

    Very pleased! Perfect fit, clarity is exceptional! Highly recommend Clearview Shields. Will purchase again. ☆☆☆☆☆

  36. Harry

    Received windshield today and installed. Works as advertised. Short ride, will do a longer test ride tomorrow. Fast delivery.

  37. John

    A quick note to let you know how pleased my pillion partner is with the new windshield. The ’02 Goldwing trike that I purchased in March had the original stock windshield on it and Mary Jane complained about the wind beating her up. I had your oversize windshields on the two previous Kawasaki ZG 1200’s that I owned and she was always pleased with the wind protection on those so I ordered one for the Goldwing.

    Thanks for making me another excellent windshield for the Goldwing and for helping to keep Mary Jane happy with her riding experience.

    Best Regards, John Ramsay

  38. Stephen Fowler

    Looks great, love the vent and the windshield has no vibratiions or blurring at all. Ordered during covid crisis , was worried about on time delivery, but they did a great job and personally answer any questions you have, thanks.

  39. David

    The shield i bought for my 2016 Goldwing is amazing, well built and I would have to say better the the factory shield that come with the bike,customer service answered all my questions right away. I know I will never have to buy another shield but if I had to I’d buy from clearview shield in a heart beat

  40. Lewis

    The windshield is preforming well. Road through rain, with the added width and height I didn’t have to stop for rain gear and stayed dry. It also cleaned easily of the bugs at the end of the day.

  41. Timothy

    I just installed my new windshield it easy to install a perfect fit. It was a nice clear ride today. Thanks guys I will continue to use and recommendation product. God bless, Tim Wood

  42. james

    love it, its so dam clean, great item, looks great if you can see it, so I ordered one for my valkyrie

  43. Joe B

    it turned out beautifully. If I had to look through, maybe not so wonderful, but I haven’t looked through my windshield in in 44 years of riding… I hardly ever even have it pulled all the way up, except when it’s really cold out..

    Gold Wing GL1800 26.5″H +3″ Wider Custom Dark Grey

    Honda Gold Wing GL1800 Replacement Windshield 2001-2017
    Honda Gold Wing GL1800 Replacement Windshield 2001-2017
  44. Donald

    Fit perfect, exactly as represented. Good visibility, just need good riding weather now.

  45. Thomas

    Very nice windshield. Excellent product made in the USA. Worth the extra money and the time to wait for the shield. Far better than any aftermarket product. Thank you

  46. Chris Tessmer

    I couldn’t be more pleased with my windshield. The folks at Clearview make a great product and have great customer service, not to mention fast shipping. I’ll definitely buy from them again in the future.

  47. Chris Tessmer

    I couldn’t be more pleased with my windshield. The folks at Clearview make a great product and have great customer service, not to mention fast shipping. I’ll definitely buy from them again in the future.

  48. Dennis

    Earlier this year I ordered one of your shields for my Valkyrie. I just love it. Being able to use Rain-X makes riding in the rain a breeze.

  49. JP

    Our Small Goldwing 1800 shield with an adjustable vent…another pleased Canadian customer!

  50. Bruce

    29.5″ (+5″) Light Grey with adjustable vent

  51. Don

    I love my Clearview Shield. So much more

  52. Tom

    Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body; But rather to skid in

  53. Wayne

    Just to let you know that the Clearview Shield that I purchased from you was installed on my MC today. The fit and quality is outstanding bar none, I’m very pleased with your product. You have me for one of your many customers for sure.

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