Honda VTX 1800 Retro, S & N Models Windshield 2004 to Present

Clearview Motorcycle Windshields (2)

VTX 1800 Retro, S & N windshields are pre-drilled and pre-contoured to mount to your existing OEM brackets. Clearview Shields are replacement windshields – we do not offer any brackets.

  • 4 different heights available to tailor the shield height to your height
  • 2″ added width for increased protection for your arms and shoulders
  • Same shape and contour as the stock Honda shield
  • 5 Position Adjustable Vent Allows the Rider controlled airflow to enhance comfort in warmer climates, and helps relieve back pressure.
  • Choose the HONDA VTX Brackets that you currently have on your bike
  • 24″, 25″, 27″ height options can not ship internationally due to the size of the container

Height (measured in the center of the shield from the top of the headlight cutout to the top of the shield):

  • 22″ L
  • 24″ L  – 1″ vertically higher  
  • 25″ L  – 2″ vertically higher  
  • 27″ L – 3″ vertically higher

  • Clearview Shields can provide the replacement screen for your existing Honda Line Brackets. There Was are 3 different types available from Honda when the VTX was in production.  Choose the style you presently have on your bike.

Custom style

Traditional Style


Sport Style


  • Clearview Shields has been Handcrafting Shields such as the Honda VTX 1800 Retro, S, and, N Models in the USA for Over 36 Years
  • Top Rated by Riders Around the World in Performance, Quality, Fit and Finish
  • Premium High Impact Acrylic Blend Material Exceeds Industry & DOT Standards
  • UV Inhibitors Extend Shield Life & Provide Protection for the Dash & Acc
  • .177 Thick Material is More Rigid than the Stock Shield
  • Ready to Mount for Fast & Easy Installation
  • Shipped with a Protective Film that allows Installation and Testing
  • Can be Polished, Buffed and is Safe to use Rain-X Original Clear Formula
  • Clearview Shields are designed as “replacement” windshields, We do not offer any brackets/braces/framing or any other hardware
Honda VTX 1800 Retro, S N Model Windshield Review

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Honda 1800 Retro, S & N Models Replacement Motorcycle Windshields

We engineer our Honda 1800 Retro, S, and N Windshields and all our Motorcycle Windscreens to exceed your expectations through rigorous testing. During the final stages of product development, we send out samples of our designs to different riders for review and feedback to refine the finished product. These individuals are asked for their body height, inseam, and any existing Bike mods/modifications. This information gives us valuable data when determining best windshield size for each individual rider. This data is available to you to use for comparison for your own body size and riding needs. Click the link below for our focus group rider profiles to help you pick the best height.

Rider Windshield Profiles

Weight 13 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 30 × 8 in

, , ,



Vent Options


2 reviews for Honda VTX 1800 Retro, S & N Models Windshield 2004 to Present

  1. Tom

    Today I received my replacement windshield for my Honda VTX 1800 Neo. The original $550.00 o.e.m. ws had been badly damaged by a vicious garage door. I ordered a replacement that was 4 1/2 inches taller than the o.e.m.,hoping that it might also reduce the heavy buffeting I had gotten with the o.e.m. I must tell you I was very doubtful that anyone could match the quality of the Honda ws. My luck has always been that I get the wrong part or wrong color or the product is far less than what I expected. Well, after a 15-20 min. install I could hardly believe how nicely it fit and the shape and design of the contours was beautiful. It was a better than o.e.m. fit especially around the headlight and turn signals. The true test was yet to come on the highway…..again, better than perfect…no buffeting and no flexing even on a quick run up to 85 with bad air from several tractor trailers. As you know the very first thing I did after parking the bike was get to a phone and call you and thank you for making such a great product. This is probably the only time I have called or written to endorse any product but Clearview Windshield earned this one!!

  2. Mark

    I got my shield yesterday and was elated with my first ride. The taller shield elimated the buffeting from the wind. The vent is worth the extra money. I am well pleased and can’t wait to go for a longer ride!

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