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Blemished Screens

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To separate ourselves from the companies that create and distribute low quality, low priced products, Clearview Shields has established a series of quality control inspections.

Clearview Shields 2015 – Present Road Glide Rider Profiles

Road Glide Tall Windshield

What is a Rider Profile? The Rider Profiles can be used by you, the rider, to help determine which model of our New 2015 Present Road Glide Windshield will meet your needs and riding style! A rider profile is the individual test rider end stage of our design process. To start the creation of a […]

Return Policy


What is Your Return Policy? Clearview Shields aims to create motorcycle windshields with an overall package of looks and performance on the road. We only use the highest quality materials and take great pride in our craftsmanship. We offer multiple heights, tints, and our own unique recurve to customize the motorcycle windshield to the rider. We understand […]


Clearview Shields fastener

With the start of every new Clearview Shields project, the first item we look over with a fine tooth comb is any possible flaw the OEM windshield may be exposed to. When designing new products, we not only look at road performance but also how the windshield mounts to the bike. Why would you consider […]