Blemished Screens

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Quality is a very important belief here at Clearview Shields.  Since we started this business 30 years ago, I knew, as the co-owner and then production manager,  if we were going to make a name for Clearview Shields in the motorcycle industry we would have to stay focused on producing our products to the absolute best of our ability.  Use only high end materials and fabricate each and every windshield with an extreme attention to detail and stop imperfections that can pop up from time to time in the Plastic before it gets to the customer.

As a rider, we know what it is like to receive a new part for our motorcycle, install it, and take it out for a ride only to find that it has a defect of some sort, leaving us with that irritating decision of keeping it, wondering if all of their parts are produced identically flawed, or calling the manufacturer to exchange it for one that is without defects.

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As a manufacturer, we know that we can easily pass hundreds of windshields with minor defects as new and hope that no one notices. But having experienced the bad taste of poor quality before with purchases in our own personal life, the last thing we want for our rider clientele is that same foul taste in their mouths.  To separate ourselves from the companies that do create and distribute low quality, low priced products, we have established a series of quality control inspections. These inspections start when the material comes in its raw form and then 5 other times during its journey to the final post form pre-packaged inspection.

Of course, if the screen passes it will be on its way to your door but if it does not pass, then the fabricator will choose to scrap the screen (typically if the defect will compromise the screen structurally or if the defect is large enough to be easily caught on film), or notify the customer of the condition and discuss a discount or proceed to the immediate fabrication of a new screen with minimal wait for the customer.

No matter the client’s decision, the screen which passed scrapping but did not quite meet quality level of a new screen, will be packaged with a separate view window which will allow any new owner to preview it without having to remove the entire protective film mask. This enables you to return the windshield, if you are not happy with the imperfection.   Many times the rider cannot find what we find through our inspection process.

The same quality separation occurs when producing inventory volume of our popular replacement windshields.  Many times we will clearance these items to make room for new inventory providing an unused, never been on a bike before, windscreen to the riding public for what could be the industries’ best deal. These screens also come with the Full Manufacturers Warranty.

At any time you wish to check for items not found on our website with a blemished condition, please contact us. When you order a Clearview Shield you will receive the best quality the industry offers even when it is tagged “Blemished”. Look for our Annual Inventory Clearance specials for the best deal on a quality replacement windshield.

Thanks for your time

Now get out there and ride!!

Craig Stenger, President

Clearview Shields