Let It Rain. Conditioning your Clearview Shield with Rain-X

Motorcycle windshield with Rain

We’ve all been there. Rush hour traffic, after a long day at work. The unexpected pouring rain and the long ride back to the warm dry dwelling you call home. Whether you look through your screen or over the top this can be one of the worst scenarios you can find yourself in when on a Motorcycle. There is no windshield wiper to keep the screen clear but when using a Clearview Shield you have options that will make this, not one of the worst scenarios on a motorcycle.

The reason is the High impact plastic that we use for every replacement screen we build. This material will deflect many of the hazards the road will throw at you, while effectively staying relatively rain free when treated with the right product. The windshield has a Naturally hard surface that does not require a coating. That is the key to Clearview screen’s compatibility with products like Rain-X which sleet off rain and make general cleaning of your Windshield easier.

learview Shields motorcycle windshield Care

Products like Rain-X help you protect and Maintain your new Clearview Shield for years to come

How to use Rain-X on your Clearview Shield

When shopping for Rain-X, know that there are a few products to choose from. The thing to remember is to stick with the product in a spray or Liquid form. This will help control the amount that can be applied to your screen. Aerosol versions that recommend a direct application to the surface can create over application which produces residue and will take added steps to remove. DO NOT USE ANY OF THE RAIN-X CAR WAX PRODUCTS

Things you will need to begin

  • Rain-X windshield treatment
  • 1 soft micro fiber cloth for application
  • 1 soft micro fiber cloth for buffing or removal of excess

Step 1

harley Motorcycle windshield clean

Ideally you want to start with a Clean surface (See “Keeping your Clearview Clean”). For the best results apply right after removing the clear film masking from your newly purchased Clearview Shield. The 2-in-1 product can act as a cleaner but the best results will be on an uncontaminated windshield

Step 2

Clearview Shields Care

Apply Rain-X to your first cloth lightly saturating Fabric. 10 – 12 sprays 5-6″ from cloth

Step 3

Honda Motorcycle windshield Cleaning

Spread Rain-X on screens surface in a vertical or top to bottom motion, setting an even coat across the surface of the screen.

Step 4

Harley Davidson motorcycle windshield Buff

Let dry to a light haze and buff the screen with your second dry cloth working in a horizontal or side to side motion until haze is removed

Additional tips

IMG 0667

Only use Rain-X on your Clearview Shield. Do not use on Helmet face shields, Eye Glasses or OEM Screens