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Blemished Screens

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To separate ourselves from the companies that create and distribute low quality, low priced products, Clearview Shields has established a series of quality control inspections.

Let It Rain. Conditioning your Clearview Shield with Rain-X

Motorcycle windshield with Rain

We’ve all been there. Rush hour traffic, after a long day at work. The unexpected pouring rain and the long ride back to the warm dry dwelling you call home. Whether you look through your screen or over the top this can be one of the worst scenarios you can find yourself in when on […]

Building the perfect Touring Windshield

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What is the Perfect Touring Windshield? That is a question best answered by the individual who will be riding behind the screen. Every rider will have different needs and (as mentioned in a previous Post) different expectations of what they want for those miles and miles of Tour riding. Many people want to place themselves […]

Replacement Windshield Tint Choices Light Gray | Dark Gray


Clearview Shields Offers Many our our Replacement Motorcycle Windshields with several choices of Tint. All tints are pigmentation’s of color within the resin of the plastic no films, laminates or Dyes which can shorten screen life, fade from wear or damage the plastic internally. LIGHT GRAY This tint will allow 75% of the light to […]