Replacement Windshield Tint Choices Light Gray | Dark Gray


Clearview Shields Offers Many our our Replacement Motorcycle Windshields with several choices of Tint. All tints are pigmentation’s of color within the resin of the plastic no films, laminates or Dyes which can shorten screen life, fade from wear or damage the plastic internally.



This tint will allow 75% of the light to transmit through the plastic only blocking your view of the road by 25%. It works well at reducing glare from bright daytime rides and oncoming lights during night rides without compromising a safe Clearview of the road ahead when looking through it

It will go well with most paint configurations do to it’s light hue.

Dark Gray


This tint will allow 35% of the light to transmit through the plastic blocking 65% of your view of the road and is only offered as a standard replacement for many smaller options because of the difficulty looking through it at night. (custom requests are available for taller sizes).

It will go well with most paint configurations. ideal for Black and Silver color schemes.

These tints are available for these Products