Going The Distance Thru Twists and Turns

Dialing in a Clearview Windshield

Going the distance… What does that mean to you?

For us at Clearview Shields going the distance covers many things. Providing excellent coverage from the cool and at times, overly audible wind. Offering motorcycle windshields manufactured of the highest quality materials, by well trained and caring individuals. And, designing windshields with every aspect of riding in mind, from short weekend rides, daily commutes or long distance tours of this great planet we live on. At Clearview Shields – going the distance means working hard to design products that not only look good… but function as they should, through all the twists and turns that come your way. But the most important aspect of going he distance, to us and to you, is knowing that we will stand behind our products and provide the best customer service in the industry: The quality is fantastic and the fit is just what my wife needed, it allows her to see just over the top of the windshield. Your production and shipping time was awesome. Thanks for the great customer service. Would highly recommend Clearview to anyone looking for a quality, reasonably priced windshield. Keep up the good professional service. Thank you. Mike and Alice Brandon SD,USA Thank you so much for working with me through the process. Your customer service is exceptional and made all the difference. If it hadn’t been for your customer service, I doubt I would have had the confidence to order given international freight effectively doubles the cost (and hence risk). I’m a very happy customer and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Clearview Shields product and company. Thank you. Stuart Canberra, Australia