Harley-Davidson | Heritage Softail 2018 – Present | Detachable King Size Brackets

Clearview Motorcycle Windshields (2)

Clearview Shields are designed to mount to your 2018 – Present OEM Harley Davidson Softail Bracket assemblies.

Clearview Shields are designed to be replacement shields – we do not offer any brackets.

Clearview Shields Offers Several different ways to customize your windscreen to fit your body size and Riding Style! Review each section and explore in more detail the options to chose from when building your next replacement windshield.

There are Several different bracket styles that are offered to fit the Heritage Softail / Fat Boy / and Deluxe models. Please visually confirm our Pictures with the style of brackets that match what is currently on your bike now.

Heritage Softail 18-Present replacement windshields fits ’18-later FLDE, FLHC and FLHCS models.

To Order Lower Black Masking Click on the Product Link below

  • Added GT width and extended bottom length options for all models for increased coverage and rider comfort
  • 7 different heights available to tailor the windshield height to your height
  • Contoured shape for improved air flow & shield strength
  • Optional Upper Recurve creates a larger, quieter pocket with out adding height
  • Fork mounted auxiliary lights are an accessory offered through Harley Davidson and can affect how our GT width option will mount on your bike
  • Dark gray available only for  13″,15″,16.5, and 18″ height selections


  • Clearview Shields has been Handcrafting Windshields for all model Harley Davidson Heritage Softails in the USA for Over 35 Years.
  • Top Rated by Riders Around the World in Performance, Quality, Fit and Finish
  • Premium High Impact Acrylic Blend Material Exceeds Industry & DOT Standards
  • UV Inhibitors Extend Shield Life & Provide Protection for the Dash and Accessories behind the windscreen.
  • .177 Thick Material is more Rigid than the Stock Shield
  • Ready to Mount to your OEM Brackets (we do not offer brackets)
  • Shipped with a Protective Film that allows Installation and Testing
  • Can be Polished, Buffed, and is Safe to use Rain-X Original Clear Formula
Heritage Softail windshield review

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Harley-Davidson Heritage Softail Windshield by Clearview Shields

We engineer our Harley-Davidson Heritage Softail Windshields and Motorcycle windscreens to exceed your expectations through rigorous testing. During the final stages of product development, we send out samples of our designs to different riders for review and feedback to refine the finished product.

Weight 196 lbs
Dimensions 32 × 8 × 28 in

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Vent Options


26 reviews for Harley-Davidson | Heritage Softail 2018 – Present | Detachable King Size Brackets

  1. John

    Great product!

    Given my height, an 18″ stock windshield is a little too short and the 21″ is too tall. My Clearview 19.5″ windshield is perfect, and looks amazing! Very happy I found this U.S. based company to make my purchase.

  2. Francesco

    FLHCS 2018

    Amazing fit and finish: between order and the product being on my bike (i’m located overseas in Italy) i had to wait for 3 weeks, unbeliavably short lead time for a 100% made to measure product.
    I’m 6.07 tall (185cm) and the 19.5 measure, GT width, lower vent and recurve design completely ELIMINATED buffeting and wind noise: it now feels nearly like riding a convertible car, you only hear the engine, ear plugs are not needed anymore, and as a plus for summer days you get some nice fresh air from the vent too.
    Couldn’t advise it more! Best money spent on a bike ever

  3. Matt

    Got the 20″ shield with the 5 position vent and the top recurve. So far so good little to no distortion and with the vent there is no helmet buffering. This is my 2nd Clearview shields.

  4. John


    The fit, finish and quality are superb. The shield itself is also thicker than the factory shield. Awesome product.

  5. Don

    Replacement windscreen

    Impressive replacement, After I rode my 2023 Harley Heritage for the first time after delivery I rode it above 50 mph, found out that the stock windscreen has to go .his is the second windshield I have purchaced from Clearview, they make the nicest ones on the market as far as I have seen, Flawless products. I ordered a Light grey GT with the Kerf on the top not to disappoint, WOW what a difference. I Highly recommend their products

  6. Bill

    Heritage windshield.

    Excellent quality, worth the wait.

  7. Gary

    Nice But....

    It fits great and looks great but I wish I would have ordered the taller one and that the reverse curve on the top was a bit greater. The seat on the bike is higher so the taller one would have deflected the wind more.

    • Craig Stenger

      I agree with you regarding the a possible taller screen but more recurve will produce the opposite result that you were expecting and will increase visual distortion in the screen.

  8. George

    I bought the 18 inch recurve shield for my Heritage Classic from Clearview and it works great. It’s nice and stable and shields the wind.

    Harley-Davidson | Heritage Softail  2018 - Present   | Detachable King Size Brackets
  9. Kevin M.

    Great Choice

    Am so pleased with my Clearview Shield. After researching and reviewing my options I went with a taller and wider Shield for my 2022 Harley Davidson Heritage Classic 114. I also added curve at top, light gray for the upper half, and painted black for the lower half. It looks good and really helps with excess wind and buffeting. I highly recommend Clearview Shields!

  10. Brian

    Excellent Product

    My new Clearview Shield was a great step up from the small, flimsy Harley factory windshield. It’s the correct height for me, built extra stout, and the optional mid vent is really helpful in reducing wind gust steering. The shield is built right, priced right, made in USA, and delivered in a timely manner. What’s not to like?

  11. Eugene

    The windshield for Heritage 114 - 2018

    Nice product, I purchased a 20” height transparent. The shield does the job pretty well even riding 70-80 miles per hour gives good wind protection and I can recommend it.

  12. Edward


    Great product. Workmanship and quality top shelf. Buffetting problems at speed resolved. Happy customer!!

  13. Randy

    Excellent quality and fit

  14. bmw111

    Night and Day

    That is the difference between the stock shield on my 2021 Heritage Classic and the Clearview shield. I’m 5’7″ and purchased the 18″H +3″ W clear shield with recurve. The severe helmet buffeting I experienced at speeds above 60 mph is completely gone. Is there wind? Of course, it’s a motorcycle. But the stuttering, helmet buzzing, vibratory buffeting is gone. If I ever need a shield in the future, Clearview will be my first stop.

  15. Charlie

    Harley Davidson Heritage Softail Windshield 15" clear stock width

    My windshield was a perfect fit, really looks great on my “Heritage –

  16. Robert

    Harley Davidson Heritage Windshield 2019

    The product works well. Wind noise has decreased significantly.
    Clearview is a very customer oriented company. Every call taken or returned promptly. I accepted a windshield with a small imperfection and got a nice discount. It enabled me to get it asap. Great product and excellent service.

  17. Phil

    Harley davidson Heritage Softail Windshield 19" clear with Recurve

    I received the new shield and installed it. Seems to of helped and reduced the majority of the buffeting.
    Thanks a lot!!!

    Harley-Davidson | Heritage Softail  2018 - Present   | Detachable King Size Brackets
    Harley-Davidson | Heritage Softail  2018 - Present   | Detachable King Size Brackets
  18. Lester

    Harley Davidson Heritage Windshield 21" GT Width Clear and Recurve

    The product is as advertised and the service, support is a+.

  19. Scott

    Harley Davidson Heritage Softail Windshield 16" Gt Width Light Gray Tint with Recurve

    Excellent Quality!

  20. Richard

    Heritage Windshield 15" Light Gray with Recurve

    The windshield fits perfectly and works great without distorting the view. I update motorcycles every few years and always replace the original windshield with a Clearview.

  21. richard

    Harley Heritage Windshield 16" Dark Gray & Lower Black Masking

    Fits perfect,great quality, great service,2020 heritage classic,highly recommend

  22. Joseph

    Heritage Windshield 16" Light Gray With Recurve

    This is the third windshield I have ordered from Clearview and now as in the past they are great

    Thank you

  23. Todd

    Harley Davidson Heritage Windshield 19" Clear with vent and recurve

    Just went for a test ride, MAJOR improvement. I heard about your products on the Harley Forum. Some mentioned that “ugly”’vent. Not true. Blends right in, and I can still use my windshield bag. Perfect height, I can see right over your shield. Buffeting all but gone, and a tweak of the vent allows adjustment for all conditions. SO glad I swapped, thanks again!


  24. Robert

    Harley Heritage windshield 19" GT Width Clear with Recurve

    Took about a month but I was aware of this when ordering as it was during the covid-19 crisis. Finally received and it’s awesome, I got light gray instead of clear, which I originally ordered, but since clear was hard to come by again due to covid-19, they reached out to make sure I’d be happy with the switch. Glad I did, i went with a recurve gt width, 18″ height and no vent for my 2019 Harley heritage classic. I’m 5’9″ with about a 31″ inseam. Fits me well, takes quite a bit more air away from my body, top of my helmet just catches the wind but only way to truly stop that is to go so tall I look through it, but not what I was looking for. I love it very high quality very well shipped and made. Thanks guys!

    Harley-Davidson | Heritage Softail  2018 - Present   | Detachable King Size Brackets
  25. Ken

    Heritage Windshield 21" clear stock width with recurve

    Needed taller wind screen for my ‘19 Heritage Softail. The stock screen was 18”, I’m 6’1”. I liked the blacked out lower portion of the stock screen, but was not an option from HD’s catalog. I found Clearview online and they could do the blacked out lower bout so I could keep the look of the factory screen. They made me a 21” screen, shipped it safely in a very short time. Easily installed with the included instructions. Beautiful. I did find that 21” was a bit too tall. I found on YouTube a very helpful video on trimming windscreens. I took off 1” and perfection!

  26. Frederick

    Harley Davidson Heritage Windshield 15" clear with lower black masking and recurve

    Product is an exact replica of the OEM windshield. Love it.

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