Clearview Shields’ Recurve Windshields

What will a “ReCurved” ClearView Windscreen do for my ride?

ClearView Shields designs replacement motorcycle windscreens with the rider and their specifications in mind. When choosing a ClearView Windscreen, the rider has a variety of customization choices. To create a windshield designed for each rider, ClearView Shields offers venting, color, height, width, and ReCurve options.

When making your selections to customize your shield, you may wonder how the “ReCurve” option will affect and benefit your ride. ClearView Shields has been in the process of designing and perfecting their recurve for over 25 years. Their main goal was to keep the windshield low while moving air higher around the rider, creating a more comfortable and enjoyable ride.

Today, ClearView Shields offers a recurve option for almost every model of windshield they design. A Recurve windshield replaces the stock shield and reduces buffeting from wind by enlarging the coverage around the rider. The flip up, or “ReCurve”, at the top of the windshield pushes air up and over the rider by 1.5”-2”, enabling you to enjoy a more relaxed and pleasant ride. A better pocket with a shorter shield. With a shorter height, the rider can look over the shield, while still getting optimal coverage from the re-shaped top edge.  The ReCurve will also make the screen more rigid and adds an appealing look to your motorcycle.


Why is ClearView s design better? Well, with a name like ClearView the optics need to be as easy to look through as possible.  We strive to develop the best performing windshields with the least amount of distortion. Plus, all of our shields meet or surpass DOT standards. The DOT stamp assures you, the rider, that we use only the best material, in compliance with the many standards and tests conducted by the Department of Transportation to measure the safety of the material.

From where we sit (behind a ClearView Shield), more comfort and a ClearView of the road will always be the better choice and the better design. Have more questions? Feel free to contact us at Or you can give us a call, toll free, at 1-800-798-6089.

For more information about our design and process for a “ReCurve” windshield, check out our blog!


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Clearview Shields