Vent Maintenance

  1. Mid summer sometimes requires some deep cleaning of Bugs Dirt and Debris off your bike and windscreen.

If you have our 5 position Motorcycle Windshield Vent installed on your screen, then that may add an extra layer of difficulty in getting into those crevasses a vent will provide, clean.  We can help you with that using products found around your house.  Here are a few things to get ready before.

  1. Find a flat work surface that you can lay a towel across. Kitchen table or Garage work bench will work great for this.
  2. Grab some White Vinegar or hydrogen peroxide and a container large enough to completely submerge the vent into.
  3. Tools: # 3 Allen Wrench and an 8mm driver or socket.

The first thing you will need to do is remove your Motorcycle Windshield from your bike.  Removal of your vent may seem simple and easy while the screen is installed but it is the re-installation of the Vent that requires the Windshield to removed.

DSC 0019

Remove the lower left and right Screw and Nut assemblies and set aside

DSC 0021

PLace the screen upside down on the work surface and Gently pull the top of the back assembly off the front channel provided by the front Grill assembly, and remove completely off of lower center clip.

DSC 0023

Remove the Grill from the front of the Screen and soak for 30 Minutes in a solution of 1 part Vinegar or Peroxide and 3 Parts water

after soaking is complete dry off with soft cloth making sure all debris is removed.  Place a small drop of oil on the ball bearing under the adjustment lever and begin your install.

Complete the steps in the video below and re-install the screen back on your Motorcycle and you will be good for many miles to come.