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Introducing Clearview Shields Recurve Replacement Windscreens for Your 2014-present Harley-Davidson Tri Glide and Limited Models.  Years of testing is now available in 4 fully functional Tour Screens.  Choose your color and height for the best coverage on your New Harley. I have a 1996-2013 model year bike


All of our Harley Davidson replacement windshields have been designed with the top edge ever so slightly bent upward to provide 1.5 to 2″ of lift to the air stream without creating large amounts of turbulence and distortion that can be found in competing replacements. learn more

Height: Due to the unique sloped back shape of our screens measuring must refer to a vertical height as opposed to a screen length. Measured from the “OFF” designation on the ignition switch to the top of the screen

Measured both Vertically…from the on/off switch  and  Linearly… length of exposed plastic top of fairing to top of screen.

  • Super Sport    Vertical Height 13″          Length 5.5″  Stock Street Glide Vertically Measures 12.5″
  • Sport                 Vertical Height  14″         Length 6.75″
  • Small                  Vertical Height 15.5″      Length 8.5″
  • Medium            Vertical Height 17″          Length 9.75″  Stock  Electra Glide, Limited and Tri-Glide Vertically Measures 16.75
  • Large                  Vertical Height 18″         Length 11.5″
  • X-Large             Vertical Height 19″         Length 12.75″
  • XX-Large            Vertical Height 20″         Length 13.5



Clearview Offers a wide selection of Tints to enhance the look of your New Windshield. Learn More

  • Dark Gray is only available in the Sport, Small & Medium Heights


All screens have the option for both stock width or our GT width which adds 2.5″ each side (5″ total).  Gt series width options are an excellent addition to enhance passenger comfort.  Contact our customer service department for more information.



OPtions for 5 position vent click here

Uv Inhibitors Extend Windshield Life & Provide Protection for the Dash

.157 Thick Material is More Rigid then the OEM Stock Windshield

Pre Formed & Ready to Mount for Fast & Easy Installation

Shipped with a Protective Film that allows Installation and Testing


tri glide

Looking for a Different Year Tri Glide Windshield?



The Best Tri Glide Windshield for your Ride

We engineered our Harley-Davidson Tri Glide windshield to exceed your expectations through rigorous testing. During the final stages of product development, we send out samples of our design to different riders for review and feedback to refine the finished product.  These individuals are asked for their body height, inseam and Bike mods which gives us valuable data when determining Best motorcycle windshield size for each rider. This data is available to you to use for comparison for your own body size and riding needs. If you have questions about how to measure for your Tri Glide windshield check out our Motorcycle Windshield Measuring Guide.

Tri Glide Windshield Design

We have made numerous improvements to our Tri Glide Windshield over the years. We are always looking for the best rider experience. Check out our Tri Glide Design Guide.

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 14 × 6 in

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Vent Options


39 reviews for Tri Glide/Limited Windshield | 2014-Present | Harley-Davidson® Windshields

  1. Keith

    Good windshields
    Thank Yall

  2. Steve

    Replacement Windshield

    I needed a windshield 1″ lower than the stock 2018 Ultra Limited in order to improve my vision. The concern was by lowering the windshield, my wife might experience excess wind buffeting. I ordered the standard 1″ shorter shield which didn’t increase the buffeting but did increase extra wind on the sides. I checked with Clearview and they suggested the GT model. I returned the first one and within a few days received the replacement. Outstanding! The windshield delivered everything my wife and I were looking for. Thank you Craig for your excellent shield, service and super fast turn-around!

  3. Roger

    Tri-glide windshield

    Top quality product and better design than OEM, fit perfectly just like my other one. Good communication and updates from company. Worth waiting for, very pleased!

  4. Brian

    Much better than stock

    Mine is one inch taller, perfect for my height. Makes the bike more stable at higher speed. Great quality product. Highly recommend.

  5. Doug

    Shout Out

    This is my third shield from Clearview, All three have worked perfectly. Would offer a shout out to Tonya for making sure my order was shipped in time for my journey to Milwaukee for the HD 120th

  6. William

    Harley-Davidson Tri Glide LDT Windshield Large and Sculpted Light grey tint with a recurve

    Put New wind shield on my 2017 Tri Glide, 2 in. higher then stock. Fit perfect. The rain now goes over my head, instead of right to my face. Was in a hail storm, no marks at all. Great quality

  7. Alex

    Harley Tri Glide Smoke tint Medium with recurve

    I just installed my new windscreen and it looks good, adds to my TriGlide and achieved my goal to improve buffeting. I would recommend this product. Delivery was as informed and I look forward to a good bit of service from this product.

    Tri Glide/Limited Windshield | 2014-Present | Harley-Davidson® Windshields
  8. Paul

    Harley Davidson Electra Glide Windshield Light grey Medium Size

    I installed the medium, stock, upper recurve, light grey, on my 2016 Harley Tri-Glide. The fit was perfect, and it looks fantastic. I love how it redirects the wind over my head. Right after I installed it and took about a 50-mile test ride, my neighbor came over to check it out and asked me how I like it. I told him it was great. Well, he went right home and ordered one for his 2023 Harley. Because they are custom made to order, the wait is WELL worth it.

  9. Michael

    2022 CVO Tri Glide

    Excellent windshield, complements our CVO!

  10. Jay

    Tri Glide/Limited Windshield GT Wider Profile

    Fits good. Feels comfortable on the highway at 70 plus mph.

  11. Ken

    Excellent windshield!!! Sturdy and great looking on my Tri-Glide. Thanks for the good service.

  12. BRAD

    Great product

    This is the 2nd Clearview windscreen I’ve had on my Harleys. I recently purchased a new bike and this was the first product I ordered for it. Craig’s customer service is outstanding. This bike sits a little lower than my old one, so I was between sizes, and he helped answer questions about which one to go with. It was great to actually talk to someone who knew the product. I will always have Clearview on my motorcycles.

  13. Douglas

    Great quality. Vision is very clear

  14. Larry

    Tri Glide 2020

    Nice. Fits perfectly. Further reduces buffeting. Almost no distortion. Heavy duty.

  15. Steven

    large sculpted recurve light grey windshield for triglide

    windshield quality is very good. exact fit, goes right on the faring, sculpted profile looks nice, light grey is about right for my taste.
    One issue is with light mist or fog the water droplets gather in the top portion of the windshield where the recurve is. Does not bead off even at 50+ mph. Rain will run off put the mist will just accumulate at the recurve making vision through that part of the windshield harder.
    Large windshield is 2 in taller than stock HD windshield which is what i wanted/needed with the new seat that makes me sit about two inches higher.

    • Craig Stenger

      Our screens are compatible with Rain-X which will aid if not vastly improve the issue with the misting at the recurve.

  16. Louis

    Super windshield this is why it is my 2nd purchase! My 2014 trike and my 2019 trike.

  17. Norman

    Excellent Quality and Service

    This is the second Clear View Shield I have had on as many bikes, and the quality and speed of fabrication is excellent. I was told it would take 6 weeks to fabricate, and instead I got it in 3 weeks. I went with a slightly taller than stock height shield, as I measured (per the site instructions), and found stock was a tad too short. I also opted for tinted, and recurve with the wider shield I ordered. This new shield has created such a bubble around me, that there is barely any buffeting at all, except for what comes up my legs from below (which is minor as I have the H-D lowers).
    I highly recommend the Clear View Shields, which are of a very high optical quality. The company truly does outstanding work, with great instructions and tips for installation.

  18. Todd

    It is everything I expected

  19. Donald

    Well made not a thin flexible shield

  20. Daniel Novak

    Went on trip out west in August 4600 miles in two weeks. Would not give up Clearview , perfect size for triglide. Wind went overhead and around. Less tiring driving. Super happy with shield. Liked dark gray.

  21. Robert

    Buy it!

    It fit’s just like OEM and was very easy to install, well worth the $

  22. Raymond

    I had to do some vey light modifications to have it fit the way it should have fit. Some minor filing with a rat tail file to fit around the sealing rubber between the inner and outer fairing.

    • Craig Stenger

      Hey Raymond, would love to know exactly what happened with the fit in more detail. I will reach out later today to discuss.

  23. Robert


    I really like the the windshield. It is really made well

  24. Carl

    Thrilled with the new windshield

    I really like the wider style windshield. The shield is much higher than the stock, which I wanted. The shield is so clear there is no problem seeing through it. It was very easy to install myself. At 72 it is truly suited to our riding style. I can ride with just a ball cap on if I choose to. Even at freeway speeds. I highly recommend Clearview for your shield needs. Thank you Clearview for an excellent product and timely delivery.

  25. James

    Works for me

    Fit is great took all of 5 minutes to install. Looks good, I like the tint not too much.

  26. Gregory

    Great windshield iam on vacation and love it 😊

  27. Richard

    Best made aftermarket shields made

    These are perfect on fit and finish. They stand behind eir products too. Great folks to work with.
    As far as the shields we bought. Yes, other brands have a recurve but what sets Clearview apart… Others are so pronounced that they create a turbulence behind them. And unfortunately, right in the face of the passenger. Clearview’s recurve is gentle and creates a virtual bubble behind the windshield which stretches even as far as behind the passenger. Even if the passenger gets wind, it’s a smooth flow and not turbulent. We’ve tried many and these are the best.
    That being said, HD’s Windsplitter shield is VERY comparable. But, the Windsplitter is thinner which can cause the wind to kind of vibrate behind it. It also has a very bad distortion in the recurve, and it only comes in one size. But, what sets it apart is the Windsplitter’s recurve around the sides. It’s quite interesting that it pushes wind over *and around* the rider and passenger. That’s where the Windsplitter is unique.
    If I had any suggestions for Clearview it would be to widen the Clearview Shield slightly and add a slight side recurve as well. I don’t think any company anywhere would ever be able to compete.

  28. Joe


    Great product fast shipping that is what I need it. Size XL I’m 6.3. Instal on ultra limited only thing living in Canada shipping and import tax bit expensive but over all happy Thank you Clearview

  29. Julian

    Great product

    This is my second Clearview for my FLHTK. I ordered the clear version with a vent and it works very well. Very little to no distortion and passengers noticed a drop in buffet. Highly recommended.

  30. greg


    Very good smoke tint. No visual distortion. Perfect fit.
    BUT – no difference noted between this windshield & stock for wind deflection..

    • Craig Stenger

      Can you tell me how you did your measurements? The screen may be too low.

  31. John

    Great addition to the bike

    This is my second purchase. I have been satisfied with both. The first was a windshield for an 05 Ultra Classic and the 2nd was for my HD Trike.
    High quality and great service. It arrived fairly quickly.

  32. Tom


    The 8 inch i ordered causes more wind buffeting than stock. Very disappointed.

    • Craig Stenger

      Hey Tom,

      Is it possible that the screen size was too small? Can you email me some pics of you on the bike to check the size relationship?

  33. Don


    Tri Glide/Limited Windshield | 2014-Present | Harley-Davidson® Windshields
    Tri Glide/Limited Windshield | 2014-Present | Harley-Davidson® Windshields
  34. Gilbert

    Really like the windshield ,BUT, the time line is way to long!!!

  35. Steve

    Nice fit the recurve is great and the larger width cuts down on wind noise

  36. steve

    Perfect fit. I got this as my road windshield. The wind is much easier on my arms and face due to the extra width and pitch of the shield. Definitely worth the money for me.

  37. Tony P

    Works well. Definitely puts me in a calmer air flow.

  38. Ron

    Always a pleasure to do business with. Shields are always shipped well protected and never an incident

  39. jack

    The shield looks great I liked the darker shade. This windshield goes really great with my black bike. Thanks Clearview you’ve hit a home run again. Once again thanks Jack Davies.

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