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Harley-Davidson Ultra Classic Motorcycle Windshields

Redesigned for improved comfort

Check out our Design report for details

These Harley-Davidson motorcycle windshields are designed to work with the 1996-2013  Electra Glide /Ultra Limited/Street glide/Tri Glide batwing fairings.

Fits the models listed below:




All of our Harley Davidson replacement windshields have been designed with the top edge ever so slightly bent upward to provide 1.5 to 2″ of lift to the air stream without creating large amounts of turbulence and distortion that can be found in competing replacements. learn more


Our Replacement Harley-Davidson Ultra Classic windshields are shaped differently than you stock Harley windshield. Because of that we Measured both Vertically…from the on/off switch  and  Linearly… length of exposed plastic top of fairing to top of screen.

  • Super Sport    Vertical Height 13″          Length 4.5″
  • Sport                 Vertical Height  14″         Length 6.5″
  • Small                  Vertical Height 15.5″      Length 8″
  • Medium            Vertical Height 17″          Length 9″
  • Large                  Vertical Height 18″         Length 10.5″
  • X-Large             Vertical Height 19″         Length 12″
  • XX-Large         Vertical Height 20.75″  Length 13.75


Choose from stock width or our wider “GT” options which add 2.5″ of extra coverage to each side.

  • GT     Standard   Full coverage  great for two up riding.
  • GT     Scalloped Styling provides enhanced coverage with a sportier look


Clearview Shields Offers a wide selection of Tints to enhance the look of your new Motorcycle Windshield. Learn More

  • Dark Gray is only available in the Sport, Small & Medium Heights


  • Clearview Shields offers their 5 Position Vent located center screen just above the Fairing.  The vent helps to balance pressure behind the screen which smooths the air around the rider. Excellent feature for those long cross country rides.
  • Vent option not available on both the wide and stock width shields in SPORT or SMALL sizes.


Now in our 33rd year of manufacturing this Recurved version of our High Quality windshields to fit your 1996 to 2013 Harley Davidson Bat Wing Tour Fairing.  Effectively Designed with the top edge ever so slightly bent upward to provide 1.5 to 2″ of lift to the air stream without creating large amounts of turbulence and distortion that can be found in competing replacements. Available in 6 different heights to best tailor the coverage to your body size and bike modifications.  With varying tints an an optional adjustable Vent to further reduce the low pressure and buffeting it creates, our windshields will be all you will need to make that long ride more comfortable.

tri glide

Looking for a Different Year Tri Glide Windshield?



The Best Tri Glide Windshield for your Ride

We engineered our Harley-Davidson Tri Glide windshield to exceed your expectations through rigorous testing. During the final stages of product development, we send out samples of our design to different riders for review and feedback to refine the finished product.  These individuals are asked for their body height, inseam and Bike mods which gives us valuable data when determining Best motorcycle windshield size for each rider. This data is available to you to use for comparison for your own body size and riding needs. If you have questions about how to measure for your Tri Glide windshield check out our Motorcycle Windshield Measuring Guide.

Tri Glide Windshield Design

We have made numerous improvements to our Tri Glide Windshield over the years. We are always looking for the best rider experience. Check out our Tri Glide Design Guide.

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 20 × 7 in

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Vent Options


4 reviews for Tri Glide/Limited Windshield 1996-2013 | Harley-Davidson® Windshields

  1. Brian

    Electra Glide Windshield Small Scalloped cut Dark Grey tint with Recurve

    Shield is as they say, ordered dark smoked and visibility is quite remarkable. Only one weekend riding but liking it so far.


    Tri-Glide Limited Windshield Large 10.5" Clear tint w/Recurve

    good quality and great service

  3. larry

    easy install, perfect fit and height, nice and clear.

  4. steve

    this was perfect, finally in ill, we got an 85 degree day, works great with the vent opened 1 or 2 notches, it pushes the air up, when it starts to get hot, open it all the way, still not too much air, just enough …

    Tri Glide/Limited Windshield 1996-2013 | Harley-Davidson® Windshields

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