Business of the Game 2016

Clearview Shields was voted as UPS’  ”Business of the Game
Recently, Clearview Shields was voted as UPS’  ”Business of the Game”, chosen from several businesses who were nominated by UPS reps from across the state.  This opportunity afforded us a booth in front of the Stadium before the Air Force /CSU Football game, radio spots throughout the game, and email spots prior to the game.  Our youngest son, Ryan (who is our Shop foreman and working towards partner), and I were also featured on the Jumbotron before the game with the Air Force Falcon Mascot.  What a great way to get some local exposure and nice frosting on the business’ 30 year old birthday cake! The game bridged two small Colorado cities with football. The Air Force Academy, located in Colorado Springs 70 miles South of Denver and Colorado State University (CSU), located in Ft. Collins 64 miles North of Denver. Both of these cities are smaller than Denver but when combined, come close to matching its population. Ft. Collins is the smaller of the two cities. It is still a small town at heart, with the benefits of what you would like to have from a larger city, as well as a large motorcycling community.  This seemed to solidify our decision to relocate the business this year to Ft. Collins, Colorado.  It teams with hundreds of small businesses, making the economy, as a whole, strong. We enjoy being a part of this great business model of American strength and success. So, go out and support small businesses, whether it is local or across the nation through the internet. Small business is and will continue to be the backbone of this great country! I would like to also say Thank You! to all of our Family and Friends who helped with our Business of the game event! -Craig Company Owner