Bruce A’s 2015 Road Glide Rider Profile

2015 Harley Davidson Road Glide review by Bruce

A rider profile is the individual test rider end stage of our design process. To start the creation of a new Motorcycle Windshield we first sign up a local rider to work with. They help us create a good working prototype. Then we take that design and submit it to a larger group of riders with varying needs and riding styles. This approach gives us a dynamic that impacts the development of the design from many angles and allows input from all who are involved.

The test group helps to mold the shape of the new screen in a direction that works well for all 2015 – Present Harley Davidson Road Glide owners while identifying individual needs. The rider profile helps to give you, the customer, an idea of what Screen height and design style will work best for you. You can just match your body height, Pant Inseam, and bike modifications to rider with the exact, or at least close, list of physical and mechanical attributes.

Bruce A.

Streetsboro, OH

bruce review windscree

  • Body Height – 5’ 10”
  • Inseam (Pant Length)- 32”
  • Bike Model – 2015 Road Glide Special / FLTRX
  • Modifications – Harley Davidson 12” Windshield Sundowner Seat, Lower Fairings

Bruce Rides Solo 75% and with a passenger 25% and was looking for improved air flow for long distance rides with his passenger and around town and short rides when riding Solo. Bruce Started with the Medium height in light gray with the Scalloped side cuts. Bruce stuck with this height for his final screen.


The rider questionnaire was sent to the rider after the first test drive of the 2015 Road Glide Windshield.



Read His final review below:

“I love the 2015 Road Glide. I had a 2006 for  9 years before moving to the ’15 Special. I had put on a Clearview shield on the 06 because the factory one vibrated way too much at highway speeds. The Clearview was stable, looked good and provided great protection. So when I bought this ’15 model last year, I wanted something other than the worthless ‘for looks only’ little screen that came stock. But there just were not any available except via HD, So I bought the HD 12″ Windsplitter shield. It was better, but not great. Even the wife asked why she had some much wind.  So I reached out the Clearview and picked up one of the first new shields for the ’15 RG. It is the medium height (I am 5’10”) sculpted with a light tint. And it works as good (or better actually ) than my first  Clearview shield did on my 06. The recurve of this new shield throws the rain and wind over my head, the vision is good, and the shield looks good too! Highly recommended!”

Thanks Bruce! We appreciate all your input and hope you enjoy your Clearview of the road with you 2015 Road Glide for years to come!