Cool Fabrication

Clearview Shields-The Cool Fab Way

Most people, when purchasing a windshield, buy for many different reasons but two key reasons will be at the top of the list

1.  How will it perform?

2.  How does it look on the Motorcycle?

For many it is not always in that order.  As a manufacturing company, we look to create motorcycle windshields not just to satisfy the top two items listed above, but for an overall package of looks, performance on the road, and quality in materials and craftsmanship.

Having designed a multitude of different windshields for a large number of different bikes, two things need to stay the same: High Quality DOT Approved plastic and the highest level of Fabrication practices we can maintain.

I can’t state this enough, we have been designing and fabricating our own products for over 28 years.  Many new processes have developed over those years that we have changed to, but some of our techniques to fabricating plastic have and will stay the same.

One process that will never change for Clearview Shields is what we like to call “Cool Fabrication”.  Plastic used for Motorcycle Windshields has a certain level of moisture contained within it to give it impact strength and pliability. By using a fabrication method that cuts and finishes the Windshield with minimal heat, “Cool Fab”produces a quality product with finished edges that will not craze or crack over time.

Laser cutting, Flame, and Chemical polishing of edges will a produce a super Glossy look, but zap the moisture from the material that gives it its strength.  This may be good for different product displays that sit on a table or hang from a wall Motionless, but it is not good for plastic exposed to continual vibration, not only from the engine but from constant wind pressure continually produced with miles of riding.

When considering your next windshield, look not just to performance and styling but buy for overall quality in design and manufacturing. Consider Clearview Shields “Cool Fabrication”.

We believe our experience and attention to detail in all aspects of product development sets a Clear View of the right choice for your next windshield.

Thanks for your time,

Craig Stenger


Clearview Shields