Venting Your Clearview Shield

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Why should I choose to vent my windshield with Clearview Shields?

To Vent or not to Vent?

Venting your windshield can make your long rides more relaxing. Turbulence, low decibel rumble, and uncomfortable back pressure associated with long rides can be frustrating. At Clearview Shields, we say Vent your frustrations!

Venting your windshield will help to quiet down your ride. Adding a vent to your windshield will allow air into the riding pocket. This will smooth out the airflow around the rider, decreasing the annoying turbulence. It will also reduce the low rumble and unpleasant back pressure caused by air trying to fill in behind the screen.

Clearview Shields offer three different types of venting options to help further customize your ride to be more enjoyable for you, the rider. We offer an Adjustable Vent, Pressure Relief Vent, and a Headlight Vent.

All three of the different types of vents can be used on many different models. To read more about our different vent models, check out our Windshield Venting Blog. If you are considering adding a Vent to your windshield, any of options will help increase the comfort of your ride, keeping you on the motorcycle longer.

No matter what vent you choose for your windshield, make sure you are riding with a ClearView.

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