Well Nut© Fastener Installation

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How do the Clearview Shields Well Nut© Fasteners work on my Clearview Windshield?

Clearview Shields recommends using Well Nuts© to install your new motorcycle windshield. Well Nuts© can be used to install many of our windshields, specifically our Harley Davidson Road Glide, Suzuki Burgman and many Honda, Triumph, and Kawasaki Sport touring windshields.

Well Nuts© can come in a large range of sizes for a variety of applications, but there are 3 basic sizes that can be found when installing Motorcycle Windshields.

These Well Nuts© come with your Clearview Shield and can also be purchased separately on our website in either 6 piece mounting kits or 10 piece mounting kits.

To install your new windshield using Well Nuts©, simply follow the directions below.


Start the installation with your two pieces to be fastened. For this example we will be using a nylon shoulder washer, 10/32 Black mounting Bolt, and 10/32 Well Nut Large Flanged Fastener.


  • From the front of the windshield, insert the Shoulder Washer then thread bolt through the Shoulder washer so that it is sticking out the back side of the windshield. Thread the Well Nut© (Flange Head First) onto the bolt until the flange just touches back surface.
  • Insert the attached Well Nut© into the mount hole on the fairing until the Windshield with attached Well Nut© and fairing surfaces touch.
  • Rotate the Bolt no more than 7 full rotations until the threaded portion of the fastener has compressed and created a ridge of rubber on the back side of the fairing, taking care not to over-tighten (which can pull the threaded section through the hole and compromise the fasteners strength).


Your Screen has been attached successfully!!    Replace Well Nut© fasteners annually. No matter how you fasten your windshield, make sure you are riding with a ClearView. Feel free to contact us with any other questions, comments, or concerns. To email our customer service department: info@clearviewshields.com

Or you can give us a call toll free at 1-800-798-6089.

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