Kawasaki Voyager 1700 Vaquero Windshield | Windscreen

Clearview Motorcycle Windshields (2)

Small 13 1/4″ length 16 1/2″ vertical
Medium 14 3/4″ length 17 1/2″ vertical
Large 16 1/4″ length 18 1/2″ vertical
Extra Large 17 1/2″ length 19 1/2″ vertical

Measurement Location:

Height is measured VERTICALLY from the “OFF” switch on the tank

  • Ready to mount for fast & easy installation
  • Ultra Recurve design with the top edge ever so slightly bent upward provides 1.5 – 2″ of lift to the airstream without creating large amounts of turbulence that can be found in competing replacements.

Available Tint Options




  • Clearview Shields has been handcrafting shields in the USA for over 33 years
  • Top Rated by Riders Around the World in Performance, Quality, Fit and Finish
  • Premium High Impact Acrylic Blend Material Exceeds Industry & DOT standards
  • UV Inhibitors Extend Shield Life & Provide Protection for the Dash and Acc.
  • .177 Thick Material is More Rigid than the Stock Shield
  • Pre-drilled and Pre formed for Fast & Easy Installation
  • Shipped with a Protective Film that allows Installation and Testing
  • Can be Polished, Buffed and is Safe to use Rain-X Original Clear Formula
Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 14 × 6 in

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Vent Options


65 reviews for Kawasaki Voyager 1700 Vaquero Windshield | Windscreen

  1. Thomas

    Nice shield

    I bought the XL shield. It attached solidly and without fuss. My only complaint is that I still get some buffeting at the top of my helmet but I believe that has more to do with my 6’2″ height than anything else.

  2. James


    Very good product. I had bought one previously for a Goldwing. This one was for Kawasaki Voyager. Fits perfect and was much thicker than original. The vent is great addition…….works great. Absolutely nothing negative to say.

  3. Scott

    Motorcycle Windshield

    The windshield fits perfectly and is of great quality. I did measure wrong so the windshield comes above my eyes a little, but it does not seem to be an issue.

  4. Craig Stenger

    Hey Jerry,

    Sorry that you had a less than pleasant experience with us. Not sure where you found the 10 to 12 day time line on the website but yes like many businesses in this industry we are at the busiest time of year, there will be some build lead times if the item is not in stock. We have one of the shortest production times out of all of our competitors though. As far as quality we take that very seriously hence the call after our inspection to you prior to shipping the screen. We will not try to sneak anything through and hope you would not find it. Re-fabrication of any screen that does not pass final inspections and is not accepted by our customer is only 2 days max. If you feel a greater discount is in order then let us know, we want you to feel that we are fair in our assessment of any imperfection we run across.

  5. Glen

    Kawasaki Vaquero Wind Screen

    Just completed my install. Everything was included. Very easy to do.

    Went for my first ride and it did exactly as I had hoped. The method to measure the height that was provided preorder really helped.

    Thank. Great product.

  6. Brian

    Love the windshield. I installed the Small size clearview shield…light grey tinted o a 2017 Kawasaki Voyager. Installation would have taken only about 10 minutes, but I ran into a problem with the Wellnuts used by Kawasaki. 2 fell off, so had to have different wellnuts sent from Clearview. Had to drill the fairing hole out for them to fit, but now good as new. Took it for a long ride and love how it sends all wind over the top of my helmet…. while still being able to see over the shield rather than looking through it.

  7. Chris

    Awesome product

    Best investment I ever made for my bike! These oppressively hot days in the south are made more tolerant by the vent in the windshield. I get some air to my chest and face that I wasn’t able to get with the OEM windshield. Helps to keep me a little cooler. The Clearview is also way more durable! Plus, the light grey looks way better than the clear OEM. A must have upgrade for touring in the South.

  8. Mark

    Kawasaki Voyager 1700 Windshield Extra Large with Vent

    Put the Clearview on, simple and easy installation. 5 vent adds some airflow and moves motorheat away too. Extra Large works perfect sitting up seeing over top edge, drop into the seat to see through the shield and have air moved over Helmet.
    Great Product and would recommend and size as an upgrade.

  9. Kevin

    Kawasaki Voyager 1700 Windshield

    Perfect height for the bike and me. Really like the vent.

  10. JOEL

    Kawasaki Voyager windshield

    i replaced the oem 18” shield on my ‘17 voyager woth the SMALL (13.25”) no tint, no vent shield. i’m 6’0”, 32” inseam on stock seat. this shield is perfect height for me keeping my forward vision over the top and a nice gentle air flow on my face with no buffeting. nice to not have to look through a “mack truck” windshield for a change.

    if you place the new shield on top of the oem to verify hole spacing it will look as if they are well off. but when you remove the oem you will see the hole spacing is perfect. also four hands is better than two when installing although i managed with no helper.

    i believe the quality of materials will provide a long life of service as it is much thicker than oem.

    i have used the shield for about six weeks now and i love it.

    the only downside for me was the two week wait time from order placement to delivery as they are fabricated on a per order basis.

    i don’t think you would be disappointed with this product.

    Kawasaki Voyager 1700 Vaquero Windshield | Windscreen
    Kawasaki Voyager 1700 Vaquero Windshield | Windscreen
  11. Patrick


    Product is great. Easy install. Looks great and provides the protection I was looking for as the stock Kawasaki windshield was to high to comfortably see over when it rains out. Great upgrade. I purchased the medium height with vents. Would love to see you come out with a version that has a pouch on each side of the vent. Extra storage on a motorcycle is always a good thing.

  12. rick

    vaquero windshield

    one of best windshields I have bought

  13. rick


    very good windshield

  14. Christopher

    Amazing difference

    Easy installation and makes a huge difference on my 2016 Vaquero. The taller shield takes away all the wind but with the vent i can allow some air through, which will be huge once the warm summer weather arrives. Best accessory i have added to the bike.

  15. Bryon

    Kawasaki Vacquero

    I should have bought one of these the week I bought the bike. It works perfectly. Road noise from buffeting wind is almost nonexistent now. I can turn my radio down so I’m not blasting the next county over with loud music and my ears are thankful. Fit up was spot on and installation took less than 5 minutes.

  16. David

    Awesome product

    The windscreen is perfect. I don’t want to go to short and the 16 in have me enough wind deflection to keep me comfortable.

  17. Matt Hollingsworth

    Purchased vented shield in 2017…36000 miles later still a great investment..high quality. My bike is rode hard and put up wet, daily rider so usually doesn’t end up covered much..shield shows almost 0 fade and vent is adjusted multiple times daily due to the cool damp texas mornings and hot afternoons but still adjusts and clicks between positions as good as new! You won’t find a better windscreen. I am 6’6″ and I have the large on my vaquero, protection is perfect and 0 buffeting with a helmet..but on a foggy morning or in rain its almost too tall even at my height there are some visibility issues…
    So something to consider if you ride in all conditions. 10/10 made my vaquero the way it should’ve been all along!

  18. Yasser

    Very well made and excellent packing very happy for this experience.

  19. Trevor

    I love this windshield. After researching many different products, comparing competitors and reading reviews from from other riders, I am happy that I chose Clearview.
    As soon as I placed my order, they contacted me to advise of a short delay in manufacturing due to COVID. I contacted them twice (nothing serious) for general questions and they replied an answer to me within a few hours. Definitely provided comfort and gave that small business feel where every customer matters. I would recommend them to anyone who was in the market for a new windshield.

    Kawasaki Voyager 1700 Vaquero Windshield | Windscreen
  20. Eddie

    Very nice product! Perfect fit and finish and looks great on my Voyager!

  21. David

    So far I’m really liking it. Provides same protection or maybe more than stock. Looks better than stock shield too. Don’t get one without the vent, it’s a must have.

  22. Steve

    Love it, works great. Thus is much 4th shield from you. I always recommend clearview shields.

  23. Dave munoz

    works perfectly… the service was the best … would definitely look for Craig S…. commendations to him…

  24. Lloyd

    Seems to work OK, good quality. Wish I had ordered an XXL tall. I just stick up too far. I am 6’6″ and tall in the body.

  25. Wayne

    I have installed the Windscreen I received from you and the fit was perfect ! After 1 full hour of riding I can say that I am very happy with your product !

    Thanks Again and I will get you a picture real soon !


  26. Steven

    I bought the small recurve Clearview shield with vent for my 2019 Voyager 1700. I have the stock seat, am 5’11” tall and I can see about 1 1/2″ over the top of the new shield. I’ve only ridden about two hours so far and I’m very happy overall. The stock shield was far too tall, especially with this summer heat in Georgia. The vent in the new shield did not add much noise but did let in a reasonable amount of air. However, the vent air does get mixed in with air coming up from the forks so it’s not a straight blast to my chest. The wind coming over the top of the shield hits right at the upper helmet vents so I get a bit more cooling but it doesn’t cause any buffering. I was a little concerned about the black vinyl decal at the bottom of the shield but didn’t really notice it while riding, and it’s easily removable anyway. I had purchased a Clearview shield for my 2005 Honda VTX1300R several years ago so I knew I could count on quality, making the choice for my Voyager easy.

  27. Dandre

    This Windshield has made the difference in my comfort and in the buffering is gone. I like the light tint and i have a small that doesn’t take away from the cool sporty look!

  28. Michel

    It is perfect thank you

  29. John

    It was well packed arrived with no damage, it fit perfectly exactly what I was looking for. It did take a while for shipping to Canada so if ordering out of the USA just be patience it’s worth the wait

  30. Joseph

    Looks great with the bike,great customer service over the phone,very nice people,don’t have a lot of hours on the bike with the new windshield,but I think it will do well.

    Kawasaki Voyager 1700 Vaquero Windshield | Windscreen
    Kawasaki Voyager 1700 Vaquero Windshield | Windscreen
  31. Jackson

    Large windshield, no vent, clear color.

    The windsheild is great! Night and day difference compared to the stock shield. After riding, the only issue i have is a little bit of wind buffeting on the very top of my helmet. However it isnt too concerning. Im 6 foot 2 inches tall, but i have a longer torso than normal. With doing the measurement as specified, i measuered in between the large and XL size shield. I picked the L size because i wanted to look over the shield and not through it. An XL would fixed the buffeting, but i dont want to look through the shield.

    Kawasaki Voyager 1700 Vaquero Windshield | Windscreen
    Kawasaki Voyager 1700 Vaquero Windshield | Windscreen
  32. Javier

    “I recommend Craig S. at Clearview Shields and his entire staff. I ordered a 13″ light gray, recurve windhield with a vent for my 2018 Kawi Vaquero and am extremely happy with the performance, look, fit, & quality workmanship. This is my second windshield from them. First was for a 2011 Yamaha Stratoliner Deluxe. Highly recommend Clearview!”

  33. Michael

    Arrived well packed and protected. Bolted on in minutes and does a fantastic job. With the stock shield the radio was useless after 55mph, now I get my music and remain bug free up to 80mph now!

  34. Justin

    Absolutely great. The vent option is a must have for hot summer days.

  35. Dean

    Awesome like the first shield. The first one I order turned out to be to low. My bad. I ordered the medium which is 1 inch higher. Beautiful. Will always order these shield. Thanks folks for a top notch product. Stay safe.
    Cheers, Dean.

  36. Rob

    I’m very happy with my new shield. It works as advertised moving air overhead creating a quiet pocket around me. Craig was very helpful on the phone and the shield arrived in good time despite the Covid 19 difficulties.

  37. james

    I love it. Great bubble for the bike! Awesome high grade material and construction as well.

    Kawasaki Voyager 1700 Vaquero Windshield | Windscreen
    Kawasaki Voyager 1700 Vaquero Windshield | Windscreen
  38. M Lannucci

    Did much research on windscreens and it almost always came back to Clearview. The owner Craig helped me choose the size and after I installed and tested it, I can say it far exceeded my expectations. It’s wind blockage is wonderful and the sheild looks awesome. ( I went with a small light grey with a 5 position vent) I was offered and accepted a discount for a virtually invisable blemish and want to thank everyone at clearview for their courtesy and professionalism. Also purchased the recommended Novus cleaning products which work great. I’ll be ordering another sheild for my 2005 Road Star Warrior shortly.
    Sincerly, Michael Iannucci

    Size Small Lt Gray with Vent

    Kawasaki Voyager 1700 Vaquero Windshield | Windscreen
    Kawasaki Voyager 1700 Vaquero Windshield | Windscreen
    Kawasaki Voyager 1700 Vaquero Windshield | Windscreen
  39. Sean

    I’m very pleased with the quality of my windshield.

  40. Bracken

    Excellent product and customer service

  41. Mark

    Great windshield!! If I ever need another windshield it will be a Clearview. Also thanks to Ryan for the great communication.

  42. Javier

    I purchased a small (size) 13″ recurve windshield light gray with a vent to replace my 8″ Windvest with a recurve. The Windvest is a fine windshield, but i t was too short (came with the bike) and I was getting wind buffeting at speeds over 40 mph. The Clearview shield virtually eliminated all buffeting. I have a 2018 Kawi Vulcan Vaquero 1700 ABS. The entire staff is very helpful, professional and have great integrity. I recommend Clearview to all my riding friends.

    Kawasaki Voyager 1700 Vaquero Windshield | Windscreen
    Kawasaki Voyager 1700 Vaquero Windshield | Windscreen
    Kawasaki Voyager 1700 Vaquero Windshield | Windscreen
  43. Michael

    The windshield works much better than the 10″ Slipstreamer shield I had on before. much less wind buffeting, quieter ride, and the air vent will be a godsend in the summer. Great product!

  44. raymond

    it is as described! no gimmicks and upfront pricing. I spoke with Craig about availability and he assured me I would have my shield before my Daytona trip and they lived up to the promise..I’m thoroughly pleased

  45. daniel

    I am 5′ 9″ tall and purchased the mid height windshield with vent. I look through the shield just below the top lip, which I don’t mind .This shield makes the machine a pleasure to ride at hi way speeds, the stock wind deflector being a joke.Looks great!

  46. Mark

    High quality shield. Fit was perfect & provides good wind protection.

  47. David

    The shield is much better for touring compared to the (more stylish) short deflector that comes stock.

    David T
    Vaquero Small windshield Clear with Vent

    Kawasaki Voyager 1700 Vaquero Windshield | Windscreen
  48. Jeffery

    110 percent perfect fantastic

  49. Edwin

    Looks good , fits good, but the view through the shield is distorted some what. Now a clear view of objects in front of the rider.

  50. Chris

    I have a 2013 Vaquero,purchased the small no vents.Easy install and great price.I highly recommend these guys well worth the wait..

  51. Chris

    I have a 2013 Vaquero,purchased the small no vents.Easy install and great price.I highly recommend these guys well worth the wait..

  52. Allan L.

    I heard about your Company and the good work you do thru the internet; specifically on the website Vulcanbagger.com. They speak highly of your business and after dealing with you I understand why. Your customer service is exemplary!

  53. Todd M

    I cut 1.5″ off the bottom and painted the bottom black to match the decal that I removed prior to cutting. I used a jigsaw with a “plexiglass ” blade. It looks great. Went for ride today and the height is perfect for me. I am very happy with its performance. No buffeting and the wind is just at the top of my helmet.

  54. oliver

    just got the new windshield a couple days ago. Perfect fit and it sure does make a nice ride! I was thinking it was tall and might look a bit goofy but I was wrong. Looks great. Worth the wait. Five stars all the way

  55. Joe Dicken

    I ordered the wrong size for 2011 vaquero but clearview made the exchange quick and easy. I am very pleased with one, looks great and performes great. I highley recomend the clearview shield

  56. Ron Albert

    I got the small light grey tinted windshield with the vent for my 2012 Vaquero. It is HANDS DOWN the best windshield I have ever bought. I have been using earplugs for 25+ years. This is the first time I didn’t need them. I rode 200 miles today with no fatigue without earplugs. I kept the vent fully opened as it was 90. I’m not sure if that helped me create a better pocket to ride in, but it did help a bit on the cooling. I have used 5 different windshields on this bike, taller and other flared types as well. The light grey is fine, no problems at all, but if I could get this windshield in a very dark tint I would buy another one. Thank You ClearView.

  57. ckinne

    5 starts for sure!! I got mine last fall (size medium) and I may even order another one (size large) – clear, no vents. Love it! I’m 5’10” and maybe exactly halfway between the two sizes … but the windshield itself was so easy to install and so much better looking and functioning than the original. A great product from a great company.

  58. Charles C Kinne

    I got this last September so I now have almost a full year with it. It is fantastic and I highly recommend it. Mine is clear, no vents. It was so easy to install I think having one for around town and another for road trips (taller, maybe) makes a lot of sense.

  59. Adam

    Should have purchased my clear view shield a year ago! Makes riding much more enjoyable and looks great! Turn around time was excellent as well.

  60. Donald

    I love this shield. I tried the stock windshield on the vaquero and then the Klockwerks Flare 9″ and neither of those provided any protection. This windshield gave me what I was looking for! Plenty of coverage and I recommend you get it with the vent as that helped to eliminate head buffeting. And I mean eliminate, there are times you’d think you’re riding in a car with the windows down it had that little head buffeting. I absolutely recommend this shield to any Vaquero owner!

  61. Brandon P

    Needed something sooner than the 6-week ETA of Kawasaki. Found ClearView and glad I did! They had exactly what I needed in stock (Medium Light Grey for Vaquero). Took a test ride today and it worked great! No wind hitting me in the eyes/ears anymore at all. Smoother ride and looks great. Thanks ClearView!

  62. Brian P.

    I have the small light tint shield on my Vaquero. It is 1″ taller than the 12″Kaw shield and with the slight recurve it give the little bit more protection that I was looking for.

  63. C.R.

    Light Grey Medium w/adj. vent

  64. Mike

    Light Grey Small (shown on the Vaquero)

  65. Dave

    Large Light Grey with Adjustable vent

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