Triumph Thunderbird 1600 Customized Windshield Design

Triumph Thunderbird 1600

A very important part of Clearview Shields’ success is our ability to design our own products.  We carry years of experience of in-house road tests along with a base knowledge in aerodynamics, which we received in the early days at a nearby university’s wind tunnel. The combination brings new concepts and better performing products to you, the motorcyclist.  Much of our design philosophy can be attributed to our core beliefs, enhance an individual riders comfort without compromising a Clearview of the road ahead.  The starting point is literally the rider. Their body proportions will play a big part in the size of the screen, while the overall base design of the motorcycles windshield brackets or the fairings location help determine the windshields shape.  It is important to note that it can take months and sometimes years to work out all aspects of a good design.  Many of our test riders not only ride but log miles in long distance competitions, putting thousands of miles on a new design.

The Project

Our current project is the Triumph Thunderbird 1600 with the Triumph factory quick detach windshield.  This screen is a product manufactured by National Cycle for Triumph set in 3 different sizes: Standard 22.45”, “Midsize” 16.54”, and “Summer” at a low 10.43.  All of these screens utilize the “Switchblade” quick detach technology.  As you can see, there are many large gaps in height that won’t always fit every motorcyclist. The shield also lacks lower coverage which can add to much of the buffeting a screen will produce at highway speeds.  This is where Clearview Shields will come in and tailor more size options to an individual rider’s body, add lower coverage, and give the rider venting options to fine tune performance and reduce noise from buffeting.

 Test Rider and Motorcycle Profile


The rider we are working with, John, has an upper torso (UT) height of 39” and uses both the stock seat and the Triumph “Long Haul Touring” seat. The Triumph website does not list any change in seat height between the two options.  He has not made any handlebar modifications. John cut his windshield down to 18.5” in length with a vertical height of 17” (when measured from the tank mount to the top edge of the screen). This allowed him a comfortable view over the screen, assuring that he can safely operate the motorcycle, even when the screen is obstructed. He has also installed a “Highway Hawk” Crash Bar, which influences the lower coverage of the new screen.

Design Target

The vertical height will be more important than length when we help you determine the correct screen option but, when we begin to offer replacement windshields, our trained customer service technicians will guide you through the decision process of choosing the best screen for you. We will begin with three heights offered in 1” vertical increments. All will be just slightly wider with a focus not just on shape, but lower coverage as well. A comfortable view over the screen for the rider will be our goal with a virtually distortion free shape that will still allow those riders who choose a Clearview through the screen if desired.   A controllable pressure relief vent option will also be available to help with back pressure and smooth out turbulence.

Rider input is highly encouraged please email Craig at with your ideas and concerns.

Expect new product release by late November 2013.