New F6B Sport & Sport Touring Windshields

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DESIGN BLOG: Clearview Shields’ New F6B Sport & Sport Touring Windshields



It’s interesting, being in the Motorcycle Windshield Industry now for 28 years, how in the beginning we would choose which projects to pursue for the coming year.  Now the thousands of Loyal Customers that make up the back bone of our company have become the true direction makers for our next, new product. Having loved what we created for their past ride, whenever they change to a newer motorcycle, we become the first preferred choice to enhance the comfort for that new love in their life.

I know that love is the first thing I try to tap into when starting every new project.  That feeling when you see your new future bike, WOW!  So cool looking, how the lines flow and the muscle peeking out from below the tank.  It’s that first impression that gets us all, even before we sit on it.

I could have approached the Honda F6B the same way that many of my competitors (including Honda ) have, taking it from the perspective of ”hey, that’s just a Goldwing with a small screen, how easy.  We can get a screen out quickly based on what we’ve done for Goldwing riders”.  But when you truly take in that first impression of the F6B, at least for me, I did not see the Goldwing, I saw a high performance Sport Touring Machine, a sleek dynamic motorcycle ready for a rocket ride up the twisty mountain roads, not a laid back touring bike. I respect that when you bought the F6B you chose it because its lines truly excite the eye and the engine size guided your brain to one conclusion, a fun ride.  Many F6B riders have conveyed these emotions to me simply through conversations about how much they love this bike.

When I look at what is available from other companies I can’t believe how ugly the styles and concepts are. True, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but come on, really? As I go through the development of this new screen, I hope that our interpretation of “Beauty” for the F6B matches yours.

The Design

F6B2With the Honda F6B’s aggressive styling, it made sense to apply what we now call our “Ultimate Recurve”   to our new replacement options.  We have been creating “Recurved” screens for motorcycles since the early 90’s the difference of the “Ultimate Recurve” is bringing the screen closer to the rider while sweeping the air stream up over the head. The goal is to allow a Clear View of the road ahead while keeping the top edge low enough to look over and not bending each angle to an extreme of visual distortion.

The rider becomes better covered by the screen with the outside edges managing the airstream with increased efficiency.

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Another important design concept is the perimeter cut of a screen. A Smoother radius cut will provide a less turbulent flow of air off the edge than tighter radius corners or extreme inside cuts.

The Screens

This new design is available in three different heights, Small, Medium and Large, and two different widths, Sport and Sport Touring. Each size can be fined tuned vertically .75”/19mm with the screen’s adjustment slots.


As our Venting Blog states,  “Venting your windshield can do a lot for quieting down the ride” and the best thing about the 5 Position adjustable vent is the rider retains complete control

of how much and when they want or need airflow inside the pocket. Again, this is not just the way to get air on you but a key way to reduce buffeting and turbulence, countering the vacuum and low pressure inside the cockpit.  The 5 position Vent can be ordered for any width and height screen for your F6B.

It has taken longer than we expected to create these new and exciting replacement windshield options for your Honda F6B Motorcycle.  A lot of thought and an intent focus on keeping the “cool factor” intact was my main goal for this project. I hope I was successful in your eyes.  We would love for you to try out these new screens before Summer comes into full swing.  Call or email Clearview Shields for more information or for a sizing consultation.