Hardware Replacement

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How often should I replace the hardware?

Just as you have to replace your windshield, the mounting hardware on your motorcycle also needs to be replaced periodically. The biggest indication that your hardware needs replacing is excessive vibration of the screen, even at low speeds. When it comes to time frames, the type of hardware style will dictate how often the mounting kit needs to be changed.



With the Cruiser-style screen that has metal brackets, your bolts should be changed out every four to five years. This time frame may be altered depending on the type of climate you ride and store your bike in. Salt water areas will show wear on your hardware faster than dry, inland areas.

If you are using Nylon Bolts, those need to be replaced once a year.

If your motorcycle has fairings with the Well Nut© fasteners, the replacement time frame would be around 12 to 18 months. If you swap out your screen with a smaller one during different seasons, wear is accelerated on the hardware and should be replaced closer to every 12 months.

Anytime you replace your screen is also a good time to freshen up the mounting hardware. You can find mounting kits, hardware, and any other accessories you might need on our website.

No matter how often you replace your hardware, make sure you are riding with a ClearView.

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