Honda Pacific Coast PC800 Replacement Windshield

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The PC800 windshield  has a contoured shape for improved air flow & shield strength.

Height (measured in the center of the shield from the top of the shield to the bottom just above the air vent):

  • 22″ L  – 1″ vertically higher  
  • 23.5″ L  – 3″ vertically higher  
  • 25.5″ L – 5″ vertically higher  
  • 26.5″ L  – 6″ vertically higher


  • Clearview Shields has been Handcrafting Windshields such as the Honda PC800 in the USA for Over 33 Years
  • Top Rated by Riders Around the World in Performance, Quality, Fit and Finish
  • Premium High Impact Acrylic Blend Material Exceeds Industry & DOT Standards
  • UV Inhibitors Extend Shield Life & Provide Protection for the Dash & Acc
  • .177 Thick Material is More Rigid than the Stock Shield
  • Ready to Mount for Fast & Easy Installation
  • Shipped with a Protective Film that allows Installation and Testing
  • Can be Polished, Buffed and is Safe to use Rain-X Original Clear Formula
pc800 windshield review

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Honda PC800 Replacement Motorcycle Windshields

We engineer our Honda PC800 Windshields and all our Motorcycle Windscreens to exceed your expectations through rigorous testing. During the final stages of product development, we send out samples of our designs to different riders for review and feedback to refine the finished product. These individuals are asked for their body height, inseam, and any existing Bike mods/modifications. This information gives us valuable data when determining best windshield size for each individual rider. This data is available to you to use for comparison for your own body size and riding needs. Click the link below for our focus group rider profiles to help you pick the best height.

Rider Windshield Profiles

Weight 13 lbs
Dimensions 32 × 8 × 28 in


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Vent Options

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27 reviews for Honda Pacific Coast PC800 Replacement Windshield

  1. John


    Fit and finish are great. Installed easily and helps a great deal with wind buffeting..

  2. Al

    Outstanding product and better than OEM options.

    I removed the scratched oem touring screen and installed the Clearview. Though shorter, the extra width combined with the curved airflow management results in a quieter cockpit. The buffeting is almost completely gone. Thank you!!

  3. Jadon

    The difference is incredible!

    I had to wait a while while they made my windshield (I think it took over a month), but wow! It was worth every penny!

    So here’s a bit of background: I’m a fellow about 6′ 1″ tall with a 32″ inseam. I just started riding and really love the quiet ride of the Goldwings. The noise on my PC800 was incredibly obnoxious compared to that! My PC came with the stock, shorter, windscreen, which dumped the air about at chin level and made a tremendous turbulence racket!

    I have sensitive ears, and I noticed that I would get a little deaf on half-hour rides if my earplugs weren’t in all the way. I also like to ride as much as possible, even in inclement weather. The stock windshield made the bike feel cold compared to the Goldwing.

    I bought the Clearview that was 5″ taller than stock with no vents. It made a huge difference! The wind noise is basically gone, there’s definitely no turbulence, I can see just above the shield, and almost all the air goes right over my head! It’s great!

    The bike is noticeably more comfortable to ride in cold weather now, and visibility is still great. I can ride comfortably without earplugs. My only regret is that I didn’t get the Goldwing-style vent. I think I’ll miss that next summer when it warms up. Overall, though, I love the shield and it was worth every penny!

  4. Larry

    Honda pc800 windshield 23.5" Height Clear

    Excellent product. Easy to install fit well.

  5. Michey

    High quality - quieter ride

    The Clearview shield is great. Sends the air up and over the rider and passenger for a much more enjoyable and quieter ride. Very high quality and easy to install.

  6. Jonathan

    Honda PC800 GT 23" tall with PRV option

    Just got my Clearview +3 with PRV style venting. It’s amazing. I’ve owned several Honda bikes over the years and always bragged on their engineering and design work. On all the bikes I’ve owned, I’ve thought about things Honda could improve upon, but never found anything I considered a complete miss before. Until that is, I rode behind the Clearview for the first time. I was hoping for improvement over my Hondaline tall shield, but I didn’t realize how badly Honda botched the wind protection and noise until I rode with it fixed by the Clearview. The day I bought my PC, I rode two up on my buddy’s GL1800 to pick up my PC and rode it back home a little over 400 miles approximately two years ago now. If I had it to do over, I’d buy the clearview prior to taking delivery of the bike, ride 400 miles with it strapped to the back of the ‘wing, and switch it out before I rode the 400 miles home. It’s that much better. Some data points to consider:
    • I’m 5’10 with a 32” inseam, (pretty short torso)
    • I had the tall Hondaline screen for several months (which I’ve read is +3” tall over stock?)
    • I cut 1.5 inches off the tall Hondaline so it intersected my sightline when looking at a point 50’ ahead
    • I have the stock Honda Seat
    • The Hondaline tall as I had trimmed it measured 25” along the surface of the shield from top of the vent cutout to the top of the shield.
    • The Clearview measures exactly like their website specs out (23.5”), but for clarity, the measurement for the PC is not vertical, it’s along the surface of their shield, from the top of the OE air vent cutout to the upper edge of the shield.
    • The Clearview is at a much steeper angle than the OE shield, so while it’s shorter length wise (see above) it actually intersects my sightline to the ground at a spot about 200 feet in front of the bike, making the shield feel and behave as if it’s taller.
    • Noise with the OE shield (both before and after I trimmed it) was pretty quiet with my visor all the way up, but extremely noisy with the helmet closed. With the clearview there is almost no difference, open or closed, and volume levels are just a touch more noisy than OE with my shield open, but waaay quieter than visor closed with the OE shield.
    • Buffetting is significantly less with the clearview
    • The tendency for the wind to put weight on your hands from behind you that was present with the OE shield is gone.
    • The OE tendency for the wind to shove the upper edge of your helmet’s viewport into your forehead (due all the fairing wind getting dumped on you at that level) is completely gone with the clearview, making even your helmet more comfortable (no kidding).
    • With the OE shield you sorta found a sweet spot for seat comfort, combined with acceptable wind protection, and on 800+ mile days you just waited until your rear hurt enough that the wind drawback was worth it to move, then when you got tired of the wind, but your rear had gotten a break, you moved somewhere else. With the clearview, the noise and wind is much more consistent in a substantially wider envelope of seating positions, resulting in your ability to just move around wherever your butt’s comfort dictates without having to play the wind into the equation at all.
    Overall, I highly recommend the Clearview. Short of going from no fairing at all to a Windjammer full fairing on my ’84 Nighthawk 650 back in high school, it’s the biggest single improvement in comfort that I’ve ever made to any bike I’ve owned. If you’re trying to be cheap and still fooling around with cutting, adjusting, and tweaking on the stock hondaline shield, just give up, and start spending your time collecting aluminum cans during your Sunday afternoon ride. You’ll collect enough to fund a Clearview in a whole lot less time than it would take to fix the stocker, and you’ll enjoy the ride a whole lot more.
    -Jonathan Huddleston
    1994 PC800 – Pacifically Correct

    Honda Pacific Coast PC800 Replacement Windshield
    Honda Pacific Coast PC800 Replacement Windshield
    Honda Pacific Coast PC800 Replacement Windshield
    Honda Pacific Coast PC800 Replacement Windshield
  7. Dan

    The Clearview windshield fit my Honda PC800 perfectly. Much better coverage than the original. Quality product !

  8. John

    Nobody else had a windshield for my Honda PC800 but you guys. Overall a good fit, decent price. A couple distortions I hadnt expected but nothing to get upset about, part of the building process….overall a good experience

  9. james

    My new Clearview is great. The stock Honda windshield was the same height but had much more wind noise and head buffeting. I got the one with vents and is wider. I highly endorse Clearview.

  10. Sanders


    Best windshield for a PC800

  11. David Madden

    Great Customer Service & superior Quality PC-800

    Just installed tall windscreen with vent on 1994 PC-800. Super fast install due to exact fit even for aftermarket. Gtreat You-tube video out there too on how to remove/install PC-800 windscreen. Had in done in 30 minutes. Can’t recommend these folks enouph!

    Honda Pacific Coast PC800 Replacement Windshield
  12. Richard

    PC800 Shield - Two Thumbs Up

    Great shield, no noticeable distortion, easy install with provided screws. Just bought a shield for a GL1800, too!

  13. Ben

    Just great

    Really happy with my new windshield. Had replaced a windshield on another bike a number of years ago with a Clearview and really enjoyed it. Only thing about this new one is I should have done it sooner.

  14. Larry

    great product and outstanding service. I was offered 10% off because the windshield had a slight imperfection. I accepted and still am not sure where the imperfection is. The only difference between a perfect part and a blem is a couple long rides.

  15. Dan

    Clearview is the best

    The Clearview fit perfectly and is far better than the original Honda Pacific Coast PC800 windshield. Customer service was excellent. The windshield was delivered in the time specified. A+++++++

  16. Wilber

    1989 PC800

    Happy with this purchase. I prefer a taller windshield as wind on my face is an issue with me.

  17. Denis

    Excellent Job!

    Just installed a new windshield for my Honda PC800. Excellent workmanship! I’m going to enjoy it very much!

  18. JACK

    I purchased the 25.5″ light tint windshield with vent, and it has transformed my Pacific Coast PC800. Helmet buffeting is gone and I can now hear my music through the fairing speakers. Craig was super helpful in exchanging the original 23.5″ I bought as it was too short for my 6’1″ height. My only suggestion is to clarify the measurement instructions on Clearview’s website as vertical height and windshield length are two different dimensions!

  19. Mike

    Hey Craig,
    I finally got the windscreen on and got to ride yesterday. I love the new windscreen. It makes such a big difference.
    I was wondering when I took it out because it is actually only two inches longer from the opening to the top, previous 21.5 inches and new 23.5 inches. So I put it on with the plastic still on it and sat on the bike. It seemed perfect so I measured it installed. It was three inches taller.
    I want to thank you for helping me out and getting the correct one for me. I love the design of it. It moves the air totally around me including my hands. I will be recommending your product to everyone. It makes such a difference riding, quiet, comfortable and a warmer ride.
    Thanks again,
    M Hershberger

  20. Mike

    Thank you for the high quality Clearview shield for my 1989 Honda PC. Why didn’t we get this a three decades sooner? My wife appreciates the reduced wind buffeting.

    Honda Pacific Coast PC800 Replacement Windshield
  21. James

    The packing and shipping was superb, the shield was a perfect fit. With my

  22. Steve

    Received my new HON PC-01 a few days ago and installed it. It’s a perfect fit for me and the bike.

  23. Carl

    I want to tell you what a difference your shield makes. I installed it and it fit perfectly, The weather has been so bad that I finially got the chance to try it out. The temperature finally got up to 33 degrees and the streets dried out and no ice. I presently own an 81 Silverwing interstate with the Gold Wing fairing. A 73 BMW with a windjammer and an 82 CBX Honda with a sport fairing and must say with your shield, the PC fairing comes close to being as good as the Gold Wing fairing and the Windjammer, without it it definitely lagged way behind. The CBX had a very bad turbelence problem but I solved the problem by mounting a shield on the handlebars, but for the PC would be impossible without some manufacturing processes. I don’t know how you designed the shape, whether by trial or error or by windtunnel but you certainly did a very good job. Again, thank you for capitalizing on what Honda failed to do. I have ridden for over fifty years and the older I get the more particular I become, I can put up with wind but not wind turbulence.

  24. Tedd

    The new shield works like a charm. The diffference is amazing to me and even better than the taller one? I was testing it out and looked at the speedo and I was way over 90, something I had never done prior as the wind blast was just so strong. The ride is totally

  25. Jay

    I received my new windshield a couple of weeks ago and I wanted to contact you and tell you how much I am enjoying it. My recently acquired PC 800 is the first bike I have owned with a windshield and I really like it. When I got the bike it had a Hondaline tall screen that I couldn’t see over and it looked dorky and frankly, this bike can’t take much more of that. Fortunately you guys took care of everything..I can see the road..I have better wind protection..and the bike looks a lot better. Thanks.

  26. Steve

    Just wanted to drop you a line to tell you how much I appreciate the help with my new windshield. I just returned from a trip to the Grand Canyon and on to the west coast. I wanted to ride my ‘Pacific Coast’ on the Pacific Coast Highway. Anyway, I did 4650 miles in 9 days and enjoyed my Clearview +3 every step of the way.

  27. Robert

    I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying the new windshield. The ride is so smooth and quiet now. Though I didn’t enjoy how long I had to wait for it, I must say it was worth the wait!

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