Clearview Shields Recycling

Big Green Machine As mentioned in our previous blog “Clearview Shields History”, we take pride in keeping all levels of product development, from design to distributing, contained within our manufacturing facility in beautiful Pine, Colorado. This allows us strict control over quality and how we manage the resources used to build each windshield. Given the fact that you, our customer, is a motorcycle enthusiast whose whole idea of riding involves being out enjoying the countryside and also, given the fact that we operate our business in one of the world’s most scenic riding locations, it makes sense as a company to try to be responsible when it comes to how we affect our environment. Recycling is a big part of that responsibility. Clearview Shields takes great pride in recycling all waste produced by our company.  From the plastic scrap to the foam and containers we use, nearly everything is either recycled or re-used and not disposed of in a local landfill. Plastic Due to the large volume of motorcycle windshields we manufacture and ship annually, we also have a large volume of scrap plastic to take care of, as well. Clearview Shields recycles over 8,000 lbs of scrap plastic each year. That is a large amount that would take way too long to degrade in our states’ landfills.  Our scrap plastic is ground and remanufactured into new plastic products to reuse in other industries. Packing Material Clearview Shields has been using recycled foam for over 10 years. These foam scraps provide the best padding for your screen during its journey to your door while keeping us from having to buy those annoying peanuts that take up wasted space in your trash can. Corrugated Cardboard & Paper Products All cardboard and paper used in the business is also recycled, thanks to the cooperation of our local waste disposal company. New Programs Clearview Shields has started a new, in-house program to give employees a way to recycle plastic bottles and cans. All in all, Clearview Shields will do what we can to keep the riding in our Big Green Machine pristine and enjoyable, now and for years to come.   Craig Stenger President Clearview Shields