Post Sturgis Report

I’m writing this shortly after enjoying an hour motorcycle ride with my wife Tonya, here in the beautiful Colorado Rockies. Both of us being natives of this great state, it is hard to want to live anywhere else.  For the outdoor individual, our state has so much to offer: hiking, fishing, bicycling, mountain climbing, skiing, snowboarding, the list goes on and on. Overall for us, nothing (well almost nothing) can beat the scenic motorcycling one can find in Colorado.  I said “almost nothing” because I found myself comparing my recent ride to the one we experienced in Spearfish Canyon no more than a week ago outside of Spearfish, SD. Tonya and I both agree that we love Colorado too much to leave, but the riding around Sturgis, South Dakota can easily steal that love away.


Clearview Shields Sturgis Booth 2013When we take Clearview Shields on the road to the Sturgis Black Hills Motorcycle Rally, many of our friends and all of the remaining Clearview Shields employees have this jealous demeanor about them. They wave good bye, stating things like “have fun” or “don’t party too hard”.  The reality of Sturgis is 10 long, hard days of work. From set up to breakdown, the time spent can be exhausting. But, it is always a nice break to get out and meet the folks that help make our business a great success. That interaction with new customers, helping them find the perfect sized motorcycle windshield, and waving them off on their test drive to see them return with the look of satisfaction on their face is “priceless”.  Perhaps even better than the new customer is the countless number of past and present customers that stop by just to say thanks for the great windshield and possibly put faces with the quality product they so enjoy each ride. That truly makes this whole business worth it to me.

Michael Mihalevich, Thunder Press, with a reproduction of his May 2007 review of our GT Road Glide Replacement Windshield with over 68,00 miles and awaiting more.
Michael Mihalevich, Thunder Press, with a reproduction of his May 2007 review of our GT Road Glide Replacement Windshield with over 68,000 miles and awaiting more.

A special thanks to Michael Mihalevich, a freelance writer for Thunder Press, who also stopped by to say hi (pictured to the right).


The week and days are long and there are a few nights of partyin’, come on its Sturgis!!  One thing stands out when I think of Sturgis (even while riding in Colorado) – the great rides and equally beautiful scenery around it.  The Sturgis Black Hills Rally is a great mix of fun and riding and we will always look forward to going back each year.


Thanks to all who came by our booth.  We look forward to seeing you next year.


Craig Stenger


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