Vlad’s 2015 Road Glide Rider Profile

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A rider profile is the individual test rider end stage of our design process. To start the creation of a new Motorcycle Windshield we first sign up a local rider to work with. They help us create a good working prototype. Then we take that design and submit it to a larger group of riders with varying needs and riding styles. This approach gives us a dynamic that impacts the development of the design from many angles and allows input from all who are involved.

The test group helps to mold the shape of the new screen in a direction that works well for all 2015 – Present Harley Davidson Road Glide owners while identifying individual needs. The rider profile helps to give you, the customer, an idea of what Screen height and design style will work best for you. You can just match your body height, Pant Inseam, and bike modifications to rider with the exact, or at least close, list of physical and mechanical attributes.

Vladimir, Crown Point, IN

  • Body Height – 6’
  • Inseam (Pant Length) – 32
  • Bike Model – FLTRX / Special
  • Modifications – Mustang Seat

harley davidson road glide 2015 576x1024

Vladimir Rides solo and was looking for improved air flow for long distance rides. He started with our 2015 Road Glide windshield Medium Height (12.5”) in light gray. Our first design debuted a larger blacked out area along the bottom portion of the windshield in hopes to reduce Glare when riding, which was a request from our initial prototype rider. Vladimir liked the function and looks of the larger black area but found the height a bit tall and requested a shorter height for his final screen. He also requested a bit more of a recurved top edge, which we changed on his final screen.

The rider questionnaire below was sent to the rider after the first test drive of the 2015 Road Glide Windshield.

Valdimir originally requested a 2015 Road Glide Small Scalloped Cut windscreen in Dark Gray but we mistakenly sent him the GT version but he ended up loving the screen.


The Final 2015 Road Glide Windshield

harley davidson 2015 road glide 1024x6932015 road glide 576x1024
“My first impression was like wow… I’m not sure about that shape if I like it.  I don’t see the scalloped cut, but then I’ve realized it’s probably too short to have that cut. So I’ve installed it and took it for test ride. The performance of the windshield exceeded my expectations! I was very happy. Then I took a second look and it actually looks really good. The height is just perfect and I love the rigid build. Great dark color and it feels nice and solid when I ride with it – no wind vibrations what so ever. This is exactly what I was looking for! Thanks so much and I will always highly recommend your windshields!”




Thank you for participating Vlad! We know you will enjoy a ClearView for many rides to come with your new 2015 Road Glide Windshield!