Building the perfect Touring Windshield

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What is the Perfect Touring Windshield? That is a question best answered by the individual who will be riding behind the screen. Every rider will have different needs and (as mentioned in a previous Post) different expectations of what they want for those miles and miles of Tour riding. Many people want to place themselves […]

Clearview Shields 2015 – Present Road Glide Rider Profiles

Road Glide Tall Windshield

What is a Rider Profile? The Rider Profiles can be used by you, the rider, to help determine which model of our New 2015 Present Road Glide Windshield will meet your needs and riding style! A rider profile is the individual test rider end stage of our design process. To start the creation of a […]

What to Expect From a Clearview Windshield

Indian Vintage Windshield Canyon Carver

Hello and Thank you for reading this Post! It is designed to help you understand what you are truly looking for from a new windshield.  This post also includes all the information you need to learn in order to understand how to purchase a new Bike Screen. Of course you can always give us a […]

Redesign for Harley Davidson Ultra Limited | Ultra Classic | Electra Glide | Street Glide | Tri Glide Replacement Windshields 1996-2013

Harley Davidson Ultra Classic Replacement Windshield 1

Clearview Shields proudly presents our newest edition of the Harley Davidson Touring Class Replacement Windshields.  We have refined the shape for improved Aerodynamics without the annoying Distortion and turbulence that can be found in many competing replacement windshields.  Review our complete design report below for details and as with any of our products feel free […]

Vent Maintenance


Mid summer sometimes requires some deep cleaning of Bugs Dirt and Debris off your bike and windscreen. If you have our 5 position Motorcycle Windshield Vent installed on your screen, then that may add an extra layer of difficulty in getting into those crevasses a vent will provide, clean.  We can help you with that […]

Motorcycle Windshield Tint Choices: Light Gray | Smoke | Medium Gray | Dark Gray


Clearview Shields offers many of our Replacement Motorcycle Windshields with several choices of tint. All tints are pigmentation’s of color within the resin of the plastic. There are no films, laminates, or dyes which can either shorten screen life, fade from wear, or damage the plastic internally. LIGHT GRAY Light Gray allows 86% of light […]

Replacement Windshield Tint Choices Light Gray | Dark Gray


Clearview Shields Offers Many our our Replacement Motorcycle Windshields with several choices of Tint. All tints are pigmentation’s of color within the resin of the plastic no films, laminates or Dyes which can shorten screen life, fade from wear or damage the plastic internally. LIGHT GRAY This tint will allow 75% of the light to […]