Motorcycle Riding During Covid-19, this is the BEST Time to Ride

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Suffering from Cabin Fever? A Motorcycle Journey is the Perfect Getaway for These Strange Covid-19 Times

The summer of 2020 is like no other, and vacation plans are being scuttled from coast to coast. With so much uncertainty, millions of people are cancelling their summer getaways and hunkering down in their homes. I think we can all agree…this blows.That strategy may be safe, but it is not exactly fun. If you are tired of staying indoors and are longing to get away, a motorcycle ride could be the perfect solution for these strange times. Here are five great reasons to get out on your bike and enjoy this strange new normal.

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motorcycle riding during coronavirus

Social Distancing is Built In

When you are on your bike, you are surrounded by the world, yet separate from it. In coronavirus terms, that means social distancing is built into the equation.

Whether you ride your motorcycle around town or across the country, you are in your own little bubble, one full of fresh air, abundant sunshine and natural beauty at every turn. When you plan a family getaway by motorcycle, you can be alone together, staying safe and having fun all summer long.

You Can Enjoy the Beauty of Nature

Speaking of natural beauty, you can enjoy as much of it as you like when you hit the open road. If you want a safer and saner summer adventure, just point your bike to the nearest off-ramp and search out the back roads instead.

Those twisting turning country roads are perfect for a casual ride or a long getaway. As you explore the world on two wheels, you will be surprised at what you find, from hidden tourist attractions the guidebooks leave behind to friendly people excited to share their local secrets.

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Parking is a Snap

With the world still on partial lockdown, a number of major tourist attractions have shut their doors, but others are opening up. That means big crowds and long lines, especially in the overcrowded parking lots.

When you choose a motorcycle adventure, either a solo journey or a trip with the whole family, you can bypass those overflowing parking lots and avoid the crowds. With a motorcycle, parking is a snap, so you can spend less time looking for a space and more time enjoying the destination.

You Already Have a Mask

Motorcycle enthusiasts were on to something when they adopted the bandana as an integral part of their look. Avid riders know that their bandanas are more than mere fashion statements; those simple pieces of cloth can keep out bugs, road dust, dirt and other contaminants.

Now that everyone else is wearing a mask, you are one step ahead of the game. When you stop your bike, your trusty bandana becomes an instant face covering, so you can shop, dine and enjoy the local attractions without putting your health or the safety of your fellow citizens in jeopardy.

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Riding is Flat Out Fun

It is easy to over think your summer vacation plans, but in the end do you really need a reason to get away? Pulling your bike out of the driveway and hitting the open road is fun, and there is no need to justify your two-wheeled adventure.

Whether you head to the nearest national park and camp out under the stars or travel to a motorcycle-friendly campground, your summer adventure will be like no other. The world may be changing around you, but the timeless allure of the open road will never be diminished.

The world is living in a new normal, and in a state of suspended animation. With news of vaccine trials and promising medications, there is reason to hope that a sense of normalcy will soon return, but do not have to put your plans on hold waiting for that to happen. A motorcycle journey is the perfect getaway, this summer or any summer, so why not start planning today?

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