2014 – 2016 Street Glide, Electra Glide,and Limited Clearview Shields Replacement Designs

2014 MODELS Clearview Shields has been manufacturing replacement windshields for the Harley Davidson FHLT since1994, starting with the earlier model 1985 Bat wing Fairings and working our way up to the New 2014.  We have learned much through designing, manufacturing, and installing these windshields on countless numbers of motorcycles through shop visits by locals, on […]

An International Sensation

Clearview Shields has been manufacturing windshields since 1986 and from that time we served customers from all over the world. Having such a diverse product line of replacement motorcycle screens has been a huge contributing factor to our international success. From Scooters to Dual Sport and Cruisers to the larger Touring machines, riders have had the […]

A Recurve to a Clearview-Clearview Shields’ Recurve Design

Why A Recurve? As I sit here thinking back some 31 years ago (close to the time Tonya and I started Clearview Shields), I remember the design concepts we established that encompassed all of what Clearview Shields was about,  creating an enhanced riding environment for the motorcycle rider while providing a Clearview of the road ahead.  […]

Triumph Thunderbird 1600 Customized Windshield Design

Triumph Thunderbird 1600 A very important part of Clearview Shields’ success is our ability to design our own products.  We carry years of experience of in-house road tests along with a base knowledge in aerodynamics, which we received in the early days at a nearby university’s wind tunnel. The combination brings new concepts and better […]