Harley-Davidson Springer Windshield | Fits HD Detachable Compact Brackets

Clearview Motorcycle Windshields (2)

Harley Davidson Springer with HD Detachable Compact Brackets windshields are pre-drilled and pre-contoured to mount to your existing OEM brackets. Clearview Shields are designed as replacement shields – we do not offer brackets or other hardware.

  • Harley Davidson Bracket part number’s 58770-96, 58771-96, 58161-09. Fits ’93 and later FXSTS, FXSTSB, and FXSTSSE.  Fits ’97 and later FLSTS and ’05 and later FLSTSC with Detachable Compact brackets.
  • 3″ added width on 17″L and 20″L model for increased protection for your arms and shoulders
  • Optional Upper Recurve pushes the air up higher creating a larger, quieter pocket

Height (measured in the center of the shield from the top of the headlight cutout to the top of the shield):

  • 14″ L  – Stock
  • 17″ L  – 3″ longer than Stock  
  • 20″ L – 6″ longer than Stock


  • Clearview Shields has been Handcrafting Shields such as the Harley Springer Shield in the USA for Over 33 Years
  • Top Rated by Riders Around the World in Performance, Quality, Fit and Finish
  • Premium High Impact Acrylic Blend Material Exceeds Industry & DOT Standards
  • UV Inhibitors Extend Shield Life & Provide Protection for the Dash and Acc.
  • .177 Thick Material is More Rigid than the Stock Shield
  • Ready to Mount to your OEM Brackets
  • Shipped with a Protective Film that allows Installation and Testing
  • Can be Polished, Buffed and is Sage to use Rain-X Original Clear Formula
  • Clearview Shields are designed as “replacement” windshields. We do not offer any brackets/ braces/ framing or any other hardware.
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Harley-Davidson Springer Motorcycle Windshield by Clearview Shields

We engineer our Harley-Davidson Springer Windshields and all our Motorcycle windscreens to exceed your expectations through rigorous testing. During the final stages of product development, we send out samples of our designs to different riders for review and feedback to refine the finished product. These individuals are asked for their body height, inseam, and any existing Bike mods/modifications. This information gives us valuable data when determining best windshield size for each individual rider. This data is available to you to use for comparison for your own body size and riding needs. Click the link below for our focus group rider profiles to help you pick the best height.

Rider Windshield Profiles

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 24 × 7 in


Vent Options





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6 reviews for Harley-Davidson Springer Windshield | Fits HD Detachable Compact Brackets

  1. Rick

    Awesome, fit perfect I’m very pleased.

  2. AndyB

    Bought it for the bugs and kept it for the comfort!

    Riding a motorcycle in Florida can be a culinary experience – LOTs of bugs! When the sun goes down, there’s a smorgasbord of not-so-tasty critters headed your way. I’m trying to cut back on my eating so I purchased the 21-inch windshield with the recurve for my 2005 Springer Softail Classic for the compact brackets. I also ordered the 3-inch wider shield because, well, I AM trying to cut back on my eating. LoL..

    I haven’t stepped on the scales yet, but the shield has worked fantastically. I didn’t think I’d prefer running with a windshield all the time but it’s nice not having wind whipping around my glasses and trying to tear my hat off of my head, even when worn backward.

    I didn’t know about the “compact” or “full-size” brackets until I looked at Clearview’s website. Notice the distance between the outer bolts on the cross-bar of the windshield. Mine were close, as shown in this listing so I ordered the ‘compact’ set. It fit without issue.

    When the shield arrived, I went out to the shed to install it while keeping with CS’s requirement of keeping the protective covering on it. I took a short ride that night and instantly noticed a difference. Riding with the Clearview Shield on my Springer has definitely left a different taste in my mouth! Count me as a satisfied customer!

    Harley-Davidson Springer Windshield | Fits HD Detachable Compact Brackets
    Harley-Davidson Springer Windshield | Fits HD Detachable Compact Brackets
    Harley-Davidson Springer Windshield | Fits HD Detachable Compact Brackets
    Harley-Davidson Springer Windshield | Fits HD Detachable Compact Brackets
  3. Ken

    Nice construction, fits well

  4. Paul

    Awesome Experience

    The wind shield is much better quality than the OEM. These people are experts in what they do and not only helped me, they made me feel confident in the fitment of the product I was buying. Every hole lined up perfectly on the stock HD hardware.

  5. Daniel

    Perfect with a twist........

    My windshield arrived in perfect condition. Went on perfectly TIGHT while using plastic inserts. It’s on, and the detachable brackets work just fine, with a slight bend while putting in place.

    The windshield is AWESOME. with a slight tint and the flare up top. Deflects wind above my helmet visor………YES.

    Don’t worry about quality, IT’S there. BUY THIS SHIELD!!!!!

    You’ll be glad you did.

  6. James

    I’m happy with this replacement windshield and I rate it an 11 out of 10. The quality of materials, finish, and service is high. I purchased the clear 17″ with recurve and vent. I would recommend to anyone that is riding on the highway to buy big and get the vent. I don’t know if the recurve makes much difference, there is a little optical distortion at the bend. It isn’t noticeable after initial view. IMHO all the work to measure out looking over the windshield is overrated. I’m looking through the windshield and now I clean the bugs off the windshield and not my helmet visor. In fact, now I’m able to ride with my visor up and the vent open, so I get a little cooling wind in my face. Before, I had to ride with my visor down or the wind buffeting was shaking my fillings loose. The trade off of looking through the windshield and not a helmet visor is a good one if the windshield is clear. As for tint, I like the clear view and I use my sunglasses and helmet sun visor to adjust for sunlight. A tinted windshield to me is an unadjustable feature, which like a broken clock, is right only one time of day. I don’t drive with sunglasses when the sun goes down, so a tinted windshield isn’t helpful when I need visibility and I need others to see me. Thank you Clearview Shields. I’m happy with my purchase and your product.

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