Triumph Trophy 1999-2010 Motorcycle Windshield

Clearview Motorcycle Windshields (2)

Height (Length is measured in the center of the shield from top to bottom):

  • Stock – 18″L
  • GT Small – 21.5″L  (1″ vertically higher, 2″ wider than Stock)
  • GT Medium – 22.5″L  (2″ vertically higher, 2″ wider than Stock)
  • GT Large – 24″L  (3″ vertically higher, 2″ wider than Stock)
  • GT X-Large – 25.5″L  (4″ vertically higher, 2″ wider than Stock)


  • GT Small – 21.5″L  (2″ wider than Stock)
  • GT Medium – 22.5″L  (2″ wider than Stock)
  • GT Large – 24″L  (2″ wider than Stock)
  • GT X-Large – 25.5″L  (2″ wider than Stock)

Vent Options: 

  • The vent options are either/or. We can not manufacture a shield with both the PRV’s and the Adjustable Vent
  • PRV Trim  – rubber trim diverts water around the vent and gives the vents a sporty, finished look


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  • Clearview Shields has been Handcrafting Windshields in the USA for over 33 Years
  • Top Rated by Riders Around the World in Performance, Quality, Fit and Finish
  • Premium High Impact Acrylic Blend Materials Exceeds Industry & DOT Standards
  • UV Inhibitors Extend Shield Life & Provide Protection for the Dash & Acc
  • .177 Thick Material is More Rigid than the Stock Shield
  • Shipped with a Protective Film that allows Installation and Testing
  • Can be Polished, Buffed, and is Safe to use Rain-X Original Clear Formula
  • Clearview Shield are designed as “replacement” windscreens,

Looking for a Different Triumph Windshield?

Triumph Shields


The Best Triumph Trophy Windshield for your Ride

We engineer our Triumph Trophy Replacement Windshields & all our Windscreens to exceed your expectations through rigorous testing. During the final stages of product development, we send out samples of our design to different riders for review and feedback to refine the finished product. These individuals are asked for their body height, inseam and Bike mods which gives us valuable data when determining Best windshield size for riders. This data is available to you to use for comparison for your own body size and specific riding needs. Click the link below for our focus group rider profiles to help you pic the best height.

Rider Windshield Profiles

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 24 × 10 in



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Vent Options

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12 reviews for Triumph Trophy 1999-2010 Motorcycle Windshield

  1. Brian

    Very satisfied.

    The windscreen fit perfectly, looks great. Thanks for the hardware that was included. The original screen had a black border along the bottom of the windscreen. The new one did not. Easy enough to paint on there though.

    • Craig Stenger

      Hey Brian, Thank You for your review. That screen you received should have the lower black masking applied from us. When you are ready call me and we will cover shipping and get that masking taken care of.

      Sorry for the inconvenience.

  2. Kevin

    Very nice shield. The only problem I had was to get it to line up with the holes. There is a small gap at the very front attach point. Unable to test drive right now, doing other maintenance to the bike.

  3. Jonathan

    Fantastic shield. It makes all the difference in the world. Great pocket of calm air at speed, also allows you to hear traffic or music, whatever your pleasure. I’m tall on the bike so it’s especially favorable for me. Jon Oxley

  4. Charlie

    Lt Grey Medium with adjustable vent

  5. Joe

    I am very pleased with my windshield. It has greatly increased my riding pleasure, especially when out touring for long hours each day. The wind noise and turbulence around my helmet has been reduced to the extent that I can cruise comfortably with my visor up @ 75 mph.

  6. Thomas

    I want to congratulate you on a job well done. I am absolutely astounded at the quality of your windshields. The fit perfectly – better than the factory shields.

  7. Edward

    Triumph Light Grey Custom 13″ height

  8. John

    My new shield for the Triumph arrived in Washington today, and looks wonderful! This was the only sunny day of the month, and I am in the midst of moving, so I quickly mounted the screen and moved the bike to the new house. What an improvement! I like the wind in my face all year and always ride with the visor up, and it was sooo nice to have clear air coming at me instead of the turbulence of the old screen. The vortices around the factory offering would down a jumbo jet! Another benefit of the Light Grey tint is that I can see my gauges clearly. The old screen and the glass gauges had some pretty odd reflections happening at times, and occasionally they were unreadable. With the shaded screen things are much clearer.

  9. Mark

    I placed my new Clearview windshield on my 03 Trophy and I could not be happier. It really has made a tremendous difference in wind reduction and over all ride comfort. I have also not been disappointed at high speeds with any aspect of the windshield. In short this product is exceeded my expectations ten fold.

  10. Glen

    I purchased a shield for my Triumph Trophy and I love it. Finally, there is no direct wind in my face. Great job!!!! I was one step from selling the bike. I think I will keep it now.

  11. Richie

    I first mounted it with the plastic coating still on the shield as directed. I noted some buffeting, but it was not too bad. I felt that with the plastic coating removed, I should get a cleaner and higher wind stream over my helmet.

  12. Gordon

    Wow!!! I love my new windshield. It fits perfectly and is just the right height. It’s also much more sturdy than the stock shield. Thanks for a great product at a fair price.

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