Hiring Our Nations Heroes | D Stenger

hiring our heroes

“SHOW YOUR STRIPES”- Hiring Our Nations Heroes

Having been in business for over 35 years, Clearview Shields has, and will continue to be, an active participant of hiring our nation’s veterans.

These past employees not only have work experience serving our country, but they have been exposed to ideals that enhance and promote a respectable work ethic.  It baffles the mind why there are thousands of unemployed veterans in the US and why more companies don’t try to capitalize on the positive attributes found in our nation’s military men and women.

Clearview Shields is no stranger to our military. The president of the company’s oldest son is a graduate of USAFA (United States Airforce Academy) and Clearview Shields has a strong record of hiring our military over our time in business.Today we would like to share the story of one of our Military employees, D Stenger.

D Stenger was in the Navy for 9 years. Reserves for 8 years. He worked as an Aircraft mechanic on P-3, E-2 and H-2 and Overhaul, retiring as a Chief. He also earned his A & P license. during his time in the Military he developed skills in the fields of Mechanics, electrical, Welding, Hydraulics as well as blue print reading. Though he takes pride in the work he has done in the service, he was also proud of being on the Clearview Shields team of craftsmen who manufacture high quality windshields for motorcycle enthusiasts worldwide.

Clearview Shields will always continue to support those men and women who currently serve our country and, when needed, continue to hire those veterans looking for a choice employer

This Veterans Day, help us to support and honor our veterans, military members.

Craig Stenger