Craig S’ 2015 Road Glide Rider Profile

Craig S 2015 Road Glide Review

A rider profile is the individual test rider end stage of our design process. To start the creation of a new Motorcycle Windshield we first sign up a local rider to work with. They help us create a good working prototype. Then we take that design and submit it to a larger group of riders with varying needs and riding styles. This approach gives us a dynamic that impacts the development of the design from many angles and allows input from all who are involved.

The test group helps to mold the shape of the new screen in a direction that works well for all 2015 – Present Harley Davidson Road Glide owners while identifying individual needs. The rider profile helps to give you, the customer, an idea of what Screen height and design style will work best for you. You can just match your body height, Pant Inseam, and bike modifications to rider with the exact, or at least close, list of physical and mechanical attributes.

Craig S

Cave Creek, AZ

2015 Road Glide Craig Before Pic

  • Body Height – 6’5″
  • Inseam (Pant Length) – 34
  • Bike Model – 2015 Road Glide CVO/FLTRUSE
  • Modifications – Slightly Rotated the Stock Bars Up

2015 Road Glide Craig S first demo

Craig was looking for improved airflow for long distance rides. He started with the Large height in light gray with the GT side cuts. Craig moved to an X-Large for his final screen.

Read His First Review

I test drove the windshield at various speeds from 25 to 80 mph.  With the stock windshield I had to wear a full face helmet as bugs would continuously hit me from my nose up.  I had no hits while using this windshield and I tested it with a half helmet and sun glasses.  The air flow over the windshield didn’t seem to be that much different than the stock windshield, but the re-curve seemed to push the wind up a little higher stopping the continuous bug hits.  At higher speeds the difference was very noticeable as the wind went over and around me.  I look forward to riding more with this windshield. “

The rider questionnaire below was sent to the rider after the first test drive of the 2015 Road Glide Windshield.


The Final 2015 Road Glide Windshield

Craig S 2015 Road Glide review

Read Craig’s Final Review Below:

“This is my second windshield from Clearview and I’m very happy with the taller version of the GT cut.  I’m 6’5” and I can see very well over the taller screen.  Bug hits and debris hits were minimal and usually only came when oncoming traffic disturbed regular airflow.  The lowered masking on the shield looks good and I feel the GT cut windshield is excellent for the open road and long rides.

  Before trying this taller screen, I had more bug hits on the top of my helmet and a few in the glasses or full face helmet visor.  I rode about 600 miles during the Arizona HOG Rally and another 200 miles the weekend after that.  During the HOG Rally, I rode about 300 interstate miles and about 300 two lane highway miles at varying speed limits.  I wore a full face helmet about half the time and a half helmet the rest of the time.  I had less than 10 bug hits to the face with both helmets, which was significantly less than the shorter windshield.  The new GT XL is not as wide which makes the look more pleasing.  I also noticed that I didn’t have any side shots from bugs or debris coming from the side of the windshield.  It’s something I noticed before.  My passenger also commented on less hits and smoother airflow.

  I opened and shut the vents on the Road Glide and did this at varying speeds.  Buffeting is minimal to nonexistent.  This taller screen seems to have a little more re-curve and the airflow is definitely over my helmet.”

Thank you for participating Craig! We know you will enjoy a ClearView for many rides to come with your new 2015 Road Glide Windshield!