Choosing A Clearview Shields Tinted Windshield

Why would I choose to order a tinted Clearview Shield?

If you like wearing sunglasses, you might like a tinted windshield! Adding a tint to your aftermarket custom design ClearView Shield offers a variety of benefits. Not only can a tint look aesthetically appealing, matching your bike’s design, but it can provide protection for both you and your bike.

A lightly tinted shield can cut down on daytime glare and headlight glare at night, allowing a better visual of the road ahead. ClearView Shields tinted windshields have additional UV inhibiting properties, just like a good pair of sunglasses. UV inhibitors in a tinted shield mainly function to protect the plastic from breaking down, prolonging the life of the shield. But, they also offer additional protection for your bike. The UV inhibitors help to prevent sun damage and fading of your dash. They also help to protect your GPS and radar devices.

ClearView Shields offers Five tint options: Clear, Light Gray, Smoke, Medium Gray, Dark Gray.

Please note that various Models will have different tint options available to choose from.  Please check the product page for the color choices for your model of motorcycle.

  • A clear shields allows 96% of light to transmit through the screen. An improvement over the OEM screen which on average has a slightly less light transmittance in clear.
  • A light gray tint will allow 75% light transmittance.
  • Smoke Tint Has a slight Brown Hue to it and will allow a 49% Light Transmittance
  • Our Newest addition Medium Gray offers a Darker Hue than Smoke without being too much for night riding. Light Transmittance is set at 25%
  • A dark grey tint allows only 17% of light to transmit through the windshield. This tint is recommended for shields you look over.

All Five Clearview Shields’ tints are DOT certified and street legal

No matter what tint you choose for your windshield, make sure you are riding with a Clearview. Feel free to contact us with any other questions, comments, or concerns.

Elizabeth Stenger, Social Media Coordinator