Here is a log of my observations when riding with the new shield. I answered some of your questions in more detail and I will try to get you some photos as soon as possible.
As soon as you get the comments/results and are ready for production I think I will probably order an additional shield in the same size and dark gray. If possible my preference would be to have the lower masking only, as pictured above, and possibly taper the top corners down just slightly “if that doesn’t affect the envelope too much”.

Motorcycle is a HD 2015 Road Glide CVO. Clearview windshield is the 14” GT Cut. HAR-RG15-2GT-0L-0G-00. Road Glide 2015-P GT Large W/Recurve Lt Gray 14″ V/H 27″ width.

1st Observations (6/19/2015)
• Immediately noticed the height of the black glare preventative coating and to me it looks a little too tall. My preference would be to reduce the overall height of the glare coating and taper it down more as it transitions to the outside edges of the shield.
• Shield was easy to install using Harley PDF directions for windshield replacement on 2015 Road glide. For the 2015 CVO Road Glides the directions related to Split Windshield Chrome trim strips worked best, as the install process is completely different on bikes lacking the chrome trim strips.

1st Ride (6/19/2015) 20 miles
• Short ride immediately after installing the shield. Blasted out WA-24 and back to get a first impression.
• Immediately noticed there was no buffeting or wind noise on my face until getting in the 100 + mph speeds.
• With the original shield I had to hunker down a few inches to get out of the wind noise and buffeting at all speeds.

2nd ride (6/19/2015) 87 miles
• Rode the Road Glide 40 miles to Ellensburg at 45 to 50 mph via WA-821 Yakima River Canyon against a 25 mph headwind. Rode back at 75 + mph via I-82 with a 25 mph tail wind.
• Noticed the headwinds effects on the taller/wider shield. The wind was able to move the bike around a little more than usual.
• Noticed the additional width of the shields top edge slightly obscured the fog line and centerline of a single lane country road. I am considering the Scalloped Cut with a narrower top edge when I order an additional shield in the dark smoke.
• The air is a lot calmer behind the Clearview windshield. Significantly less wind noise in my helmet. Significantly less ringing in my ears at the completion of the ride. Less fatigue in my neck & shoulder at the completion of the ride.
• Noticed dust collecting on the inside of the shield in what appears to be a pattern set up by static electricity.
• With the reduced wind noise behind the Clearview shield, I could hear more engine and exhaust noise from the motorcycle. The radio was easier to listen to at a reduced volume.
• On this ride there were not that many bugs in the Canyon due to the high winds but there were still quite a few on the windshield with no bugs hitting my helmet, face, or glasses.

3rd Ride (6/20/2015) 86 miles
• Rode my 2015 Road Glide from Moxee east on WA-24 to WA-24/WA-241, then South to Sunnyside them back to Moxee via I-82. 50% of this ride is through open uninhabited desert.
• First impression at start of ride was again no buffeting or loud wind noise and it was a lot quieter behind the shield.
• Again a very positive sign of a fair amount of bugs on the windshield but no bugs on my helmet or glasses. As of the 3rd ride, I still have not taken a single bug to the face. Life is good.

4th Ride (6/22/2015) 166 miles
• Rode my 2015 CVO Road Glide from Moxee City to Kennewick WA and back at freeway speeds on I-82.
• The rides are getting somewhat uneventful in that I no longer take big bugs to the face at 75 mph, which is great. I purposely cleaned my helmet when I installed the new shield as a test and so far, through all 4 rides I still have no bugs on it. For me the 14 inch is a perfect height.
• Again, the air behind the shield is clean without any wind noise or buffeting.
• Most prominent observation on this ride was just under 3 hours at freeway speed and when I arrived home, I did not have the customary fatigue and ringing in my ears.

I really like this windshield. It has made this bike significantly more comfortable to ride.
Thank you very much.
Ray L