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We at Clearview Shields believe that the key to the long life of your motorcycle windshield is good maintenance and Quality mounting hardware.

To achieve good windshield maintenance, one needs the right tools. The Novus line of products will provide many years of clean motorcycle riding. Whether you need to gently clean your motorcycle windshield, or remove fine scratches, with over 30 years in the industry, the trusted Novus polish products are your clear choice.

Motorcycle Windshield hardware, in many cases, can be the cause of cracking and crazing around mounting areas if it is not of high quality and replaced every 12 to 18 months. Clearview Shields takes pride in providing high quality mounting hardware kits for many of our replacement Motorcycle Windshields. These kits normally come with the windscreen when ordered through Clearview Shields, but can also be purchased separately for annual mount assembly changes. Take a look at some of our motorcycle cleaning kits and motorcycle windshield hardware below.

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Let our customer service department help you choose the perfect windscreen for your specific bike (some or our most popular models are Harley Davidson Ultra Glide, Tri Glide, Street Glide and FXRT) and, more importantly, your personal riding style! The motorcyclist is the most important part of our business. All of our motorcycle windscreens are D.O.T. approved – your safety is important to us!

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