Ordering Clearview Shields Blemished Inventory

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How can I order from Clearview Shields blemished inventory?

During the Plastic manufacturers final packaging process some slight surface flaws occur through the handling of the material before they mask it to ship out to the distributors. It is not until our final process of thermoforming that we will discover these flaws. At that point 50% of the fabrication time to produce that windshield has taken place. Since these flaws do not affect the windscreen structurally we opt to finish the process and offer the screen at a discount.These shields are called “Blemished Shields”. The surface flaws include hairline scratches and at times small specs found virtually anywhere on the screen. Clearview Shields sells these shields at a discounted price with the full manufacturer’s warranty.

If you are interested in ordering from Clearview Shields’ blemished inventory, you can find them on our website.

Not all shield categories offer a blemished windshield. Clearview Shields has set up their site to notify you if the specific product you are ordering has a blemished shield in stock. To order a blemished shield, simply follow the same steps you would to order a product.

When ordering a windshield on the Clearview Shields website, you will first choose the brand category.


In this example, I chose to order a Harley Davidson product. To order from the brand category, click on the brand image. You will be directed to the product page.


Choose the product (or windshield) you would like to order. In this example, I chose the Fat Bob (FXDF/FXEF).


Choose the customizations options you would like for your windshields. This include recurve, color, height, and width.


If a blemished shield is available, a pop-up screen will appear to notify you. The specifications of the blemished shield will be listed along with the discounted price.


If your product has multiple variation options, your screen may look like this. Click on the small circle to select the variation you would like.


If you would like to order the blemished shield, click to “Add Blemished Item to Cart” button.


You will then be directed to your “Cart”. If you would like to keep shopping or look at other products, you can click the “Continue Shopping” button. You will be taken back to the product page. If you are finished adding products to your cart, you have the option of apply a coupon code, updating your cart (if you change the quantity or apply a coupon), or “Proceed to Checkout”.


If you scroll down, Clearview Shields offers some products you might be interested to go along with your purchase. You can choose to (or not to) add these items to your cart by clicking the “Add to Cart” button.


Then, click the “Proceed to Checkout” button.


You will be directed to the Checkout screen. Simply fill out your information.


Once you have filled out all of your information, click the “Place Order” button on the bottom right of the screen.


You have just placed your Clearview Shields order!


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