Clearview Shields has added Two new size options and several new colors to our Harley Davidson 2015- Present Replacement windshields.


Place yourself in full coverage with our XX- Large height. 2 inches vertically taller than our X- Large. This is perfect for those cooler Fall and early spring rides. Available in Clear or Light Gray Tint.


When temperatures heat up switch out to our new Sport Road Glide Windshield and receive a clean flow of air while adding a stylish Sporty look to your ride. Available in Dark Gray, Medium Gray, Lt Gray and Smoke Tints

Improved Fit and finish for ease of install 

Order your Road Glide Windshields Now to extend your riding comfort or prepare for those cooler Spring Days for next years riding season.

Save 15% now through October 31, 2019 

On All Road Glide Models 1998-2019

Use coupon code NWRG19 at checkout

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