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Honda ST1100 Shields

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The Honda ST1100 windshield  has a Contoured Shape for Improved Air Flow & Shield Strength

6 Different Heights Available to Tailor the Shield Height to Your Height

4″ Added Width for Increased Protection for Your Arms and Shoulders  ( not on the 9″ and 11″ height)

Lower Black Masking Covers Lower Dash Area for a Clean, Finished Look

Upper Recurve Pushes the Air Up Higher Creating a Larger, Quieter Pocket


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Choose Width

The additional width is availale on the Small, Medium, Large, X-Large
+4 Inches

4 Inches Wider than Stock


Choose Height

How to choose the correct height shield


Vertical Height Measurements:
Vertical Height Measurements
Another way to check where the top edge of the shield will come into vision field would be to measure from the center of the ignition switch straight up to the top edge of the shield.Stock - 14.75"Small - 16.75"Medium - 17.75"Large - 18.75"X-Large - 19.75"
Stock screen measures 16.75"
 Small 20" L 2" Vertically Higher
 Medium 22" L 3" Vertically Higher
 Large 23" L 4" Vertically Higher
 X Large 24.5" L 5" Vertically Higher
Sport 9" Long Sport Shield
Sport 11" Long Sport Shield
11 Inches
9 Inches

Choose Color

The Dark Gray Tint only available on the 9" or 11" Heights

Allows 96% of the light to transmit through the screen.

Dark Grey

  Allows 17% of the light to transmit through the screen. Recommended only for the shields you're looking over.  


Allows 49% of the light to transmit through the screen. Color appears as a brownish hue.

Choose Vent Options

For more information about vents click here

Please note: The vent options are either/or. We can not manufacture a shield with both the PRV's and the Adjustable Vent. The Adjustable vent available in the Small, Medium, Large or X-Large
5 Position Adjustable Vent

allows rider controlled airflow to enhance comfort in warmer climates, and helps relieve back pressure, adjusts in 5 different positions

No Vents
PRV Vents

• Reduces Low Pressure/Vacuum Behind Shield • Improves the Airflow/Reduces Back Pressure • Located Low and to the Right and Left Sides PRV Trim (Available for Purchase) • Rubber Trim Diverts Water Around the Vent • Gives the Vents a Sporty, Finished Look

Product Description

  • Clearview Shields has been Handcrafting Shields in the USA for Over 31 Years
  • Top Rated by Riders Around the World in Performance, Quality, Fit and Finish
  • Premium High Impact Acrylic Blend Material Exceeds Industry & DOT Standards
  • UV Inhibitors Extend Shield Life & Provide Protection for the Dash and Acc.
  • 1/8″ (.118) Thick Material is More Rigid than the Stock Shield
  • Ready to Mount for Fast & Easy Installation
  • Lower Black Masking Covers Lower Dash Area for a Clean, Finished Look
  • 6 Different Heights Available to Tailor the Shield Height to Your Height
  • 4″ Added Width for Increased Protection for Your Arms and Shoulders  ( not on the 9″ and 11″ height)
  • Contoured Shape for Improved Air Flow & Shield Strength
  • Upper Recurve Pushes the Air Up Higher Creating a Larger, Quieter Pocket
  • Nylon Collars to Insulate Screws and Help Protect from Over Tightening
  • Shipped with a Protective Film that allows Installation and Testing
  • Can be Polished, Buffed, and is Safe to use Rain-X Original Clear Formula

Additional Information


+4 Inches, Stock


11 Inches, 9 Inches, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large


Clear, Dark Grey, Smoke

Vent Options

5 Position Adjustable Vent, No Vents, PRV Vents

28 reviews for Honda ST1100 Shields

  1. Mark
    5 out of 5


    Clear Medium w/adj vent

    I’ve been riding on and off since 1969 and this is the first vented shield that I have experienced. I expected more of an airflow, but that is not a complaint, just an observation . Just going around the block I could tell the difference.

    I took the film off and went out on the freeway. I’ve had this bike, Honda ST1100, for five years and this is the first time that I could feel an airflow through my helmet vents, and that is a relief at 100+ degrees. The original shield, I’m not sure if it was stock or aftermarket, completely isolated me from airflow and I had to lift my hands off the bars to get airflow into my vented gloves. The Clearview lets enough air through to my gloves to cool my hands without being annoying, but comfortable. I rode behind and passed big rigs without feeling the buffeting and being sucked into the vortex behind them. The bike feels lighter and I’m convinced that my mpg will improve.

    Thank you,
    Sacramento, CA

  2. Chris
    5 out of 5


    My Windscreen arrived today in good order. I eagerly rushed home after work and fitted it. Looks good – I’m glad I chose the tinted screen. I managed to try it out as well and it works great. No more buffeting and much quieter. The size seems perfect for my measurements.

    Thank you for your great product and your friendly service.

    B.C., Canada

  3. Paul
    5 out of 5


    I received my shield on tues, it fits perfectly and is a wonderful addition to my St1100. Thank you very much, I’m absolutely over the moon!!!

    Cedar Park, TX

  4. Dan
    5 out of 5


    Received windshield the other day and installed it. Works great,especially for my wife as the passenger. No more tired neck with high speeds.


    Redding, CA

  5. Bruce
    5 out of 5


    I am writing you to let you know I received my windscreen on Friday, just as promise. I installed it on my ST1100 and went out for a test drive. I didn’t even get to the end of the block and saw a big difference and I love the SE vent. Thanks a lot for the help and a great product.

    Balbwindsville, NY

  6. Eric
    5 out of 5


    Just drove first hundred miles with your windshield for a ST1100…very nice!
    Package arrived on schedule, in very good order. Impressed with your packaging and quality!

    You are ‘miles’ ahead of the competition!

    Thanks again.

    Toronto, Canada

  7. Garry
    5 out of 5


    Just recieved the replacement windshield that you sent me……..I originally ordered a large winshield for my St 1100 and returned it for an x-large which arrived yesterday…….I
    couldn’t be happier…….its only slightly taller but the extra inches did the trick…I’m in the “quite envelope” and am still able to see over the top of the unit…again thanks for working with me and putting out a great product……

    Escondido, CA

  8. Ojala
    5 out of 5


    Got the shield so late last autumn, that the season was already over. This summer has been rainy and busy so that mileage is rather low, app. 2000km, but the shield is perfect, even my wife feels the difference. The shield has awoked interest among fellow ST riders, so that you pobably will have more customers in Finland.


  9. Tom
    5 out of 5


    Have recently received and installed another shield for my ST-1100. My last one was probably 2/3 years ago …. The new one is great, thank you for making such a wonderful product to complete my old ST.

    Austin, TX

  10. Stefan
    5 out of 5


    I finally got to see the windshield on my brothers ST1100. It was the most clear and nice looking windshield I have seen so far in over 30 years of riding. Great job and a great product.

    Thank you for a great service as well.


  11. Paul
    5 out of 5


    The shield finally went on about a week ago ( after most of the last snowfall melted ). I tested it out in the countryside at about 42 degrees F. Even at 80 mph, it was great! I could see clearly over the top, but the wind just buffeted the top of my open face helmet. The freezing cold did not come near my exposed face. The next morning I rode to work in the city and stayed at a respectable 30 mph in temperatures right at the freezing mark. Again, the windshield was perfect for protection.

    It is wonderful to be able to ride with the comfort and breathability of open face and not get frostbite. Thanks again for a great product.

    Kind regards,

    Alberta, Canada

    p.s. We finally had a warm day last Sunday, and I think you’ll be glad to hear that the windshield stays attached at short bursts up to 100 mph.

  12. Mark
    5 out of 5


    The accoustic on the bike with the Clearview screen was x-times improved (i.e. less noisy), compared to my old GIVI custom screen I had been using before. At lower speeds the improvement was not so obvious but the higher the speed, the bigger the difference.

    During the first part of my ride I almost regret not having ordered the biggest possible screen and get rid of that last quote of noise.

    But then, when the scenery changed and the turnes came, I was happy again with the actual size of my screen: in fact, there are some visual distortions – due to the design of the screen – when looking through it, making it difficult sometimes – especially under varying light conditions – to spot and avoid holes in the tarmac. When sitting upright, I still was able to spot over the edges of the screen!!

    My conclusion therfore is: the size of the screen always seems to be a compromise, not only depending on the rider’s size and seating position but also on his driving style and preferred type of rides.

    I hope you like the pictures. They were made in my favorite riding region north of the Swiss border, called “Monts du Jura” and belonging to France’s “Departement du Jura”.

    Kind regards


  13. Chris
    5 out of 5



    Thanks to you and your staff for the fast delivery of my new Clearview shield. The fit on my old ST-1100 was fantastic and the 5 position air vent is very nice. Creates just a bit of wind noise on the front of the shield but to me its convenience is worth the negligible amount of wind noise.

    Great product! Great communication and super FAST service!

    I’ll be passing the word onto to all I come into contact with who need a new shield.

    Best regards!

    Cape Coral, FL

  14. Tony
    5 out of 5


    Just thought that I would send you a note to say that I bought one of your windshields for my ST1100 during the year, and have recently mounted it on the bike down here in New Zealand. I have to say that it is everything that I hoped for, and has really enhanced my enjoyment on the road. I am experiencing very little turbulence on the helmet now, so the ride is quiet and comfortable.


    New Zealand

  15. Matt
    5 out of 5


    The windshield works great!

    Edina, MN

  16. Roberto
    5 out of 5


    This is the 20 ” clearviewvieww shield with vents installed on my st 1100.

    The place where taken this picture is JAME ,SIERRA DE ARTEAGA , COAHUILA , MEXICO .

    Saltillo, Coahuila Mexico

  17. Niall
    5 out of 5


    I love the new shield and would like to thank you for making such brilliant products!

    Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

  18. Mark
    5 out of 5


    The accoustic on the bike with the Clearview screen was x-times improved (i.e. less noisy), compared to my old GIVI custom screen I had been using before. At lower speeds the improvement was not so obvious but the higher the speed, the bigger the difference.

    During the first part of my ride I almost regret not having ordered the biggest possible screen and get rid of that last quote of noise. But then, when the scenery changed and the turnes came, I was happy again with the actual size of my screen. I still was able to spot over the edges of the screen!!

    I hope you like the pictures. They were made in my favorite riding region north of the Swiss border, called “Monts du Jura” and belonging to France’s “Departement du Jura”.

    Kind regards


  19. Geof
    5 out of 5


    When I purchased my 2000 Honda ST1100 four years ago it came with an aftermarket windshield about stock height. It soon became clear to me that I needed a larger rider capsule to increase my comfort and endurance. I tried aftermarket stealth edging and then attaching winglets to increase coverage but found them to be an annoyance and removed them soon after.

    I decided that to enjoy my rides more I needed a
    larger shield than the one I had. I was advised by Steve of Madison Motorsports in Madison, WI
    that Clearview made a very high quality shield and had a very good customer service track record. I went online and viewed their website. John was very prompt in answering my emails and his replies were direct and informative. Eventually I decided upon the Tour X-Large model which has an additional 5 inches in height over stock and is angled back to bring top edge 7 inches closer to rider. I chose the Smoke tint to minimize eye strain during the day knowing that the tint is not dark enough to negatively impact night driving. I also sprang for the adjustable vent on John’s advice.

    After a month of intensive driving I can confidently report that the Clearview shield was everything and more of what I hoped it would be. First off the fit and finish were perfect. The product was delivered with no issues or blemishes. It installed quick like it belonged on my ST. My rides are so much quieter now that after a long day I am less exhuasted and my ears are not road deaf. I only use ear plugs half of the time so that I can enjoy the sound of the road and my V-4 the other half. The quality of the shield material is excellent; very high optical quality and very little flex or chatter in the design. I had expected much more shield flex at speed because of its increased size. Although the shield is larger than the one it replaced it was considerably cooler beind it because of the adjustable vent which allows the rider to better fine-tune their comfort level. I expected my gas mileage to be affected and it was: I received 1-2 more mpg on the highway! Clearly this shield is an aerodynamic improvement over my other shields and it shows! In this day and age it is such a pleasure to purchase a product and have its performance exceed even my high expectations. That does not happen often enough. I am so stoked to be able to ride farther with more overall comfort which contributes to my safety. I envision longer trips in the futures; both in overall distances and distances covered per day. Thanks to John and the great people at Clearview who deliver another great American-made product to us motorcyclists!


    Madison, WI

  20. Jason
    5 out of 5


    Sport 9″ Black

    Just wanted to take a minute to say thank you !!! the windshield is more than i ever expected!!! i understand the benifits of the tall wide shields….but sometimes you just gotta sacrifice for your bike to look this awsome!!!!!! I also noticed when purchasing mine you didnt have a real good pic of what the product looks like on the bike so please feel free to use this image and the other one I’m sending on another email because for some reason its not letting me attach 2 images

    thank you

    Kingsport, TN

  21. Al
    5 out of 5


    Clear X-Large

    Hi Craig,

    I ordered the Clearview screen late in the riding season and things close up pretty quickly here in Canada. I had one, day long ride before the snow came since fitting the screen and was very happy with it.

    I had a Laminar Lip screen mounted earlier which was a great improvement on the original Honda ST1100 shield but I’m 6’1’’ and tall in the body and found I still needed a larger shield. I saw some good reports on the Clearview screen on one of the ST1100 user forums and decided to order one.

    I was impressed with the build up reports of the screen from Clearview and felt the pride that the company took in the product. When it arrived it was well boxed and protected and was free of any blemish or damage. It mounted easily and precisely.

    I had ordered the tallest screen with the adjustable vent. On my first ride with the Clearview screen (and last the ride of the season) I was impressed with the clear, distortion free optics of the wind shield and the lack of buffeting. There was some wind noise but I think most of that was a result of my helmet which is a modular type and has a tendency for more wind noise than other types.

    The height was good and I was just looking out over the top edge and the extra width provided good upper body protection.

    So after one short ride I am very pleased with this windshield and will be counting days until spring thaw for next season. Thanks for a great product.

    Al Vanagas

    Welland, Ontario.

  22. Mike
    5 out of 5


    XL Clear with PRV vents

    Hey Mark,

    You make a great product. You nailed this one for me. I needed to get the air off my helmet and reduce the neck strain from the buffeting. The clarity is crystal clear, The fit was perfect.

    Enclosed is a picture of my standard OEM shield next to your shield. When I was deciding on what size to order I wished I had a visual to compare to. Hope this helps Sorry for the setting of the picture I have a garage full of bike s right now.

    Thanks for making a great product and you attention to detail. If I had to suggest a improvement it would be on the length of time for production but don’t loose the quality of your product. Take Care

    St. Joseph, IL

  23. Joe
    5 out of 5


    Light Grey 11″ Sport

    Greetings… I am well pleased with the quality and craftsmanship of my new Clearview shield. It fit right on the bike without any issues and compliments the factory fairing. Well done!

    Thanks again,
    Ringgold, GA

  24. Fred
    5 out of 5


    Clear Medium with PRV’s

    Hi Mark

    Please find attach some pix of my Honda ST1100 with the new GT Medium Clear screen. I absolutely love it! It has cut down wind noise by about 40%-50% and buffeting down by at least 65% I would say. The whole process from start to finish was a snap and in terms of what you might need to change in your system, I would say “nothing”. Your email communications along the production process to keep me informed along with a tracking number once shipped was perfect. Many thanks to all staff involved.

    For any ST1100 owners, I would highly recommend this size. I am just under six foot but have a tall back (short legs). I have at least 2 inches clear view over the top of the screen which I find to be plenty. I prefer to look over the screen.

    This company delivers the screens covered with a protective blue masking and suggests testing the screen first BEFORE you remove the wrap as they will exchange for a different size if you are not happy (you’d just eat the freight which is more than fair). Testing on a ride with the blue film still on was a little disconcerting as you cannot see through the film. I took a good 15 minute ride to test it and while I loved the results of the actual screen, I hated not being able to see thru the blue film. Be careful on that first test ride if the film is still on.

    I would highly recommend this screen for the ST1100 and also the company. First class operation.

    Gonna tackle an Iron Butt 1000 this summer. Will let you know how it performs. LOL

    Toronto Ontario Canada May 1 2013

  25. Joe
    5 out of 5


    HON-ST0M Smoke w/adj vent

    I’m Joe, 77 years young! I have 5 bikes now and have had 164 in my lifetime. I really like this Clearview Shields, it is perfect in all regards. I will buy more for some of my other bikes!

    Greenfield, IN

  26. Robert
    4 out of 5


    Large Clear with PRV vents

    “OK, so I ordered a Clearview windshield for my 1998 ST1100 since the stock windshield funneled the air directly onto my helmet, and it was both loud and turbulent. On long rides it became very tiresome.
    Let me start this discussion by saying that the new windshield has transformed the Bike. It’s significantly quieter, and less turbulent than before. The Clearview is well made (yes, it’s a piece of molded plastic, I get it), but it is optically clear with minimal distortion, nice and thick, the bolt holes lined right up, and the blacked-out section at the base fits the Bikes contours correctly. I ordered the “large” windshield, which is 4″ taller than stock. I’m 5’10”, and look over the top of the new windshield by several inches. I almost ordered the medium (3″ over stock), but I’m glad I went for the larger screen. I also ordered the PRV’s (pressure reducing vents) which look just like the stock windshield vents (without the trim). I can’t say whether they make a real difference, but all-in-all, the windshield works very well, looks good, and I’m very happy with it. One other factor is that Clearview will allow you to mount the new windshield (leave the blue plastic film covering on it!) and try it out. If it doesn’t work for you, you can return it. Not too many places will still do that.
    One thing I will say, however, is that if you are in a hurry for a new windshield, Clearview is probably not your best choice. My order took a month from order to delivery. Fortunately I had the time, but if I had needed one right away (like if my current one had been damaged), I would have had to cancel the order and go elsewhere. It takes a month to get your new windshield, and that’s that…….plan accordingly.
    To summarize, it’s a high quality piece that works very well, but takes a while to get. If time is not an issue, I think the Clearview is a very good buy and you’ll be very happy with it.”

    This, I believe, is honest feedback on a great product.


    Micomb, MI

  27. John D
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I just wanted to say that last year I called and the company, for a 4 way vent to install in my windshield. I spoke to two different people and got the same answer. ” we don’t recommend it. They were right and I was wrong. I installed the 5 way vent ( a 4 hr job) that looked great.
    Thanks for your honesty and knowledge.
    The windshield broke in half, with the top part hitting me in the helmet at 65 mph because I had compromised the structure, but no harm done.
    I am now going to buy a new one for my Honda ST 1100

  28. Scott
    5 out of 5


    I bought a medium height, with the “cat eye” vents for my 2000 st1100. The stock shield was very noisy from the wind blast on the top of my helmet. Much quieter now and crystal clear. I look over the top of the shield by 2 or 3 inches.
    The fit was good, holes lined up without any twisting or bending of the shield. The only down side, maybe, was that it seems to take 1 full month from order date to delivery, patience grasshopper. Good communication throughout. Cheers.

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